Letters to and from his friends and patrons

Передня обкладинка
editor, 1787 - 518 стор.
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Сторінка 342 - VITAL spark of heavenly flame ! Quit, oh, quit this mortal frame ! Trembling, hoping, lingering, flying : Oh, the pain, the bliss of dying ! Cease, fond nature ! cease thy strife, And let me languish into life ! Hark, they whisper ; angels say,
Сторінка 333 - ... an advantage not very common to young men, that the attractions of the world have not dazzled me very much...
Сторінка 7 - ... as yours is, our days will pass away with joy; and old age, instead of introducing melancholy prospects of decay, give us hope of eternal youth in a better life. I have but few minutes from the duty of my employment to write in, and without time to read over what I have writ; therefore beseech you to pardon the first hints of my mind, which I have expressed in so little order. ' I am, dearest creature, your most obedient, ' Most devoted servant,' ' The two next were written after the day for...
Сторінка 421 - Tisdall fellow, that he never minds it. So what care I for his wit ? for he is the worst company in the world, till he has a bottle of wine in his head.
Сторінка 333 - ... not very common to young men, that the attractions of the world have not dazzled me very much ; and I begin, where...
Сторінка 343 - I. Vital fpark of heav'nly fl.ame ! Quit, oh quit this mortal frame; Trembling, hoping, ling'ring, flying, Oh the pain, the blifs of dying ! Ceafe, fond Nature, ceafe thy ftrife, And let me languifh into life. II. Hark ! they whifper ; Angels fay, Sifter Spirit, come away...
Сторінка 343 - The world recedes; it disappears! Heaven opens on my eyes; my ears With sounds seraphic ring! Lend, lend your wings! I mount! I fly! O Grave! where is thy victory? O Death! where is thy sting?
Сторінка 461 - ... William, it being the 4th November, as to drink his friend Addison up to conversation pitch, whose phlegmatic constitution was hardly warmed for society by that time. Steele was not fit for it. Two remarkable circumstances happened. John Sly, the hatter of facetious memory, was in the house; and...
Сторінка 14 - I am attending about business. There is a dirty crowd of busy faces all around me, talking of money ; while all my ambition, all my wealth is love ! Love which animates my heart, sweetens my humour, enlarges my soul, and affects every action of my life.
Сторінка 94 - King's accession to the throne : and at his death bequeathed a certain sum of money, the interest of which was to be appropriated annually, for ever, to the purchase of a like coat and badge, to be rowed for in honour of the day...

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