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River Jordan, the Holy Ghoft came down like a Dove, and refled upon him, as God had foretold him, Matt. üi. 16, 17. and Jobni. 31–33.

23 Q. Did the Disciples of John immediately leave him, and follow Jesus?

A. No; for Jesus had not then begun his pub• Tic Ministry

24 Q. How did John further recommend Jesus Chrift to his Disciples ?

A. Some Time after he sent them to see the Miracles that Jesus wrought, that chey might be convinced that he was the Messiah, Matt. xi. 6.

25 Q. What became of John the Baptift?

Å. He was caft into Prilon by Herod, becaufe he reproved him for taking Herodias, his Brother Philip's Wife, Matt. xiv. 3, 4.

26 Q. Did not Herod hear John preach fometimes, and reformed fome of his evil Practices

upon it!

4. Yes, he did; and yet he was persuaded to put him to Death at laft, to satisfy the Malice and Revenge of this wicked Woman, Markvi. 20-29.

27 Q. How came this to pass ?

Upon Herod's Birth-day the Daughter of Herodias pleased the King so well with her Dancing, that he promised to give her whatever the asked ; and her Mother bid her ask for John the Baptist's Head in a Difh, Matt. xiv. 6-8.

28 Q. And did Herod then comply with this bloody Request?

1. Yes, for he had sworn to it before a great deal of Company; and rather than break his rath and finful Oath, he would kill a Prophet of God, Matt. xiv. III.

29 Q. What became of the Body of John the Baptift?

4. His

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1. His Disciples took it up and buried it, ver. 12.
30 Q. Whither did bis Disciples go afterward ?

1. They went and told Jesus what had befallen
their Mafter, and probably they became the Dif-
ciples of Jesus, ver. 12.


Of the Birth and Childbood of Jesus


4. The Son of God, who came into
this World to be the Saviour of Men, 1 John iv.
34. John iii. 17.
20. What does the Name Jesus Chrif signify?

A. Jesus (which is his proper Name) signifies
a Saviour ; and CHRIST, is the same in Greek
that Mefliah is in Hebrew, which fignifies his
being anointed, or appointed to that Office, Matt.
i. 31. John i. 41. Psalm ij. 2.

3. Where did he dwell before he came into this World?

A. He dwelt with God his Father in a very glorious State before this World was made, John xvii. 5. and chap. i. 1, 2, 14.

4 Q. In what Manner did he come into this World?

A. He laid aside his Glory, he took a Body of Flesh and Blood, which God had prepared for him, and was born of Mary, who was a Virgin, according to the Prophecy of Isaiah, Phil. ii. 7. Heb. ii. 14. and x. 5. Matt. i. 20, 23. Ifa. vii. 14.

5 Q. Who was this Mary, the Mother of Jesus Chrift?


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4. She was a poor young Woman of the Family of David, who was espoused to, or had consented to marry Joseph, a Carpenter, who was also of the House of David, that Royal Family being then fallen into Decay, Matt. i. 18,20. Luke i. 32. Matt. xiii. 55.

6 Q Did Joseph marry her afterwards ?

A. Joseph was admonished by an Angel of God, to marry her without Fear, because the Child that was formed in her was by the Spirit of God, Matt. i. 20.

7 Q. What Notice had Mary that she thould have such a Son ?

A. The Angel Gabriel was sent to her at Nazareth, where the dwelt, to assure her, that the Power of the most high God should overshadow her, and that the should bring forth a Child who should be called the Son of God, Luke i. 26-35:

8 Q. How was Mary further encouraged in this Hope?

AWhile she was with Child with her Son Jefus, she went to visit her Cousin Elisabeth, who was then with. Child of John the Baptist : Elisabeth faluted her as the Mother of the Mefliah, and they were both inspired to praise the Lord. with divine Raptures, Luke i. 39-55.

9 Q. Where was Jesus Christ born ?

A. In Bethlehem, the City of David, according to the Prophecy of Micah, Luke ii. 4. Matr. ii. 5, 6 Micah v. 2.

10 Q. How came Mary to lie-in at Bethlehem?

A. Augustus Cæfar, the Emperor, had decreed to tax or register all the World; and Joseph being of the Houle of David, went up with Mary his espoused Wife, to be registered or taxed in Bethlehem the City of David, Luke ii. 1--5.

IT Q. What

il Q. What Provision was made for her there?

A. A poor Provision indeed: There was no Room for them in the Ion; the was lodged in a Stable, and when she brought forth her Son, the laid him in the Manger, Luke ii. 7.

12 Q. What special Notices were given that this Child was the Meffiah, or Christ the King of Israel?

A. Many Notices were given of it by Angels and Men, by Jews and Gentiles.

13 Q. What Notice was given by Angels that Chiift was born?

A. An Angel appeared to some Shepherds by Night, and sent them to find the Babe in a Man. ger at Bethlehem, Luke ii. 8-16.

14 Q. What Joy was fhewn among the Angels upon this Occasion ?

A. A Multitude of the heavenly Holt praifed God, saying, Glory to God in the Highefl, Peace on Earth, and Good-will towards Men: And this the Shepherds heard, ver. 13, 14.

15 Q. What Testimonies were given to Jesus Christ in his Infancy by any of the Jews ?

A. When he was brought to the Temple to be circumcised, and presented to the Lord as the Firft-born, Simeon and Anna, two ancient Persons among the Jews, bore Witnefs to him, ver.

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16 Q. What was the Witness which Simeon bore to the Infant Jesus?

A. It was revealed to him that he should not die before he had seen the Messiah ; and he took Jesus up in his Arms, and said, Now, Lord, let thy Servant de part in Peace, for mine Eyes have jien thy Salvation, ver. 26–30. 17 Q. What Witness did Anna bear to him?

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A. She was an aged Widow, and a Prophetess; The gave Thanks to the Lord concerning him, and spake of him to all that looked for Redemption' in Jerusalem, ver. 36-38.

18 . Who among the Gentiles received Notice of che Birth of Christ?

A. Some wise Men in the East had seen a new Star, and they had fome divine Notice that a King of the Jews was born, and they came to worship him, Matt. ïi. I, 2.

19 Q. How did they find out the House where Jesus was

A. The Star went before them, and stood over“ the Place where che Infant lay, 'ver. 9.

20 Q. What Honour did they do him?

4. They fell down and worshipped him, and "presented him Gold and Spices, wer. 11.

21 Q. What Enemies or Dangers did Jesus meet with in his Infancy?

A. Herod the Great, who then reigned in Judea, having heard from the wise Men that a King of the Jews was born, was filled with Jealousy, and thought to deftroy Jesus, ver. 13.

22 Q. What Means did Herod use to destroy him?

Ai He flew all the Children that were in or near Bethlehem, under two years old, ver. 16.

23 Q. How did the Child Jesus escape?

A. Joseph, his supposed Father, was warned by an Angel to take the young child and his Mother and flee into Egypt, ver. 13.

24 Q: When did Jesus return into the Land of Ifrael?

A. When Herod was dead, God sent a Mera fage by an Angel, in a Dream, to command Jofeph and Mary to return with him; so they re


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