The Dramatic Censor: Or, Critical Companion ...

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J. Bell, 1770 - 499 стор.
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Сторінка 42 - ... with age grown double, Picking dry sticks, and mumbling to herself. Her eyes with scalding rheum were gall'd and red ; Cold palsy shook her head ; her hands...
Сторінка 89 - In these two princely boys! They are as gentle As zephyrs, blowing below the violet, Not wagging his sweet head: and yet as rough, Their royal blood enchafd, as the rud'st wind, That by the top doth take the mountain pine, And make him stoop to the vale.
Сторінка 158 - To give me audience : — If the midnight bell Did, with his iron tongue and brazen mouth, Sound one unto the drowsy race of night...
Сторінка 189 - There in soft murmurs interchange our souls ; Together drink the crystal of the stream, Or taste the yellow fruit which autumn yields ; And when the golden evening calls us home, Wing to our downy nests, and sleep till morn.
Сторінка 322 - Alonzo to request it of his friend, His friend to grant ; then, from that very grant, The strongest proof of friendship man can give, (And other motives,) to work out a cause...
Сторінка 210 - Thy life is a disgrace to humanity: A foolish prodigality makes thee needy : need makes thee vicious, and both make thee contemptible. Thy wit is prostituted to slander and buffoonery ; and thy judgment, if thou hast any, to meanness and villainy.
Сторінка 182 - What ! because a worthless wretch has imposed upon you, under the fallacious shew of austere grimace, will you needs have it every body is like him ? confound the good with the bad, and conclude there are no truly religious in the world ? Leave, my dear sir, such rash consequences to fools and libertines«— Let us be careful to distinguish between virtue and the appearance of it. Guard, if possible, against doing honour to hypocrisy.
Сторінка 65 - My honour is in pawn !—Good lord ! how a century will alter the meaning of words !—Formerly, chastity was the honour of women, and good faith and integrity the honour of men : but now, a lady who ruins her family by punctually paying her losses at play, and a gentleman who kills his best friend in some trifling frivolous quarrel, are your only tip-top people of honour.
Сторінка 229 - Its date is but th' immediate breath we draw ; Nor have we surety for a second gale ; Ten thousand accidents in ambush lie For the embody'd dream. A frail and fickle tenement it is, Which, like the brittle glass that measures time, Is often broke, ere half its sands are run. Essex. Such cold philosophy the heart disdains, And friendship shudders at the moral tale. My friend, the fearful precipice is past, And danger dare not meet us more. Fly swift. Ye better angels, waft the welcome tidings Of pardon...
Сторінка 210 - Thy betters, that laugh with thee, laugh at thee: and who are they ? The fools of quality at court, and those who ape them in the city. The varieties of thy life are pitiful rewards, and painful abuses ; for the same trick that gets thee a guinea to-day, shall get thee beaten out of doors to-morrow.

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