The Works of ... Edmund Burke, Том 12

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Сторінка 429 - On the contrary, if it be really true that the British arms and influence have suffered so severe a check in the Western world, it is the more incumbent on those who are charged with the interest of Great Britain in the East to exert themselves for the retrieval of the national loss...
Сторінка 217 - That, notwithstanding the right of property and inheritance, repeatedly acknowledged by the said Warren Hastings to be in the zemindars, and other native landholders; and notwithstanding he had declared " that the security of private property is the greatest encouragement to industry, on which the wealth of every state depends...
Сторінка 453 - ... from time to time, and constantly and diligently transmit to the said court an exact particular of all advices or intelligence, and of all transactions and matters whatsoever that shall come to their knowledge relating to the government, commerce, revenues, or interest of the said united company.
Сторінка 16 - Jaghires aforesaid, did send a message to him, purporting, " that if the measure . " proposed was intended to procure the payment " of the balance due to the Company, he could " better, and more expeditiously, effect that object " by taking from his mother the treasures of his
Сторінка 264 - But their numbers, their influence, and the enormous amount of their salaries, pensions, and emoluments, were an intolerable burthen on the revenues and authority of the Vizier, and exposed us to the envy and resentment of the whole country, by excluding the native servants and adherents of the Vizier from the rewards of their services and attachment.

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