New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 30 лип. 2007 р. - 764 стор.
When I worked on my Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis (Lutk ̈ ̈- pohl (1991)), a suitable textbook for this ?eld was not available. Given the great importance these methods have gained in applied econometric work, it is perhaps not surprising in retrospect that the book was quite successful. Now, almost one and a half decades later the ?eld has undergone substantial development and, therefore, the book does not cover all topics of my own courses on the subject anymore. Therefore, I started to think about a serious revision of the book when I moved to the European University Institute in Florence in 2002. Here in the lovely hills of ToscanyIhadthetimetothink about bigger projects again and decided to prepare a substantial revision of my previous book. Because the label Second Edition was already used for a previous reprint of the book, I decided to modify the title and thereby hope to signal to potential readers that signi?cant changes have been made relative to my previous multiple time series book.

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