Report Upon the Condition and Progress of the U.S. National Museum During the Year Ending June 30 ...

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Сторінка 320 - Provided, That all such articles, when sold or withdrawn for consumption in the United States shall be subject to the duty, if any, imposed upon such articles by the revenue laws in force at the date of importation, and all penalties prescribed by law shall be applied and enforced against such articles and against the persons who may be guilty of any illegal sale or withdrawal.
Сторінка 7 - That, in proportion as suitable arrangements can be made for their reception, all objects of art and of foreign and curious research, and all objects of natural history, plants, and geological and mineralogical specimens, belonging or hereafter to belong, to the United States...
Сторінка 320 - Museum, such articles and materials as illustrate the function and administrative faculty of the Government in time of peace and its resources as a war power, tending to demonstrate the nature of our institutions and their adaptation to the wants of the people...
Сторінка 450 - During the latter part of April and the early part of May these rattlesnakes were often found in pairs and were doubtless mating. At such times they remained out in plain sight over night instead of retreating to...
Сторінка 320 - Government exhibit, a board shall be created to be charged with the selection, preparation, arrangement, safe-keeping, and exhibition of such articles and materials as the heads of the several Departments and the directors of the Smithsonian Institution and National Museum may respectively decide shall be embraced in said Government exhibit. The President may also designate additional articles for exhibition.
Сторінка 326 - That the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the same to be disbursed under the direction and in the discretion of the Secretary of State, for expenses incidental to the Conference.
Сторінка 319 - Said board may appoint one or more members of all committees authorized to award prizes for exhibits, which may be produced in whole or in part by female labor.
Сторінка 324 - June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninetytwo ; and any moneys heretofore appropriated in aid of said Government exhibit may be used in like manner and for like purposes : Provided, That all expenditures made for the purposes and from the appropriation specified herein shall be subject to the approval of the said Board of Control and Management, and of the Secretary of the Treasury, as now provided by law.
Сторінка 323 - An Act to provide for celebrating the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus by holding an International Exhibition of arts, industries, manufactures and the products of the soil, mine and sea, in the City of Chicago, in the State of Illinois,
Сторінка 10 - ... the Federal city, as soon as navigation is perfected, will increase most rapidly, and that at a future day, if the affairs of the United States go on as prosperously as they have done, it will become the grand emporium of the West, and rival in magnitude and splendor the cities of the whole world.

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