Naval Policy with Some Account of the Warships of the Principal Powers

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Methuen & Company, 1896 - Всего страниц: 323

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Стр. 307 - A book which the Elizabethans would have thought wonderful. More thrilling, more piquant, and more human than any novel.
Стр. 315 - Of all Mr. Hope's books, "A Man of Mark" is the one which best compares with "The Prisoner of Zenda.
Стр. 314 - Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Aberdeen. THE BEGINNINGS OF ENGLISH CHRISTIANITY. By WE COLLINS, MA With Map. Cr. 8vo. 3s. 6d. ' An excellent example of thorough and fresh historical work.
Стр. 316 - In elegance, delicacy, and tact it ranks with the best of his novels, while in the wide range of its portraiture and the^ subtilty of its analysis it surpasses all his earlier ventures.
Стр. 307 - Scotsman. HH Johnston. BRITISH CENTRAL AFRICA. By Sir HH JOHNSTON, KCB With nearly Two Hundred Illustrations, and Six Maps. Second Edition. Crown 4/0. iSs. net. ' A fascinating book, written with equal skill and charm — the work at once of a literary artist and of a man of action who is singularly wise, brave, and experienced. It abounds in admirable sketches.
Стр. 313 - A clear and remarkably full account of the main currents of speculation. Scholarly precision . . . genuine tolerance . . . intense interest in his subject— are Mr. Ottley's merits.
Стр. 294 - A practically new translation of this book, which the reader has, almost for the first time, exactly in the shape in which it left the hands of the author.
Стр. 313 - General Editor, A. ROBERTSON, DD, Principal of King's College, London. THE XXXIX. ARTICLES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Edited with an Introduction by ECS GIBSON, DD, Vicar of Leeds, late Principal of Wells Theological College. Second and Cheaper Edition in One Volume. Demy Svo.

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