The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, Том 26

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Сторінка 195 - Drive to the double fold, upon the brim Of a clear river, gently drive the flock, And plunge them one by one into the flood...
Сторінка 92 - When he, who strung the Latian lyre, And he, who led th' Aonian quire From Mantua's reedy lakes with osiers crown'd, Taught Echo from thy banks with transport to resound.
Сторінка 92 - Condd's ill-ftar'd heat Taught chriftian zeal to authorize their crimes ; Oft to his children fportive on the grafs Does dreadful tales of worn Tradition tell, Oft points to Epernay's ill-fated pafs Where Force thrice triumph'd, and where Biron fell, O dire effects of war !—may ever more Thro...
Сторінка 374 - India company, towards enabling them to defray the expence of a military force in their fettlements, to be maintained by them in lieu of the battalion of his majefty's forces, commanded by Col.
Сторінка 95 - So she was dress'd whose humble life Was free from pride, was free from strife ; Free from all envious brawls and jars, Of human life the civil wars...
Сторінка 423 - June, one thouland feven hundred and feventy-nine, be 'further continued, and charged upon all malt which mall be made, and all mum which (hall be made or imported, and all cyder and perry which...
Сторінка 103 - Jews," 1757 ; and the following rules for all who dissented from Warburton are deduced : — " You must not write on the same subject that he does. You must not glance at his arguments, even without naming him or so much as referring to him. If you find his reasonings ever so faulty, you must not presume...
Сторінка 144 - ... honour, and my country's fervice. I am forry that my endeavours were not attended with more fuccefs ; and that the armament, under my command, proved too weak to fucceed in an expedition of fuch moment. Truth has prevailed over calumny and falfehood, and juftice has wiped off the ignominious ftain of my fuppofed want of perfonal courage, and the charge of difaffection.
Сторінка 508 - MY system, doctor, is my own ; No tutor I pretend : My blunders hurt myself alone, But yours your dearest friend. Were you to milk and straw confin'd, Thrice happy might you be ; Perhaps you might regain your mind, And from your wit get free.
Сторінка 95 - Trace through her every scene of life, View her as widow, virgin, wife; Still the same humble she appears, The same in youth, the same in years; The same in low and high estate, Ne'er vex'd with this, or mov'd with that. Go, ladies, now, and if you'd be As fair, as great, as good as she, Go learn of her humility.

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