A Treatise on the Doctrine of Presumption and Presumptive Evidence: As Affecting the Title to Real and Personal Property

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J. Butterworth and son, 1827 - 483 стор.

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Сторінка 446 - A court of equity which is never active in relief against conscience or public convenience has always refused its aid to stale demands where the party has slept upon his rights and acquiesced for a great length of time. Nothing can call forth this court into activity but conscience, good faith and reasonable diligence.
Сторінка 447 - For where the legislature had fixed the time at law, it would have been preposterous for equity, which, by its own proper authority, always maintained a limitation, to countenance laches beyond the period that law has been confined to by Parliament.
Сторінка 238 - But where acts are done or omitted by the owner of the inheritance, and persons dealing with him as to the land, which ought not reasonably to be done or omitted, if the term existed in the hands of a trustee, and if there do not appear to be any thing that should prevent a surrender from having been made ; in such cases the things done or omitted may most reasonably be accounted for by supposing a surrender of the term, and therefore a surrender may be presumed.
Сторінка 446 - Nothing can call forth this court into activity, but conscience, good faith, and reasonable diligence : where these are wanting, the court is passive, and does nothing.
Сторінка 226 - that he and many of the judges had resolved never to suffer a plaintiff, in ejectment, to be non-suited by a term standing out in his own trustee, or a satisfied term set up by a mortgagor against a mortgagee; but that they would direct the jury to presume it surrendered.
Сторінка 52 - The clear result of all the cases, without a single exception, is, that the trust of a legal estate, whether freehold, copyhold, or leasehold; whether taken in the names of the purchaser and others jointly, or in the name of others without that of the purchaser; whether in one name or several; whether jointly or successive, — results to the man who advances the purchase money.
Сторінка 20 - By the common law, if the husband be within the four seas, that is, within the jurisdiction of the King of England...
Сторінка 237 - Where a term of years becomes attendant upon the reversion and inheritance, either by operation of law, or by special declaration upon the extinction of the objects for which it was created, the enjoyment of the land by the owner of the reversion, thus become the cestui que trust of the term, may be accounted for by the union of the two characters of cestui que trust and inheritor, and without supposing any surrender of the term; and therefore, in general, such enjoyment...
Сторінка 224 - And be it further enacted, that where any person seised of any land upon any trust shall be out of the jurisdiction of or not amenable to the process of the Court of Chancery...
Сторінка 447 - But as the court has no legislative authority, it could not properly define the time of bar, by a positive rule, to an hour, or a minute, or a year, it was governed by circumstances. But as often as parliament had limited the time of actions and remedies to a certain period, in legal proceedings, the court of chancery adopted that rule, and applied it to similar cases in equity.

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