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Specimens of Argumentation. Classic.

Edited by George P. Baker, Instructor in Harvard College.
ootooo pp.

Boards. (In preparation.]
Will probably include translations from Antiphon, Isaeos, Lysias,
Æschines, and Demosthenes, and Cicero's For Milo.
Specimens of Argumentation. MODERN.

Chosen and edited by George P. BAKER. 16mo. 186 pp. Boards, 500. Speeches by Lord Chatham, Lord Mansfield, Huxley, Erskine, and Beecher, and the first letter of Junius, with specimen brief. Specimens of Prose Description.

Edited by CHARLES Sears BALDWIN, Ph. D., Instructor in Yale College.

16mo. xlviii+145 pp. Boards, 50c. Includes Ancient Athens (Newman); Paris Before the Second Empire (du Maurier) ; Bees (Burroughs); Byzantium (Gibbon); Geneva (Ruskin); The Storming of the Bastille (Carlyle); La Gio. conda, etc. (Pateř); Blois (Henry James); Spring in a Side Street (Brander Matthews); Scenes from Western Life (Hamlin Garland); A Night Among the Pines, etc. (Stevenson). Suitable for colleges and highest school classes. Specimens of Exposition.

Selected and edited by HAMMOND LAMONT, Instructor in Harvard Univer

sity. 16mo. 180 pp. Boards, 500. Includes : Development of a Brief ; George C. V. Holmes on the Steam-engine ; Huxley on the Physical Basis of Life ; Bryce on the U. S. Constitution; Burke on the American Love of Freedom ; “ The Nation” on the Unemployed; Wm. Archer on Albery's “Apple Blossoms"; Matthew Arnold on Wordsworth ; etc. Specimens of Prose Narration.

Chosen and edited by William T. BREWSTER, Tutor in Columbia College.

16mo. xxxviii+209 pp. Boards, 50C. Includes Selections from Scott, Thackeray, Hawthorne, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Stevenson, and Henry James. Part I. Elements of Narrative—Plot, Character, Setting, and Purpose. Part II. Combination of the Elements of Narration. Part III. Various Kinds of Narrative. Part IV. Technique of Good Narrative.

Postage ten per cent, additional. HENRY HOLT & CO., 29 W, 23d St., New York,



Tutor in Rhetoric in Columbia College


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The Specimens of Narration is designed to accompany Dr. Baldwin's Specimens of Prose Description, and to precede Mr. Lamont's Specimens of Exposition and Mr. Baker's Specimens of Argumentation in the study of method in various forms of written composition. The volume has been compiled with two objects in view : (1) to aid the study of a large and important part of English literature ; and (2), more especially, to help the student in the writing of narratives, to him perhaps the most interesting, if not in itself the most valuable part of composition work. The book consists of a number of fairly complete selections from representative modern authors, so arranged, as will be seen from Part V. of the Introduction, as to present a connected view of narration from the simplest forms to the more complex and technical aspects of the subject. The introduction contains a brief statement of the theory of narration and suggestions to the teacher and student as to certain good ways of looking at the question. The volume may be used independently; but a bibliography and numerous references are added, which will enable a student to read the book in connection with any one of several text-books on rhetoric. It is to be hoped that the student will make

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