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5 Q. How did Jeremiah shew them the Heinousness of their Sins by a View of the Example of the Rechabites?

A. Since all the Family of Rechab abftained from Wine, which is no unlawful Liquor, meerly because Jonadab their Father forbid them; much more should the Jews have abstained from those Practices which are utterly unlawful, when the God of Israel had forbid them, Jer. xxxv.

6 Q. What were some of the Emblems by which God ordered Jeremiah to foretel their Calamities?

A. A Linen Girdle, a Potter's Veflel, an Earthen Bottle, Yokes of Wood and of Iron, &C.

7 Q. What was designed by the Linen Girdle ?

A. Jeremiah was.commanded to hide it in the Hole of a Rock near the River Euphrates, and when he fought it again, it was quite spoiled; so God decreed to spoil the Pride of Jerusalem by the Nation that dwelt near Euphrates, that is, Assyria, Jer.xiii.

8 Q. Whai was intended by the Poiter's Vessel?

A. As when the Vessel of Clay was spoiled in the making, the form of it was changed, and it was moulded

up into another Vessel, as the Potter pleased; fo God declared his Power over the House of Israel, to manage and dispose of them as he pleased ; and that he would change his Providences and their State, according to their Behaviour, Jer. xviii.

9Q What further Lesson was taught by an Earthen Botile ?

A. Jeremiah was commanded to break the Bottle in the Sight of the Priests and the Elders, and to declare, Thus faith the Lord, Even so will I break this Nation and this City, that it fall not be made whole again, Jer. xix.

10 Q. What did Jeremiah teach them by the Embleas of Bonds and Yokes?

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A. In the Days of Jehoiakim, King of Judah, God commanded Jeremiah to make Bonds and Yokes, and put

his own Neck, and then to send them to the Kings of the Nations round about, to affure them that they should all be made subject to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylong. Jer. xxvii, 1–12.

IIQ. Who were Jeremiah's chief Enemies?

A. The Priests and the false Prophets, whos would have put him to Death in the Reign of Jehoiakim, Yer. xxvi. 1-8.

12 Q. Who saved Jeremiah at that Time?

4. The Princes and the People saved him from Death, though the King New Urijah the Prophet, who confirmed the Words of Jeremiah, ver. 10-24.

13 Q. What Abuses did Jeremiah receive from Pashur the Priest?

1. Pathur (mote the Prophet, and put him in the Stocks, Jer. xx. 1, 2.

14 Q. What Evil was denounced against Pashur on this Account?

1. God changed his Name to Magor-Misabib, to denote that he should be a Terror to himself and. to all his Friends; and foretold that he should be led captive to Babylon, and die there, ver. 3—5.

15 Q How did Jeremiah's Patience hold out under the many Injuries he received ?

A. In the Main he continued to trust in God, but once he murmured against God, refused to prophely, and cursed the Day of his Birth, ver. 7-18.

16 Q: In what Manner did God overcome his Murmuring and his Disobedience ?

A. The Word of the Lord was in his Heart like a burning Fire shut up in his Bones, and he could not forbear speaking, ver. 9. 17 Q How did Jeremiah publish his Prophecies


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when he could not appear in public himself, being fhut up in Prison?

A. He commanded Baruch the Scribe to write the Words of his Prophecies from his Mouth in a Volume of a Book, and to read them in the Ears of the People in the Temple on a Faft-Day, Jer. xxxvi, 1-10.

18 Q. What Effect had this upon Jehoiakim the King ?

A. When he heard of it, he sent for the Volume, read a little of it, cut it with a Penknife, and burn it in the Fire, and then sent to seize Jeremiah and Baruch ; but God by his kind Providence kept them hid from the King, ver. 20—26.

19 Q. What was the next Message from God to Jeremiah ?

1. That he should take another Volume, and that Baruch fhould write over again from his Mouth the same Words, and many others of the jame Import, ver. 27, 32:

120 Q. What did Jeremiah prophesy concerning Jehoahaz, the Son of Josiah King of Judah, who is here called Shallum?

A. That he should die a Captive in the Land of Egypt, Jer. xxii, 11, 12. 2 Kings xxiii. 31-34.

210. What did he say concerning Jehoiakim his Brother?

A. That he should die unlamented, and be buried like an Als, drawn and cast out beyond the Gates of Jerusalem, Jer. xxii. 18, 20.

22 Q. What did he pronounce concerning Jehoiachin, who is also called Jeconiah and Coniah?

A. That he should die in a ftrange Land, and none of his Seed should fit on the Throne of Judah, Jer. xxii. 24-30. and be accordingly was carried to Babylon, and lived long there, and there he died, Jer. lii. 31.


23 Q. What Advice did he give to Zedekiah, King of Judah?

A. To submit willingly to the Yoke of the King of Babylon,that both he and his People might meet with better Treatment, Jer. xxvii. 12, 18.

24 Q. How did the false Prophet Hananiah oppose Jeremiah ?

A. He took the Yoke from the Prophet Jeremiah's Neck, which probably he had worn for some Years ; and as he brake it, he declared, The Lord would break the Yoke of Nebuchadnezzar in two Years from the Necks of the Nations, Jer. xxviii. I-II. 25 Q. How did Jeremiah answer tim?

A. That God had appointed Yokes of Iron instead of Yokes of Wood, for all the Nations to serve the King of Babylon; and that Hananiah should die in that Year for his Fallhood; which came to pass in two Months after, ver. 10-17.

26 Q. Among all ihese Predictions of Distress, did not Jeremiah prophesy any Thing comfortable to the Nation of Ifrael?

A Yes, he foretold the Return of the Jews to their own Land with Joy, after seventy Years Captivity; and he encouraged their Faith and Hope by many gracious Promises of the Mefliab who was to come, fer. chapters xxv, xxix, xxx, and xxxi.

27 Q. How did King Zedekiah deal with Jeremiah the Prophet when Nebuchadnezzar befieged Jerusalem?

A. He shut him up in the Court of the Prison which was in the King's House, because he foretold that Jerusalem should be taken, and that Zedekiah the King should not escape, but be carried to Babylon, Jer. xxxii. I-5. 28 Q. What did Jeremiah do in Prison to assure H4

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them that the Jews fhould return from Captivity, and possess the Cities of Judah again?

A. By express Order from God he bought a Field of his Cousin Hananeel, paid him the Money, subscribed the Evidence, and sealed it before Witnesses, as an Emblem and Pledge of what should be done in Jerusalem hereafter, ver. 6-16, 44.

29 Q. What did Jeremiah do when he was at Liberty?

A. He endeavoured to Aee out of Jerusalem, but he was seized by the Guard upon Suspicion of falling away to the Chaldeans, and he was thrust down into a Dungeon by the Princes, because he prophesied the Deltruction of the City, Jer, chapters xxxvii. II-16. and xxxviii, 1-6.

30 Q. What Relief did the Prophet find there?

A. When he funk in the Mire, Ebedmelech the Ethiopian, a Servant in the King's House, drew him up with Ropes, by Leave from the King ; and he remained in the Court of the Prison till the City was taken, ver. 7-14.

31 Q. What Favour did God shew to Ebedmelech on this Account?

A. He assured him he should not die by the Sword, but his Life should be given him, becaufe he trufted in the Lord, Ter. xxxix. 16.

32 Q. When Zedekiah the King sent for Jeremiah, what Message had he from God? A. He repeated his Advice to the King of Judah,

forth and submit to the King of Babylon, in order to save himself and the City, ver. 17, &c.

33 Q. Did the King hearken to his Advice?

A. No, he did not obey the Prophet; so the City was taken, and burnt, the Princes of Judah were slain, and the

King's Sons were put to Death before his Eyes: Then the King had bis Eyes put


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