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HA P. XXI. Of John the Baptist, 268 :
Chap. XXII. Of the Birth and Child-
hood of Jesus Chrift,

274 Chap. XXIII. Of the public Life and Mi

nistry of Chrip,
Introduction. His Preparation for his

public Work,
Sect. 1. Jesus Christ's Appearance, with
the Characters of the Messiah,

Sect. 2. Of the Subjects of bis Preaching,
his Parables, Disputes, &c.

282 Sect. 3. Of the Miracles of Chrift,

291 Sect. 4. The Example of Chrift,

292 Sect. 5. His calling the Apostles, and infrutting them,

294 Sect. 6. His Appointment or Institution of the two Sacraments,

297 Sect. 7. Remarkable Occurrences or Transactions in the Life of Chrift,

299 Chap. XXIV. Of the Death, Resurrection, and Afcenfion of Chrift,

304 Se&. 1. Of his Sufferings, Death and Burial, 304 Sect. 2. Of the Resurrection of Chrift, and

his feveral Appearances to his Disciples, 312 Sect. 3. Of his Afçension to Heaven,

316 Chap. XXV. Of the Asis of the Apostles,

chiefly Peter and John, and the Deacons

Stephen and Philip,
Chap. XXVI. The Acts of Paul the Apostle,

his Travels and Sufferings, his Life and

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*HERE is no History in the World

so ancient as the Bible, nor is there T

any which gives us so early an Account of Things. The Old Testa.

ment begins at the Creation of the World, brings us into Acquaintance wiih Adam and Eve, our first Parents, informs us of their State of Innocence, their Sin againft God, and their being driven out of Paradise ; it recounts the firft Generations of Men, and their multiplied Iniquities, which provoked God to destroy them by a Flood, B


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Then iť treats of the Character, Circumftances and Conduct of Noah and Abraham, and of their Families after the Flood; enlarging most upon the Houshold of Jacob, or lfrael, the Grandson of Abraham, who, at the Invitation of his Son Jofeph, went down with his family to dwell in Egypt, where they were enslaved by Pharaoh the King

The History proceeds to the Deliverance of the Israelites out of Egyptian Bondage, by Moses and Aaron, and their being set apart to be a peculiar People to God. It rehearses the Laws and Statutes which were given them, together wich their Sins and Punishments while they were in the Wilderness, travelling to the Land of Canaan, which God had promised them.

Then there follows an Account of their Cona quest over the Land of Canaan under the Conduct of Joshua; their Government by: Judges several hundred Years:; and after that there is a Narrative of their four first Kings, namely, Saul, David, Solomon, and Rehoboam. In his Days the Nation was divided into two Kingdoms, which were called the Kingdom of ISRAEL, and the Kingdom of JUDAH,

There are also particular Records of the Go. vernment of these cwo distinct Kingdoms, under a long Succession of their own Kings, till they were both carried into Captivity by the Kings of Affyria.

After this, the sacred History relates the Return of many of them, (chiefly the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin) into their own Land, and their rebuilding the City of Jerusalem, and the Temple of God, and the Settlement of the Affairs of the


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