Handbook of applied thermal design

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McGraw-Hill, 1989 - 720 стор.
Problems in thermal design are encountered in a vast array of fields, from manufacturing equipment to energy systems and consumer products to scientific aparatuses. The tools to achieve the solutions to these problems lie within this handbook. Written for the non-specialist, this comprehensive resource addresses the use and control of thermal phenomena in both products and processes. With contributions from leading experts in the field, this book gives a foundation to the four principal facets of thermal design: heat transfer analysis, materials performance, heating and cooling technology, and instrumentation and control. The focus is on providing practical thermal design and development guidance across the spectrum of problem analysis, material applications, equipment specification, and sensor and control selection. Professional in thermal design, heat transfer, and mechanical engineering will find this handbook invaluable.

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Elements of Thermal Design
Paul David AuColn Product Specialist SolarWeston Houston Tex part
Brownell Associate Editor Yankee Scientific Inc Dover
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