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between nationalities, with naive impartiality. This has suggested to me a course of observations in my comments, which will I hope be found useful if not entertaining.

Portions of the work have already been translated by Mr. Braddell (now Attorney-General for the Straits' Settlements), viz., Abdulla's schooling, Colonel Farquhar's seeking for a settlement, and the Tan Tae Hoey which appeared in the Journal of the Indian Archipelago, 1852; and by myself, viz., Abdulla's family, Christian missionaries, and Malay Governments, which appeared in a work termed “Some Glimpses into Life in the Far East,” published in London in 1863. The above are not reproduced here, but they, as well as the remaining untranslated portions, will be shortly noticed.


Otago, New Zealand,

3rd December, 1873.


Sound a as in father.

, e , faith.
» i „ feel.
, 0 , sole.

blue. By putting double consonants after the following, the sounds will be thus:e as in fell.

In the last syllable, i „ fill.

by terminating with sodden. I h, the same sounds ů „ sudden.

are indicated. The following double letters are sounded thus :

aw as in awe.
ai „ lie.
au „ thou.
eu , yew.
ei , sight.

er , inner. Sound g hard always, and k soft in terminations only. The sign - is put over syllables of unusual length. The authorized orthography of well-known words is not altered, as Malacca, Macassar, Bencoolen, etc.


Page 22, line 28, for “after words " read afterwards."

Page 28, line 6, for “to,” at the end of the line, read “and."

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