Зображення сторінки

of are of varied and thrilling interest. Almost every object in nature, which can either captivate by its beauty or elevate by its grandeur-every scene of human life that can warm the heart or kindle the imagination-together with those more sublime and interesting themes which are revealed in the sacred volume—are here, by the magic hand of genius, illustrated and enshrined in the attractive form of Poetry. The reader is thus, as it were, conducted through an extensive gallery of pictures by the first masters, in which he may walk and linger at pleasure,—at once improving his taste and enjoying some of the purest delights of which his moral and intellectual nature is susceptible.

The Editor has only further to say, that he com: mits the volume to the public, trusting that it will be found suitable for being given as a token of friendship, or a reward of merit, as well as for adorning the private library; and earnestly desiring that it may

be made conducive to the advancement of society, in virtue, religion, and happiness.

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