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This is a Double Number, for the purpose of completing the Volume for Christmas and New Year Gifts.

In future, a volume of BEAUTIFUL POETRY will always be completed within the year.

It will thus contain the choicest poetry which the year bas produced — at least, so much of it as is worthy of permanent preservation in addition to selections from the poetry of the past, so as to become an interesting and valuable record of the progress of the art, procurable by the lovers of English poetry at a very trifling cost.

The facilities given by the new Book Post will enable us in future to issue the Numbers in a Wrapper; and it is proposed somewhat to increase the quantity of their contents.

TO BINDERS. During the absence of the Editor, some Poems were accidentally inserted which had appeared before. These pages have been reprinted, and are given in this Number, and the binders will be pleased carefully to substitute them.

ADVERTISEMENT. The Third Series and Third Volume of BEAUTIFUL POETRY is published this day.

It may be had in cloth, at 58. 6d., or saperbly bound in green and gold, or in purple and gold, as may be desired, for 78. 6d., for Christmas and New Year's Gifts, or Prizes, for which it is peculiarly adapted.

It will be forwarded by post, paid, to any person inclosing a PostOffice Order or Postage Stamps for the price ; or by order of all Booksellers.

The second editions of the First and Second Series may still be had, price 5s. 6d. each in plain cloth; or in green and gold or purple and gold, at 78. 6d. each.

Advertisements will be inserted on the cover of BEAUTIFUL POETRY, at 28. 6d. for Two Lines, or Twenty Words, and 6d. for every additional Ten Words. Having an immense circulation among the readers of poetry, it is an excellent medium for Advertisements of Poems, &c.



The Critic, London Literary Journal.





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