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from the shaft, intended for the con- convulsively clutched about it, with a venience of lodging ore till it can be force that defied every effort to undo carried off ; for in such mines it some their grasp. He continued to sink times happens that the metal is dug deeper and deeper, the pool seeming faster than it can be taken away. At fathomless, and his powers of breath the farther end was a small pool of wa- ing still holding out in a most mirater, as warm as new milk to the touch, culous manner, while all sorts of fana circumstance which is generally sup- tastic shapes gathered around him, posed to precede an enlargement of the amongst which the giant Tregagle was lode, and which often occurs when the the most conspicuous, shouting, chatwater in another part of the same mine tering, splashing his huge arms and is perfectly cold. On the ground was feet about, and singing in a tone of burning Richard's candle-but where mock admonition,was Richard himself?---there was no Hold the cup fast, 'tis heavy gold ; farther outlet visible. Had he been

Brighter was never bought or sold ; drowned, either by accident or the ma- Hold the cup fast, for many a slip lice of Tregagleand were the wail- Happens between the cup and lip; ings heard in the mine the wailings of What, though it cost you dear at last, himself, and of his brothers, as they

Hold the cup fast, hold the cup fast ! were severally dragged below the wa- And herewith the giant laughed futer ? Philip gazed with a dull vacant riously, all the strange monsters about stare upon the pool, as if he expected him joining, like true courtiers, in their to read an answer in it, till his brain master's mirth, and seeming to enjoy was giddy, and he felt an almost irre- the joke beyond measure. One little sistible desire to plump into it; a spe- imp, the most fantastic of the crew, cies of fascination that sounder men was particularly boisterous, skipping than himself have experienced, when about with restless activity, now perche gazing too long and earnestly upon a ing himself like a lump of lead upon clear sea, and more particularly when Philip's breast, and forcing open his the sun was on it, seeming to shoot his eyes, and then again flinging his arms rays to the very sand.

about the poor fellow's throat, and While he yet continued this listless squeezing him till he was almost sufstare, his attention was suddenly roused focated, or whooping or hollowing in by the appearance of something that his ears with the noise of a thousand seemed to be moving in the pond, bells. though whether of itself, or from the Amidst all this uproar, and while he action of the water, was uncertain, was still sinking, and apparently as far nor, from the depth and darkness, from the bottom of the pool as ever, could its outlines be distinguished. he heard the voice of Ralph crying He instantly caught up the candle to out, “Let go the iron, fool ; let go the examine it more closely; but the light, iron, or it will sink you." instead of shewing a living object, “ It is gold !-pure gold,” replied flashed upon a golden cup, large and the drowning man—" bright massive bright, that hung upon a point of rock, gold ! and I can't undo my hand.” a few feet below the surface. It may Hereupon Ralph, and the giant, and be doubted whether the sight of his the little imp, all began laughing brothers would, for the moment, have anew as if for a wager, and the former given him so much pleasure. With a struck him a heavy blow on the hand, shout of joy, he flung himself on his at which his fingers immediately reknees, and, stooping down to the wa- laxed their grasp, and the cup sank ter, he pounced upon the goblet in an to the bottom of the water, hissing instant. Unfortunately, in his ex- like hot iron, and throwing up a thoutreme eagerness to possess the prey, he sand brilliant sparks like so many littumbled into the water, and, once tle stars, which again split, each into below the surface, he was held there as many parts, till the pool became a by the weight of the cup, which con- flood of fire. The condition of the tinued to drag him downwards, in spite sufferer was, however, little mended of all his exertions. Tired by the strug, by this change of appearance, for the gle, and gasping for breath, he would giant and his fantastic crew now fell now have willingly relaxed his hold; upon him might and main, and, tabut the metal seemed to be glued to king him for their football, never left his hands and his fingers, that were off kicking at him, till by one unlucky blow he was kicked out of the water dered by these muttered ejaculations, into the mine again. At this feat the of which he readily caught the immirth of the goblin rout redoubled, port, though without being at all forand the game too was being resumed warded in his knowledge of the real on dry land with even more vigour state of things. With some difficulty than it had been carried on before in he found words to address his visitor. the water, when most unexpectedly “ This is very kind and neighbourDr Kirton appeared in his formidable ly, Master Doctor, and I am heartily cocked-hat, and flourishing his gold- glad to see you—but I don't exactly headed cane, which had long been know-that is, I can't guess" predominant over the children of St “I dare say you can't ; you'll soon Just, when indulging in unlawful come to, though-yes, yes: the pulse sports, and which now as easily put beats pretty freely now.” an end to the vagaries of poor Philip's How came í here, doctor? I tormentors. The doctor, equally fa- thought, to be sure, I was in the bal.mous for surgery and scepticism, has “And so you might have been still, been already

mentioned as a sort of if you had not thrust your dunderdoubtful friend to Tregagle, exculpa. head into a shaft where you had no ting him, indeed, from the charges business, and tumbled into the water brought against him by popular tra- for your pains. Lucky I happened to dition, but at the same time almost visit the mine, as I did, to see old denying his existence. At the sight Borlase ; the chicken-hearted rogues of this ambiguous ally, either from would never have gone near you else fear or friendship the elfin party slunk —but the moment they told me of away, leaving behind them the golden your pranks I guessed there was miscup, which, as it seemed, the diablotin chief brewing, and egad I came just had fetched from the bottom of the in time; you had swallowed more pool expressly for the purpose, and water in one quarter of an hour than the victim of their malicious sport fell in your whole life before. The dose into a swoon, the last thing he had a had wellnigh proved too much for glimpse of being the near corner of you. If you must drink the pure elethe doctor's trilateral hat.

ment, which, however, I don't advise, The swoon lasted long. At length -take it in smaller quantities ; you the tide of life, which had ebbed to its may not always find me at hand to set lowest mark, began again to flow, you on your legs again.” when the very same object, that had “ Take my word for it, doctor, I'll been the farewell land-mark to his de- never trust a finger of my body in the parting senses, was now the first to giant's shaft again. But it was partly greet them on their return. As he your fault, you know.” gradually came to himself, first one “ Deuce take me then, if I know any corner of the hat became visible, then such thing. But explain ; explain ; a second, then a third, then the whole I shall be happy to learn of your wishat in all its trilateral dignity, till, as dom." his powers of perception cleared up, “ Nay, doctor, not so wise either." his eyes took in the complete doctor, “ Well, never mind that-explain; including the gold-headed cane, which I am curious to know what I had to had been so potent over the goblins. do with your drowning yourself." But this was all that remained of the “Why you always laughed when former scene, for, instead of being in folks talked of Tregaglethe giant's shaft, he was lying on his To be sure I did; but what of own bed in his own hovel. Still he that? You did not surely plump was wholly at a loss to reconcile the your stupid head into the water to witchery of the past with the present look for the giant ?-though I could reality, and be gazed on the hat and almost suspect you of as wise a trick.” its wearer with looks that seemed to “Why, no, sir, I can't say that I ask for an explanation of his doubts. did; only as you laughed at the sto

“ Humph!" said the doctor, as if ries about him, and being so wise a in answer to the wild gaze of his pa- gentleman, I partly thought you might tient—"Not quite recovered your sen. be right after all, and so, when broses yet?-all in good time-not well ther Ralph and the others did not to hurry nature."

come back, I took heart-" The patient was still more bewil- “ You should have taken brains at

the same time, and then you would doctor's eye, as he put this question, not have tumbled into the water like that added still more to poor Philip's an ass, to be pulled out again like a rat, embarrassment; 'it reminded him in half-drowned.”

a most unaccountable manner of the “That was all along of the gold cup; mischievous diablotin, who had cut so there it lay within a few feet of me, principal a figure amongst his tor. as if I had only to put out my hand mentors, and he began to suspect the to be a made man.'

doctor of a more intimate connexion “Gold cup! what gold cup? I saw with the fiends than he was willing nothing but an old iron kettle, that the world should believe, if indeed he you clutched as firmly as if your life was not actually the little imp bimself had depended upon it. There it is, in the disguise of a human form. It and large enough to boil potatoes for was, therefore, with heavy misgivings, the whole parish.”

and a most deprecating tone, that he “I know nothing about kettles, old related the story of his adventures, or new ; but there, as I said, was the just as I have repeated it from his gold cup quite close to me, to be had, narration, or rather from the tradias it were, for asking for. I did have tionary tale of his narration, as it even it too—but, mercy on me! it dragged now exists amongst the miners. me down as though it had been a whole The doctor listened to the story ton of lead, and I kept sinking, sink, with divers shrugs and contortions, ing, sinking, while Tregagle and a that might have been the effect of imscore or two of his imps laughed, and patience, but which, in Philip's mind, shouted, and kicked me from one to were identified with the malicious grithe other, as though I had been a maces of the little imp when kicking foot-ball, till you came and put them him to and fro in the water. Scarcely all to the rout with your gold-headed would he wait for the conclusion, but cane."

exclaimed angrily, “Pooh, pooh, man; “ The devil I did !"

you fancied all this stuff while you “You know you did, Master Doc- were drowning, as men in such cases tor.”

will often seem to go through, in a It's the first time I ever heard of single minute, more than they can it notwithstanding."

afterwards tell in an hour; or you “ And if it had not been for you, have dreamt it since, and now you it's my belief that I should never have have once got it into your silly noddle, got out of their clutches-the imps of nothing but the whip and the dark the Old-One!”

cellar will be able to drive it out “ So I routed them all with my again.” gold-headed cane, did I ?-Poor fellow! “ Then I have not seen brother poor fellow !-the water has clean Ralph ?” said Philip, inquiringly; washed away his brains; he'll never “ and I did not follow him into the be his own man again.”

giant's shaft?" This unlucky prognostic, which “ Both one and the other,” replied seemed as if the doctor meant to deny the doctor, “ or you had not been in his part in the late scenes, utterly con- this pretty pickle.” founded his patient; he was at a loss And what has become of him? to comprehend how so learned a man and of Jobni-and of Richard ?" could be so wilful, or what motive he “ Gone to feed the fish at the bote could have in forswearing an act of tom of the pool, if there happen to be kindness, which redounded so much any in it,--at least I can suppose po to his credit,-for even the vicar, arm- other. It seems, as I hear from the ed with all the powers of the church, men of the Huel-Rose, you all went, could not have shewn himself more one by one, into the giant's shaft,ready to encounter, or more potent to by the by, you were as drunk as so discomfit, the giant and his auxiliaries. many owls,-and, as there is no outlet,

“Why, surely, surely, Master Doc- they must either have been drowned, tor," said the perplexed patient, "you or have returned by the way they won't go to deny what you did only entered, and this they did not do.half an hour ago ?”

Bless me,nine o'clock ! -Here, Martha, “ And what was it I did half an Martha Where the plague is the wohour ago ?”

man ?--Always out of the way when There was a peculiar glance in the you are wanted, and in the way when

say so?"

nobody asks for you. Look well to happen to him from his recent imyour husband, woman, if you don't mersion in the pool of the giant's shaft; want to be a widow in a hurry. The and herein he was perfectly right; pill at ten-again at twelve--and the but he thought that, with the morning, draught in the morning ;—and mind, Philip would forget his night-wonders, when I say morning, I don't mean any or at least accept a rational solution of of your sluts' mornings-none of your them, and herein he was wrong. The days that begin when other people are miner, though fully himself again, yet thinking of their dinner ;-I mean five persisted in his tale, which was soon o'clock-do you hear?-five o'clock at circulated throughout Saint Just and the latest.”

the neighbourhood, and universally Yes, sir,” replied the admiring received without the smallest doubt Martha, with a curtsey in proportion of all having happened precisely as he to her awe of the doctor.

had stated it. Some even joined in his “ Good-but that's not all; fasten suspicion of the doctor, and, as they the windows-bolt the doors,—you were constantly on the look-out for understand ?”

corroborative evidence, enough was But Martha did by no means under- easily found to identify him with the stand, and, what she did not dare to say, imp, though it was difficult to say why her looks said for her. The poor wo- such a malicious being, with his vioman looked the very picture of won- lent propensity to buffeting and drowndering ignorance.

ing people, should on the other hand “ Confound the fool!” exclaimed practise the healing art for the benefit the impatient doctor. “ His head's of humanity. It could only be acnot quite right yet-Do you undere counted for on the supposition, that stand now ?"

the cutting off of limbs, and the adó “ Mercy on me !" cried Martha, ministering of nauseous doses, occalifting up her hands with mingled sioned him so sovereign a delight, that horror and astonishment, “ you don't he was willing to buy it at the price

of a few cures, without the occasional “Yes, I do; so look to the doors and display of which he would have found windows-there's no knowing what no employment for his malice. It was may happen.”

observed, too, by the most sagacious, The last directions were uttered in that the cures were very few in numa low tone, with certain mysterious ber, while the modes of torture were winks and nods to give them the exceedingly diversified, as might be greater emphasis, and the dispenser learnt from the testimony of those of death and physic hurried off. The who had ever had occasion to become poor woman would have followed, as acquainted with a certain oblong mawell from her profound respect towards hogany case, containing a multitude of him, as for the clearing up of certain sharp, shining instruments, for which doubts touching her probable widow, the sufferers could find no name. hood; but the doctor, who, though a The story altogether attracted so skilful and humane man, was a perfect much attention, that, when the pool oddity, and had a peculiar aversion had been in vain dragged for the boeither to receiving or shewing civility, dies, the owner of the mine, as much repulsed her with, “ No, no; stay to satisfy his own curiosity as to meet where you are, woman-want none of the general wish of the neighbourhood, your gossip-had enough of your determined to have the water drawn husband's.

off entirely. This was a matter of little “ But, sir! sir !-Doctor Kirton!” difficulty, the pond being scarcely exclaimed Martha, raising her voice eight feet deep; but, when it was acas the doctor retreated, “ I beg your complished, nothing else was learnt pardon, but shall we see you to-more from their labour, than that the cavity

was an old underlying shaft filled by “ What for?--he'll not die, I dare the waters which, in the course of wet say; and, if he should, I'm not the seasons, are copiously supplied in all undertaker.”

deeply sunk mines. The only singu. When the doctor said this, he felt larity was its extending into a second certain that his patient 'would not chamber, on a level with the giant's stand in need of a coffin for any thing shaft, and divided from the latter by that had happened, or was like to a wall, which, as it went nearly half a


foot below the water, had rendered its nature,—might not the money be a very existence unsuspected. Nothing fiendish gift, of course with no good was more probable than that Ralph purpose, and one which could not be and his brothers, in their drunkenness, kept with safety to himself either here stumbling into the pool, had, without or hereafter ? To part with it was to seeking it, found their way to the sem lose that which he very much coveted cond chamber; but this conjecture, if to keep; and yet to retain it was to true, did not render the question less undergo a peril, for which he had a perplexing ;-what had afterwards be- marvellous disinclination. come of them? Even the doctor, with After a long struggle, prudence, or, all his wish to find a rational solution to speak it more truly, fear got the for the marvellous, was completely at mastery over avarice-he resolved to fault here; not that he was the less fling the gold into the sea, the best de obstinate in maintaining, as usual, that pository, he thought, for unhallowed every thing had happened simply and treasure ; and, besides, there was a naturally, though he allowed that the chance of the tide casting it up again, manner of it was, for the present, un- a chance he devoutly prayed for, as in intelligible. His declarations to this that case he determined to consider it effect, however, were in general recei- a gift from Heaven, and take it to himved ill, and by none more so than Phie self accordingly. This idea had some lip and his partizans, who now contri- thing in it extremely consoling, if, inved to unite two opinions that to most deed, it was not the only thing that people would have seemed somewhat at all reconciled him to the desperate incompatible with each other. On the measure of Ainging away more wealth one hand they condemned the incre- in a minute than he could gain in a dulous doctor for a goblin, while on life of labour, though that life should the other they damned him as a mere be extended to the age of Methusaleh. mortal for his disbelief in goblins, The night was pitch-dark, when, hinting at the same time, pretty plain with a heavy heart, he set out upon ly, that it would be as well to try his this purpose, equally reluctant to peril real nature by the help of a tar-barrel. his soul or to part with the gold. Some

It was on the second day after the thing, indeed, seemed to whisper him, disappearance of the brothers that this that if he did not soon fling it from fruitless search for their bodies took him, he would not be able to get rid place; and it was late on the evening of it at all; for the longer he kept it, of the same day, upon his return home the more powerful was its attraction. from the mine, that Philip was des The precious metal seemed as if it actined to receive a farther proof of the tually stuck to his hands; and the interference of supernatural powers more he weighed and balanced it, the with the affairs of men. On seating greater, to his thinking, grew the himself by his own hearth, weary weight, just as the cup had done in a enough with the toils of the last eight former instance, to the no little danhours, his attention was caught by the ger of his soul from the fiend, and of appearance of a small leathern bag, care his body from the water. lessly thrown aside into a corner, and “It must be magic gold," he thought which certainly did not enter into the to himself, “ and the sooner I pitch it very brief catalogue of his household to the goblin, from whom it came, the goods. But what was his surprise, better for me now and after.” when, on lifting the bag and opening “Are you mad, fool? are you mad?" it, he found it full of gold coins of an exclaimed a voice close beside him, ancient date, the most recent being of and at the same time his arm was arCromwell's time, and many of a much rested in the very act of hurling the earlier period; the whole, to guess by treasure as far as he could hurl it. the weight, might amount in value to Philip turned round bastily, when a hundred pounds, or perhaps even who should meet him face to face and more; for the bag, though small, was eye to eye, but the ill-omened doctor, heavy. The first feeling that occurred wrapt up in a large red cloak, with a to him was, unquestionably, pure de. lantern in his left hand, and grinning light at finding such a prize, with a more diabolically than ever. Thelucko determination of appropriating it to less miner immediately dropt the bag, his own use; the next, and following and sprung back in dismay from the hard upon it, was of a more doubtful grasp of his suspicious visitant.

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