The History and Antiquities of the See and Cathedral Church of Lichfield, Томи 1 – 2

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Сторінка 8 - ... one who has lengthened, and one who has gladdened life ; with Dr. James, whose skill in physic will be long remembered ; and with David Garrick, whom I hoped to have gratified with this character of our common friend. But what are the hopes of man ? I am disappointed by that stroke of death which has eclipsed the gaiety of nations, and impoverished the public stock of harmless pleasure.
Сторінка 8 - At this man's table I enjoyed many cheerful and instructive hours, with companions such as are not often found ; with one who has lengthened and one who has gladdened life ; with Dr. James, whose skill in...
Сторінка 67 - The Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Worcester. By that learned Antiquary, Thomas Abingdon, Esq. To which are added, The Antiquities of the Cathedral Churches of Chichester and Lichfeld.
Сторінка 47 - These Letters will show, as long as the English language endures, the sprightliness of her wit, the solidity of her judgment, the elegance of her taste, and the excellence of her real character. They are so bewitchingly entertaining, that we defy the most phlegmatic man on earth to read one without going through with them.
Сторінка 29 - every day hunted a cat with hounds through the church, delighting themselves in the echo from the goodly vaulted roof; and to add to their wickedness, brought a calf into it, wrapt in linen; carried it to the font, sprinkled it with water; and gave it a name in scorn and derision of that holy sacrament of baptism ; and when Prince Rupert recovered that 10 Dugdale's " Short View of the late Troubles in England,
Сторінка 12 - Nor did King Penda obstruct the preaching of the word among his people, the Mercians, if any were willing to hear it ; but, on the contrary, he hated and despised those whom he perceived not to perform the works of faith, when they had received the faith of Christ, saying, " They were contemptible and wretched who did not obey their God, in whom they believed.
Сторінка 28 - Now, lest the church should follow the castle, — I mean, quite vanish out of view, — I have, at the cost of my worthy friend, here exemplified the portraiture thereof; and am glad to hear it to be the design of ingenious persons, to preserve ancient churches in the like nature, whereof many are done in this, and more expected in the next, part of Monasticon ; seeing when their substance is gone, their very shadows will be acceptable to posterity.
Сторінка 28 - Lichfield was in the verticall height thereof, being (though not augmented in the essentials) beautified in the ornamentals thereof. Indeed the west front thereof is a stately fabric, adorned with exquisite imagerie, which I suspect our age is so far from being able to imitate the workmanship, that it understandeth not the history thereof.
Сторінка 31 - He went out of his bed-chamber into the next room to hear it, seemed well pleased with the sound, and blessed God who had favoured him with life to hear it ; but at the same time observed that it would be his own passing bell ; and retiring into his chamber, he never left it until he was carried to his grave...
Сторінка 31 - Since that event, the cathedral church of Lichfield has only suffered from the effects of time and weather ; and the ravages of those destructive agents have frequently called forth the zeal and liberality of the clergy and laity of the diocess. The general appearance of this building was considerably improved by several judicious alterations effected about the year 1760; when the cathedral library, built by Dean Heywood, and an adjoining house, very incommodiously situated between the church and...

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