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OCTOBER 1, 1825, TO APRIL 1, 1826.

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History of the Expedition to Russia, undertaken by the Emperor

Napoleon, in the Year 1812. By General, Count Philip DE
SEGUR. With a Map. Philadelphia. 1825. 8vo. pp. 546.

This work gives a minute and exact account of the most remarkable military event of modern days. The author was with Napoleon, when he led forth the forces of his empire and its subjugated nations to make war upon that great rival, who was to be overthrown, before the natural growth of his vast power should enable him to overthrow. France had subdued nearly all of continental Europe; but the commerce of England gave her, in her wealth, a means of resistance, which, aided by her insular position, was too strong to be beaten down ; and in the north and east, Alexander held in his hand the whole power of an empire, which had spread itself over the third part of the old world. Russia was a formidable obstacle io the career of Napoleon, not only from her own strength, but from the assistance which she could give to, and receive from England. Besides, Russia and France had become, in point of fact, near neighbours. The sway of each of these potentates had spread onward, until there was nothing between them; they touched, and the next step of either must have been resisted or yielded to by the other; the conflict could no longer be delayed. The work, now under our notice, gives additional proof, if any were wanting, that Napoleon considered his attack upon Russia as a part of his system, as a last effort, which would complete his achieve



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