Зображення сторінки

METEOROLOGICAL Tables, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Callon-hill.

N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at eight o'clock, morning, and eight o'clock,

evening. The second observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.


Ther. Barom. Ther.


Ther. Barom.) Ther. Wind.

Sunsh. forenoon warm.

Sept. 1


,175 M.56 w.

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Ditto. Fair, sunsh. warin.


.920 1.57 INW.


.999 M.57NE.


.916 M.60 E.


.77 M.57 E.


.815 M.57 Cble.


M.46 29.968 M.60 w.

Fair, sunsh.

Sept. 16{M.39 50.599 M.533w.
A. 56 .920 A, 60S rather cold.

A. 50

,211 A.54)
.902 M.62

Fair, sunsh.

A. 56
.902 A, 60) shry. warm.

A.54 29.999 A. 58
.991 M.61
Foren. rain,

.850 M.601



aftern. fair.
.921 A. 60 )

A.56 .891 A. 59 )
M.47 .919 M.60

Fair, but

UA.56 .861A.59) dull, warm.

1. 51

•960 1. 57)
M.16 .80 M.58

E. Ditto.

A.56 .781 A. 58


.990 A. 56 )
M.13 .880 M.59 Fair, sunsh.


21 A.55 .780 4.59)


A. 50

.805 4. 59
.860 M.59
Morn. rain,


A. 56 .750 A.59

aftern. cold.


.732 4.57
.699 M.61
Fair, sunsh.


1.61 .686 4.61


A. 56

.618 A.57)
M.62 .468 M.631

Fair,rn. evn.

IM.51 29.530 M.58
A. 59

thun.& light.
.469 A. 63

A. 57

.451A. 59
M.51 .189 M.63

Dull, but

.325 M.65
A. 59 28.999 A. 62



.3301A. 65 M.51 128.998 M.61

Heavy rain

(M.52 .192 M.65
A. 56 .936 1.59
mrm, &night.

.512 4.62

Day shwry.

A. 58 29.196|A. 56)
night cold.

.391 A.59
M.42 .505 M.52

Fair, with

A. 49 .611 A. 51

,101 1.58


Morn. frost,

M.16 26.812 M,56
A. 44 30.999 A. 50 ) day sunsh.

A. 53

.879 4.55)
11.35 .256 M.53

Dull, but

M.15 29.18M.55
.269 A, 53 )
A. 49


A.52 128.99914.513

Average of rain, 2.383.



Ditto Fair, but very foggy Fair, but dull. Dull foren. rain aftern. Dull fored. sunsh. aftern. Fair, but ra ther dull. Fair, sunsh. warın foren.

Ditto. Rain aftert. and night. Showery day and night.


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Ther, Barom.


Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.
M.48 128.996 M.52 NW.

Morn. cold,
M.41 29.918 M.54

Frost norn.
A. 19 .999 A.53
day showery. Oct. 1744.59

Hay cold.
M.38 29.580 M.51w.

Fair, sunsh.
M.50 30,161 M. 46

Foren. sunsh.
A. 46 .576 A.51

A. 59 29.900 A.48 W.

dull aftern.
.519 M.52 s.
Fair, dull,

.873 M.13

Morn. showr.
A. 17 .202A.53)

night rain.
JA. 53

.892 4.52 )

day sunsh.
Fair, with

.934 M.5?

Foren. sunsh.
.218 A.54)


.9141.52) dull aftern. M.39

Sunsh. cold,

.950 M.52

Fair, with
A.50 128.901A.54)

A. 19


sunshine. M.10 .818 M.55 Fair, foren.

.296 M.5? Cble. rain aftern.

Heavy rain .818A. 53

A. 55

SW. .30% 4.56

.810 M.51
Day showery.

.585 M.55

Frost mort.

.8 10 A.51

A. 16
.6121.50 )


day supshine M.41 29.110 M.51 Morn. fair,

.752 M.48 NW. day showcry.

Fair, suosh.

A. 50
.110 A.51

A4. 43

.799 4. 185 rain night. M.12 .212 M.51 Fair, dull,


.875 M.19 SW.

Fair, but

rain night.


.655 M.56
Heavy rain,

.999 M.50
Cble. showers.

Clear, sunsh, 26

sw. .470A.56

A, 49 30.101A.50 )

.986 M.56
Foren. sunsh.

Frost mor.
A. 52
.980 A.58
SW. aftern, dull.
27{A. 19

day sunshine. M.45

Morn. dull,

Frost, and 28

Cble. .999 A. 60

very foggy. M.19 30.139 M1.60

Day fair, dull,


Mom, frost,
.149 A. 59
night rain.


day foggy.
Fair, sunsh,

230 M.41

Sunsh. Trost,
W. warm forcn.

30 .210 A. 56

A. 43

A, 13)

morn. & evr.
.112 M.55
Fair, with


Frosty mom
A. 50 29.999 A. 56

A. 42

day foggy. M.41 .996 M.51

Morn. frost,
1. 50
.948'A. 52 day sunshine.

Average of rain, 1.902.


[blocks in formation]

A. 19

[blocks in formation]

1.165 M.50) SW.
.9991 A. 49)
.110 M.17
401 A, 46 )


A. 6.3

A. 10

[blocks in formation]
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A. 56
A. 52




.915 A. 43 )


h. p.



July. 3 Dr. Surg. Barlow, from 71 F. Surg. vice The undermentioned Lleutenants, actually serving Walker, h. p.

12 June 1898 upon Full-pay in Regiments of the Line, whose W. Skipwith, Con by purchase, vice Commissions are dated in or previous to the Fawkes, 10 Dr.

19 do. year 1811, have accepted Promotion upon Half9

Hosp. As. Brooke, As. Surg. vice Wil- pay, according to the General Order of the 27th son, cancelled

12 do. Dec. 1826.
Cor. Fawkes, from 4 Dr. Cor. vice

To be Captains of Infantry,
Wedderbum, prom.

19 do.
Lieut. Sweeny, from 59 F.

1 July 1828 Cor. and Adj. Preston, to have rank of

Mahon, from 51 F.

do. Lieut.

do. 3 F. Capt. Barlow, Maj. by purch. vice

Innes, ret.

12 do. Major Ford, 36 F. rec. diff, with Major Rowley, Stewart, from 29 F. Capt. do.

h. p. 5

Ens. Grey, Lieut. by purch, vice Hill, Capt. Browne, 11 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Westprom.


ropp, h.p. J. Jones, Ens. by purch.


Anderson, 35 F. rec. diff, with Capt. Kerr, 8

E. Orme, Ens. by purch. vice Murphy,

19 do.

Burrell, 88 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Spen29 Lieut. Congreve, Capt. by purch. vice cer, h. p. Stewart, 3 F.

12 do. Lieut. Leeky, 62 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Brett, h. Ens. Humphrey, Lieut.

do. C. Adams, Ens.

do. Digby, 65 F. with Lieut. Tracie, h. p. 60 F. Capt. Impert, from h. p. Capt. vice Cor. Bayntun, 1 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Ens. MaWhite, ret.


h. p.
Ens. Griffin, Lt. vice Slacke, dec. Qua. Mast. M.Pherson, 75 F. with Qua. Master
Gent. C. A. Baine, from R. Mil. Col. Berry, h. p. 44 F.

Ens. and Adj. Oke, to have rank of Lt.

Resignations and Retirements. 26 do,

J. Dillon, Ens. by purch. vice Slacke, Cameron, h. p. 79 F.


Hos. As. Maitland, As. Surg. vice Ten-

Innes, 3 F.
nent, dead
12 do.

Captain. 13

Capt. Forlong, Maj. by purch. vice White, 32 F.
Considine, prom.

1 July

Lieut. Egerton, Capt.

do. Robson, h. p.52 F.
Ens. Bell, Lieut.


R. J. Congreve, Ens.


Murphy, 8 F. 58

Hos. As. Toulmin, As. Surg. vice Huey, Badcock, h. p. 57 F.
14 Dr.

12 June King, h. p. 3'w. I. R.
As. Surg. Winterscale, Surg. vice Bar.

Cancelled. low, 3 Dr.


Capt. Arrow, 89 F.
Hosp. A«. Ferguson, As. Surg. do.

Hallcott, 2 W.LR. 76 Lt. Pickard, from Ceylon R. Lt. vice

Prestou, Quar. Mast.


Preston, Quar. Mast. vice Russ-
Hon. C. Hope, Rankellour

July 1828 wurm, ret. h. p.


Licutenant-Generals. 81 Ens. Creagh, Lt. vice Thoinson, dead

Lewis, late R. Inv. Art.

do. G. A. Creagh, Ens.

22 June 1828 do.

Stevenson, London 81

Colonel. T. Bridge, Ens. by purch. vice Hodg- Davidson, late of 15 F. Brompton 22 July 1828 son, prom.

26 do.

Lieutenant-Colonels. 80

Lieut. Lewis, Capt. by purch. vice Ar-
row, cancelled

12 Feb.

Hon. R. Clements, Gren. Gds. London July 1828 R. Staff C. 20 Lt. Gold, 1 Lieut. vice Foote, dead

Graham, late Scotch Brig. Dep. Gov. of St Maw's

7 July
26 June
Gent. Cadet, T. Moody, from R. Mil.

Coll. 2d Lieut.

2 do.

Smith, 80 F. 2 W. I. R. Capt. Pilling, from h. p. R. African

Gordon, h. p. 98 F.

16 April 1828

Arch. Taylor, h. p. Unatt. Dublin 29 March Corps, Capt. vice Halcott, cancelled

Chas Grant, do. Tonbridge Wells 18 April

19 do. Ceylon R. Lt. Plunkett, from h. p. 50 F. Lt. vice

Hugh Stewart, do.

27 Aug. 1826 Pickard, 76 F.

12 do.

Browne, 75 F. Mullingar

24 June 1828 Hospital Staff:

Pounden, 82 F.
Hosp. Assist. Gulliver, Assist. Surg. to the Forces, Macbean, 91 F. Jamaica

9 June vice Forde, 72 F.

12 June 1828 Stephenson, 2 W. I. R.
Hay, b. p. 43 F. Paris

2 July Thompson, R. Art. Leith Fort

5 July To be Lieut. Col. of Infantry by purchase. Winder, late R. Art. Major Considine, from 43 F. 1 July 1828

Lieutenants. To be Captain of Infantry by purchase.

Slacke, 32 F. Killaloe

31 May 1828 Lieut. Hill, from 5 F.

12 June 1828

Foote, R. Staff Corps

Watkis, R. Art. Cape of Good Hope 29 April To be Licutenant of Infantry by purchase. Travers, late 2 Vet. Bn.

26 Nov. 1827 Cor. Heathcote, from 6 Dr. Gds.

W. Von Holy, h. p. Brunswick Cav. 2 June 1828
To be Ensigns by purchase.
Sache, h. p. 13 F.

14 May C. F. Kerr 1 July 1828 Ley, h. p. 5 F.

20 May W. H. Gilman do. Grahame, h. p. 70 F. Bannachra, Dumbartonshire

10 May The undermentioned Officer, having Brevet Rank

2d Lieutenants and Ensigns. superior to his Regimental Commission, has ac- Sinclair, R. Art. Florence

25 June 1828 cepted Promotion upon Half-pay, according to the General Order of the 25th April 1826.


late 6 Vet. Bn. Fort View, Mount Nugent, Co. Cavan

27 June To be Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, De Lisle, h. p. 65 F.

22 Jan. Bt. Lt. Col. Walker, from 51 F. 1 July 1828 Alien, h. p. 75 F.

21 Feb Coll. Ens. vice Cameron, 3 F. do. 17 Ens. Hilton, Lt. by purch. vice Shortt, ret.


Medical Department. Reynett, Rec. District, Dublin 23 July 1828 Surg. Gen. Irwin R. Art.

21 April 1828 Quarter Masters. Insp. Straghan, h. p. Barbadoes

15 May Gilbertson, R. Art. Charlton 19 June 1828 Sur. Sir P. M'Gregor, Bt. Mil. Asylum 27 July Mathew, h. p. 98 F. Thomastown 25 April Assist. Surg. Tennent, 11 F. Jenkins, late of 15 Dr. Brighton 28 May

ney, ret.

[ocr errors]

August. 1 Life Gds. Lt. Parker, Capt. by purch. vice Sid

30 June 1828 Cor. and Sub-Lt. Du Pre, Lt. do.

26 T. Bulkeley, Cor, and Sub-Lt. do. Cor. and Sub-Lt. Ricardo, Lt. by purch. 28 vice Mostyn, ret.

8 July Sir J. A. Cathcart, Bt. Cor. and SubLt.

do, R.Horse G. Cor. J. Lord Elphinstone, Lt. purch. 31

vice Marg. of Douro, prom. June V. Corbet, Cor.

do. Corp. Maj. J. Frost. Quar. Mast. 31 May 2 Dr. Gds. R. J. O. Vandeleur, Cor. 24 July 34

Cor. Hodge, Lt. by purch. vice Mar-
sham, ret.

3 do. 36 J. M. Quantock, Cor.

do. 6

R. T. Gerard, Cor. by purch. vice 38
Lyon, ret.

3 do.
J. Jones, Cor. by purch. vice Heath-
cote, prom.

8 do. 10 4 Dr. G. C. Dalbiac, Cor. vice Brownlow, res.

31 do. 6

R. Arkwright, Cor. by purch. vice 41

Bucderidge, ret. Gren. Gds. Bt. Lt. Col. Disbrowe, Lt. Col. vice 41 Clements, dead

3 do. Capt. Boldero, Adj. vice Stanley, res. Adj. only

do. 1F. Paym. Mitchell, from h. p. 2 Huss.

K.G.L. Paym. vice Blake, 12 F. do.
Bt. Lt. Col. G. A. Wetherall, Lt. Col.

by purch. vice Bt. Col. Mackellan,

7 Aug.
Capt. MacLaine, Maj.

do. Lt. Bell, Capt.

do. Ens. Wilmot, Lt.

do. W. Landreth, Ens.

do. 3

Lt. Brisco, from 41 F. Capt. vice Cot-
ton, 41 F.

18 Jan.
Ens. Isaac, Lt. vice Cain, 11 F.

9 Dec. 1827 42 H. Blair, Ens.

do. Ens. Cameron, from 16 F. Ens. vice Macdonald, cashiered 31 July 1828

Knight, Lt. by purch. vice Johnson, cancelled

Stuart, Lt. vice Ratcliff, dead 15 Gent. Cadet Hon. T. D. G, Dillon, from R. Mil. Coll. Ens.

do, 9

Lt. Mahon, Capt. by purch. vice Sir
R. J. Fletcher, ret.

10 do.
Ens. Tyler, Lt.

do. S. H. Metcalfe, Ens.

94 do. 10 Capt. Boldero, from h. p. Capt. paying

16 diff. vice Beauclerk, 25 F. do. 13

Ens. M'Kenzie, Lt. by purch. více
Rawlins, cancelled

5 Aug.
P. R. Jennings, Ens.

do. Ens. Otter, Lt. vice Stack, 45 F.


12 Nov. 1827 A. Barry, Ens.

31 July 1828 H. M. F. Stirke, Ens. vice Graham, Adj.

do. Gent. Cadet J. Bruce, from R. Mil.

17 Apr.

31 July


do. 49 G. B. Gosset, Ens.

do. Ens. Corfield, from h. p. vice Northey, 95 F.

7 Aug. 20

Stephens, Lt. vice M‘Dermott,
44 F.

31 July
E. Brock, Ens.
Capt. Beauclerk, from 10 F. Capt. vice

Denham, ret. h. p. rec. diff. 94 do.

R. C. Hunter, Ens. by purch. vice 53
Hunter ret.

10 do.
Serg. Maj. James George, from Gren.

Gds. Adj. and Ens. vice Riley, res.
Adj. only

17 July 1838 J. Shum, Ens. vice Chearnley, 88 F.

19 Aug. Lt. Irving, Capt. by purch, vice Drury, ret.

24 July Ens. Andrews, Lt.

24 July J. A. Whittaker, Ens.

do Lt. Nason, from h. p. 8 W. I. R. Lt. vice Primrose, 36 F.

3 do. Gent. Cadet E. Lugard, from R. Mil

Coll. Ens. vice White, dead 31 do. Ens. Murray, from 40 F. Ens. vice Abney, superseded

7 Aug. Lt. Primrose, from 31 F. Lt. vice

Wynne, ret. h. p. & W. I. R. 3 July
Ens. Waddell, Lt. vice Campbell,

31 July J. Macdonald, Ens.

do. Ens. Connor, Lt. by purch. vice Moir, ret.

10 do W. Murray, Ens.

do, Cor. Barrell, from h. p. 22 Dr. Ens. vice Murray, 34 F.

7 Aug. Lt. Carmicbael, from h. p. 60 F. Li.

vice Gibbons, cancelled 17 July 20 Lt. Hill, from 91 F. Lt. vice Inglis, dead

24 do. R. Harnett, Ens. vice Graham, cancelled

10 do. Ens. Donaldson, from h. p. Ens. vice Sparrow, superseded

17 do. Maj. O'Reilly, Lt. Col. vice Place, dead

17 Jan. Capt. Cotton, from 3 F. Maj. do Lt. Cain, from 3 F. Capt. vice Stehelin, dead

9 Dec. 1827 20 Lt. King, from R. Staff Corps, LL. by purch. vice Briscoe, 3 F.

31 July 1828 Ens. and Adj. Duff, to have rank of Lt.

10 do. Paym. Blake, from 1 F. Paym. více Wardell, b. p.

3 do Hosp. As. Browne, As. Surg. vice Verling, res.

21 do. Lt. Stack, from 14 F. Capt. vice Van

Cortlandt, dead 12 Nov. 1827 Ens. Tulloch, Lt.

30 do. C. B. Roche, Ens. 18 Jan. 1828 Gent. Cadet B. Gray, from R. Mil. Coll. Ens. vice Barnewall, dead

30 July D. W. Tench, Ens. vice Lascelles, prom.

31 do. Ens. Smith, Lt. vice Ashhurst, dead

16 Jan. E. Bayly, Ens. vice Pollock, cancelled

9 Oct. 1897 H. C. Smithwaite, Ene. 16 Jan. 1828 Lt. Wilson, Capt. vice Croker, dead

6 Nov. 1827 Campbell, Capt. vice Brotheridge, dead

15 May 1828 Ens. Hull, Lt. vice Wilson 6 Nov. 1837 Donelan, Lt. vice Campbell

15 May 1828 W. A. Dely, Ens.

31 July Capt. Lamont, Maj. by purch. vice Beauchamp, prom.

5 Aug. Lt. Coote, Capt.

do. - Hawkins, from R. African Corps,

Lt. vice Vincent, h. p. R. African

10 July Ens. Whitmore, Lt. by purch. vice Coote

5 Aug. A. Marshall, Ens.

do. Ens. Carnegy, Lt. by purch. vice Lang. ret.

24 July T. Smart, Ens.



22 July

10 July

54 Maj. Hon. R. Murray, from h. p. Maj. Capt. Browne, from Unatt. h. p. 2d Capt. vice Walker, prom. 10 July 1828

30 June 1828 Ens. Bayley,Lt. vice Moore, dead 29 do. 2d Capt. Spellen, Capt. vice Thompson, dead Wright, Lt. vice Gray, prom.

6 July 30 do. Capt. Manners, from Unatt. h. p. 2d Capt. do. Dodd, Lt.

31 do. 20 Lt. Caffin, 1st Lt. vice Bisshopp, dead 30 June Gent. Cadet J. A. Calder, from R. Mil.

Medical Department.
Coll. Ens. vice Bayley

29 do,

2d Assist. Surg. Richardson, 1st Assist. Surg. vice · J. R. Wheeler, from R. Barlow, res. Mil. Coll. Ens. vice Wright 30 do. C. Dempsey, 2d Assist. Surg.

do. E. M. Cole, Ens, by purch. vice Dixon, ret. 31 do.

Staff 58 Assist. Surg. Wilson, from 4 F. Assist. Brevet Lt. Col. H. G. Smith, h. p. Dep. Qua. Mast. Surg.

Gen. at the Cape of Good Hope, vice Bell, res. 59 W. A. Heathcote, Ens. by purch. vice

24 July 1828 Ormsby, ret.

31 do.

Maj. Hilier, h. p. Dep. Qua. Mast. Gen. in Jamai60 Capt. A. Mary. of Douro, from h. p.

ca, (with rank of Lt. Col. in the Army,) vice Capt. pay diff. vice Morphy, 70 F. Smith, Cape of Good Hope

do. 24 do.

Brevet Maj. Craig, h. p. 100 F. Dep. Adj. Gen. in 61

Capt. Armstrong, from Ceyl. Regt. Wind. and Leewd. Islands, (with rank of Lt.Col.
Capt. vice Dayrell, canc.
7 Aug. in the Army,) vice Gurwood, res.

do. 65

Lt. J. Young, Capt. by purch. vice Capt. Finucane, from h. p. Sub-Insp. of Mil. in
MacLaine, ret.
31 July Ion. Islands, vice Michell, canc.

6 do. Ens. Tucker, Lt.

Capt. Morphy, from 60 F. Capt. vice

Medical Department.
Creighton, 81 F.

24 do.

Brevet Insp. Gunning, Insp. 1 Jan. 1828 75 Lt. M'Callum, Capt. vice Browne, dead

Baxter, Insp. of Hosp. in Wind. and 3 do.

Lewd. Islands only
Gent. Cadet E. Cameron, from R. Mil.

3 July Dep. Insp. Skey, from h. p. Insp. of Hosp. do. Coll. Ens.

31 do.

M. Sweeny, M.D. Phys. to the Forces, Dep. Insp. 78

Lt. Holyoake, Capt. by purch. vice
Cameron, ret.

of Hosp. vice Barry, h. p.

31 do. 17 do. Ens. M'Intyre, Lt.

R. Tornie, to be Hosp. Assist. to the Forces, vice do. Gulliver, prom.

12 June G. F. Tytler, Ens.

T. Hunter, do. vice Ferguson, 71 F.

do. 80 Capt. Grove, Maj. vice Smith, dead R. R. Caion, do. vice Toulmin, 58 F.

do. 21 do.

R. Bell, M.D. do. vice Maitland, 41 F. do. Lt. Anderson, Capt.

do. Gent. Cadet G. W. Robinson, from R.

J. Tully, M.D. do. vice Shapleigh, dead 19 do. Mil. Coll. Ens.

4 Aug. 31 do.

P. D. Murray, do, vice Brooke, 9 Dr. 81 Capt. Creighton, from 70 F. Capt. vice

Montgomery, h. p. rec. diil. 24 do.

Capt. Campbell, h. p. 8 W. I. R. Fort Maj. at St 82 Capt. Donnellan, from h. p. Capt. vice

John's, Newfoundland, vice Green, dead
Pounden, dead
17 do.

10 July 1828 81 Lt. Franklyn, Capt. by purch. vice

Assist. Surg. Lawrance, Surg. at R. Mil. Asylum,
Jackson, ret.

10 do.
vice Sir P. M'Gregor, dead

do. Ens. Veitch, Lt.

W. G. Watson, Assist. Surg.

7 Aug. S. J. Goslin, Ens.

do. 88 Ens. C'umming, Lt. by purch. vice

Ashmore, prom.

19 Aug. To be Licut.-Cols. of Infantry by purchase. Chearnley, from 26 F. Ens. do. Maj. Beauchamp, from 19 F.

5 Aug. 1828 89 Ens. H. Wilson, Lt. vice Arrow, dead Hewett, from Rifle Brig.

19 do. 29 Nov. 1827 To be Captains of Infantry by purchase. Layard, Lt. vice Prendergast, 15 Lieut. Leith, from 15 F.

5 Aug. 1828 F. 10 July 1828 Ashinore, from 88 F.

19 do. H. M'Caskill, Ens. vice Wilson

29 Nov. 1827

The undermentioned Licutenants, actually serving A. Hay, Ens. vice Layard 10 July 1828 upon Full.pay in Regiments of the Line, whose 93 Lt. Grier, Capt. by purch, viee Speirs,

Commissions are dated in or previous to the year ret.

31 do.

1811, have accepted promotion upon Half-pay, Ens. Campbell, Lt.

according to the General Order of the 27th Dec. 94 A. W. King, Ens. vice Hill, 11 F.

1826. 24 do,

To be Captains of Infantry: 95 Ens. Northey, from 17 F. Ens, vice

Lieut. Clarke, from 15 F.

25 June 1827 Higgins, h. p.

7 Aug.
Westly, from 84 F.

5 Aug. 1828 97

Lt. Sheean, from h. p. 87 F. Lt. vice
Gordon, 22 F.

5 July

Exchanges. Drury, from h. p. 88 F. Paym. Bt. Lt. Col. Camac, 1 Life Gds. with Capt. Sidney, vice Orr, dead

24 do.

h. p. Rifle Brig. Capt. Cox, Maj. by purch. vice Hewett,

Capt. Davies, 32 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hon. G. prom.

W. Edwardes.
Lt. Buller, Capt.


Fenton, 37 F. do. with Capt. Dallas, h. p. 20 Lt. Tollemach, 1st Lt.


Warren, 54 F. with Capt. Stewart, 66 F. A. Monro, 2d Lt.


Brown, 63 F. with Capt. Wentworth, 73 F. 2 WI. R. Capt. Ridd, from h. p. Capt. vice

Versturme, 86 F. rec. diff. with Capt. o'. Stephenson, dead,

10 July

Dell, h. p. Ceyl. Regt. Capt. Walsh, from R. Afr. Corps, Capt.

Kirwan, 94 F. rec. dift. with Capt. Hon. S. více Armstrong, 61 F. 7 Aug.

Hawke. 20 Lt. Atchison, 1st Lt. vice M'Ques

Law, 38 F. rec. diff. with Capt. J. Camption, dead


bell, h. p. - Braybrooke, 1st Lt. vice Jeffer

Webster, 41 F. rec. diff. with Capt. A. son, Adj.

8 do.

Clarke, h. p. L. Maclean, 2d Lt. vice Atchison, 7 do. Lieut. Hon. É. S. Jerningham, 6 Dr. G. rec. diff. R.Afr.Corps. Lt. Pasley, from 14 F. Capt. by with Lt. Heathcote, h. p. purch. vice Blenkarne, ret. 2 June

Norman, 2 Dr. rec. diff. with Lt. Wynne, Ordnance Department.

h. p. 8 W. I. R.

A. Visc. Fincastle, 9 Dr. rec. diff. with Lt. Royal Artillery.

Dighy, h. p. 60 F.

Lloyd, 3 F. with Lt. Hunt, h. p. 7 Line Bn. 2d Lt. Grant, 1st Lt. vice Watkis, dead

K. G. L. 30 Apr. 1828

Wood, 34 F. with Lt. Warren, h. p. 30 F. 24 Capt. Cruttenden, Capt. vice Barlow, h. p.

Dickson, 60 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Gun, 30 June

h. p. 421.


19 Aug

Lieut. Kane, 62 F. with Lieut. J. Lord Walls

court, h. p. 52 F.
Cross, 96 F. with Lieut. Warren, h. p. 24 Ens. Sparrow 14 F.

Abney, 34 F.
Grier, 2.W. I. R. with Lieut. Jones, h. p.
39 F.

Removed from the Service.
White, 18 F. with Lieut. Macan, 89 F.

Ens. Johnson, 6 F.
Ensign Thompson, 39 F. with 2d Lieut. Dunbar,
87 F.

Woolhouse, 68 F. with Ensiga Gillman,
h. p.

Ens. Macdonald, 3 F.
Dumaresq, 73 F. with Ens. D'Arcy, h. p.
Cor. and Sub-Lt. Cosby, 1 Life Gds. with Cornet

Rayntun, 1 Dr. Gds.
Surg. Stephenson, 18 F. wi h Surg. Henderson,

89 F.

Sir Henry Torrens, K.C.B. Adjut.-General to the

Forces, Col. of 2 F. Welwyn, Herts Resignations and Retirements.

23 Aug. 1828

R. Douglas, late of 55 F. Great Baddow, Essex Lieutenant-General

90 do. Hon. W. Fitzroy.


Hon. E. Acheson, late Coldst. Gds.
Mackellan, 1 F.

Lieutenant-Colonels. Stirling, R. Mar.

M'Gregor, 59 F. Portsmouth 7 Aug. 1828 Captains.

Strode, h. p. 17 F. Sidney, 1 Life Gds.

Denham, h. p. Unatt. Sierra Leone 9 June Drury, 28 F.

Major. Cameron, 78 F.

Meacham, h. p.

88 F. Galway 8 July 1828 Jackson, 84 F.

Captains. Steele, h. p. 34 F.

Lloyd, 3 Dr. Ireland

9 Aug. 1828 MacLaine, 65 F.

Timson, 51 F. Tatchbury

10 do. Spiers, 93 F. Rancland, h. p. 36 F.

Johnson, h. p. R. Wagg. Train, Croydon 10 July

J. Von Schulgen, h. p. For. Corps of Waggoners, Lieulenants.


3 June Marsham, 4 Dr. Gds.

Gavey, late 1 Vet. Bn, Sir R. J. Fletcher, 9 F.

Secluno, h. p. 4 Ceyl. R. Madras

14 Aug. Moir, 40 F.

Schrader, h. p. For. Vet. Bn. Verden, Hanover Mostyn, 2 Life Gds.

38 June Cornets and Ensigns.

Lieutenants. 6 Dr. Gds.

Teasdale, 13 Dr. London

10 Aug. 1828 Buckeriage, 6 Dr.

P.C. Codd, 2 W. I. R. Honduras 14 May Hunter, 24 F. Brownlow, 4 Dr.

C. de Lasperg, 4 Line Ger. Leg. Neustadt, Hano

3 June bison, 51 F.

Fernyhough, h. p. Rifle Br.
Ormsby, 59 F.
Assistant Surgeon.

Bisshopp, R. Art. Gibraltar 29 June 1828

Ensign. Verling, 41 F.

Green, h. p. No. Sco. Fenc. Fort Maj. at St

John's, Newfoundland 1 Apr. 1823
Appointments Cancelled.

Grant, 46 F. Chatham

7 Aug. 1828 Licut. Gibbons, 41 F.

Medical Department. Ens. Graham, 41 F.

Staft. Surg. Drumgoole, h. p. Rec. Dist. Lieut. Pasley, 14 F. as Capt, Unatt.

21 July 1823 Johnson, OF.

Surg. Hume, 59 F. Portsmouth

12 Aug. Ens. Pollock, 46 F.

Staff Assist. Surg. Wood, New South Wales Lieut. Rawlins, 13 F.

Nov. 1827 The Retirement of Capt. Dixon, from the late 1 Assist. Surg. Burkitt, 94 F. Gibraltar 30 July 1828 R. Vet. Bn.

Hosp. Assist. J. Grant, Scotland July








Local Rank M. Gen. Sir P. Maitland, K.C.B. Lt.

Gen. N. Am. only 21 Aug. 1828 3 Dr. Gds. Lt. Shewell, Capt. by purch. vice Greene, ret.

28 do. Cor. Montgomery, Lt.

do. C. C. Mansergh, Cor.

do. 3 Dr. Lt. Jebb, Capt. vice Lloyd, dead 14 do. Cor. Levett, Lt.

do. J. D. Baring, Cor.

do. 7 G. G. G. Morgan, Cor. by purch. vice Brian, ret.

21 do. 10 Staff Surg. Rogers, Surg. vice West, h. p.

25 May, 13 Cor. Elton, Lt. vice Teasdale, dead

Ens. Campbell, from 92 F. Cor. do. :2 F. Gen. Sir W. Keppel, G.C.B. from 67 F. Col. vice Sir H. Torrens, dead

25 do. 3 Ens. Dean, from 71 F. Lt. by purch. vice Everndern, ret.

11 do. 1

Ens. Tytler, from 78 F. Ens. vice
Ward, 91 F.

8 Sept. 7

Lt. Whitmore, from 19 F. Lt. vice Fer-
Russon, ret.

28 Aug.
Capt. Myres, from 63 F. Capt. vice
Wood, h. p. Rifle Brig. 9 Sept

Lt. O'Connor. Capt. by purchase vice
Lynch, ret.

14 Aug. 1828 Ens. Slacke, Lt.

do. E. Ethelson, Ens.

do. Capt. Orange, from h. p. Rifle Brig.

Capt. vice M.Kenzie, ret. to his for. mer h. p.

9 Sept. Ens. and Adj. Innes, to have rank of Lt.

14 Ang Ens. Hamilton, from R. Newt. Vet. Co. Ens. vice Gray, h. p. 7 Gn. Bpe

14 Aug. Ens. Talbot, Lt. by purch, vice Jones, prom.

9 Sept
J. Alderson, Ens.
Ens. Pearson, from 90 F. Ens. vice
Smith, h.p.

10 do. Lt. Jones, from R. Staff Corps, Lte

vice Hood, h.p. R.Staff Corps 1 Aug. 20 Lt. Faber, from 60 F. Lt. by purch. vice Whitmore, 7 F.

28 da. Lt. Ainsworth, Capt. vice Timson, dead

14 do. Ens. Cholmondeley, LL

do P. Rice, Ens.

do. Ens. Vane, from h.p.61 F. Ens. vice Cole, 87 F.

14 Aug.




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