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41 Q. What was the first Notice the Apostles of Chit had of his Resurrection ?

A. Early in the Morning after the Sabbath, some good Women came to bring Spices and Oiniments, to anoint the Body, and they found the Stone rolled away from the Sepulchre; and an Angel told them Jesus was risen ; and bid them go tell his Disciples, Mark xvi. 1-8.

42 Q. Which of the Apostles came to the Sepulcbre to examine this Matter?

A. Peter and John both went to the Sepulchre, and found the linen Clothes and the Napkin, in which 'the Body was wrapped, and were convinced that Jesus was risen, John xx. 1–10.

43 Q. What Story did the Jews tell concerning the Resurrection of Chrift?

A. When the Guards told the Chief Priests what was done, the Priests and Elders bribed them largely to say, that while they fell asleep, his Disciples came by Night, and stole him away, Matt. xxviii. 11-13

44 Q. How then did the Soldiers come off with the Governor?

A. The Priests persuaded the Governor to forgive them for sleeping, ver. 14.

45 0 To whom did Jesus appear after his Resurrection?

A. First to Mary Magdalen, afterwards to two Disciples going to Emmaus; then to the Apostles assembled, without Thomas ; and all this on the Day of his Resurrection : Afterwards he appeared to the Apostles wben Thomas was with them, again at the Sea of Tiberias to seven of his Disciples; then to eleven of bis Disciples on a Mountain in Galilee ; then near Jerusalem, when he ascended to Heaven.


46 Q. How 46 Q. How long did he continue on Earth after his Resurrection ?

A. He continued forty Days, giving his Disciples further Instructions in the great Things of the Gospel, which they were not prepared to receive before his Death, Assi, 3. John xvi. 12.

47 Q. How did he appear to Mary Magdalen?

Å. When she found not Jesus in the Tomb, she turned away from the Sepulchre, and she saw Je. sus, but knew him not till he called her by her Name, John xx. 14--16.

48 Q. What did he say to her ?

Ai Touch me not at present, but go to my Brethren, and tell them, I afcend to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God, ver. 17.

49 Q How did he appear to his two Disciples going to Emmaus?

A He joined himself to them as they were walking; he reproved them for their Unbelief; he proved to them out of the Prophets, that the Mel fiah was to suffer Death, and to enter into Glory: He went into the House and eat with them; and when they began to know him, he vanished out of their Sight, Luke xxiv. 13-31.

50 Q How did he reveal himself to the Apostles when Thomas was absent, the same Evening?

A. Whin the Doors were shut for Fear of the Fews, Jefus came, and flood in the Mid of them; he blessed them, and gave them a Commiflion 10 preach the Gospel; he breathed on them, and bid them receive the Holy Ghost, Joha.xx. 14--23.

51 Q. How did he appear to them when Thomas was with them?

A. A Week after, Jesus stood in the Midft of them again, when the Doors were fhut, and bid Thomas see and feel the Marks of the Nails in his



Hands, and of the Spear in his Side, and rebuked his Unbelief, John xx. 24--27.

52 Q. Did Thomas confess him then ?

A. Thomas with Surprise and Joy acknowledged him; he broke out into a Rapture of Zeal and Worship, and said to him, My Lord and my God, ver. 28.

53 Q. How did he fhew himself to them at the Sea of Tiberias ?

A. Some of them went a fishing, and caught nothing all Night: Jesus ftood on the Shore in the Morning, and bid them call the Net on the right Side of the Ships, and they took a Multitude of Fish:s. John xxi. 1-6.

54 Q. What remarkable Occurrence happened at this Meeting?

A. When they knew it was the Lord, Peter cast himself into the Sea, and when they were come to the Shore, they eat some broiled Fish, and Jesus eat with them, John xxi. 7, 13

55 Q. How did Jesus reprove Peter for his Want of Love to him, and denying his Master ?

A. He rebuked him in a very gentle Manner of Speech, by asking Peter three Times, whether he loved him or no, and then he foretold that Peter fhould love him so well as to suffer and die for his fake, ver. 15-19

56 Q How did he appear to them on the Mountain in Galilee !

A Jesus appointed them to meet him there ; he told them that all Power in Heaven and Earth was given into his Hands, he gave them their Commission to preach the Gospel to all Nations; and promised his presence with them, and a Power to work Miracles for the Vindication of their Docuine, Matt, xxviii. 16-20.

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Sect. III. Of bis Ascension to Heaven. 57QH9

OW did he manifest himself to them

near Jerusalem ? A. He met them, and led them out as far as to . Mount Olivet, near Bethany; he bid them to tarry at Jerusalem till the promised Spirit should fall upon chem; he repeated their Commission, appointed them to be Witnesses for him in the World; and, having blessed them, he ascended to Heaven in a bright Cloud, Luke xxiv. 49–51. Aets i. 4-11.

58 Q. Did he not appear to five hundred Brethren at once ?

A. St Paul asserts it, i Cor. xv. 6. and it was neither the first nor the last Time of his Appearance ; but when it was, is uncertain, Aets i. 12.

59 Q. What Notice was there given from Heaven of his Return again?

A. While they were gazing towards Heaven, two Angels appeared, and assured them, that they Thould see him return in the same Manner as he ascended, Aas i. 10, 11.

60 Q. Whither went the Disciples then ?

A. They worshipped Christ when he ascended to Heaven, and returned to Jerusalem with great Joy, praising God, Luke xxiv. 52, 53.

CH A P. XXV. Of the Aets of the Apostles, chiefly Peter and

JOHN; and the Deacons, Stephen and

PHILIP. iQWHAT was the fil remarkable Thing

the Apofles did ioward Their future Ministry, after ites içinded jerusalem ?

A. They chofe two out of their Company at Jerusalem, (which was one hundred and twenty) that one of them might be an Apoflle and Winnefs of the Resurrection of Christ, in the Room of Judas i.

, 2 Q. How did they determine which of those two should be the Man?

1. They called on the Lord by Prayer, then caft Lots, and the Lot fill upon Matthias, who was numbered with the eleven Apostles, Acts i. 24-26.

3 Q. How long did they wait for the promised Spirit to fall on them?

A. On the Day of Pentecoft, which was ten Days after the Ascenfion of Christ, the Spirit of God was fent down upon them, Aets ii. 1, &c.

4 Q. In what Manner did the Spirit come upon them?

A. The House where they were met was filled with the Sound of a rushing Wind, and cloven Tongues of Fire appeared as fitting on all their Heads, ver. 2, 3.

5 Q. What was the first Effect of the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon them?

1. They all spake with various Tongues the wonderful Works of God; to the Amazement of the Jews, and a Multitude of Proselytes of all Nations that were then at Jerusalem, ver: 4-11.

6 Q. Which of the Apostles seemed to be the chief Speaker at that Time, and what was their Doctrine ?

A. Peter preaches to this Multitude, bears Witness to the Resurrection and Exaltation of Chrift, and the pouring out of the Spirit of God on Men; partly from his own Knowledge, and from these present visible Effects thereof among them, and partly from the Prophecies and Promises of Scrip

ture ;

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