The Minor Theatre: Garrick, D. The guardian. Foote, S. The minor. Murphy, A. The citizen. Garrick, D. High life below stairs. Murphy, A. The upholsterer

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J. Jarvis, 1794
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Сторінка 26 - I wag mark'd to the top of your trick by the Baron, my dear. What, I am no cinque and quatre man. Come, shall we have a dip in the history of the Four Kings this morning?
Сторінка 19 - Now for a cast of my office ; a starch phiz, a canting phrase, and as many lies as necessary — Hem ! Enter FREEMAN. Free. Oh ? Philip— How do you do, Philip ? You have lost your master, I find.
Сторінка 12 - Weal. A sagacious remark that ; and highly probable that we merchants, who maintain a constant correspondence with the four quarters of the world, should know less of it then your fashionable fellows, whose whole experience is bounded by Westminsterbridge.
Сторінка 27 - Phi. Mind, Sir, what excellent rules the book contains, and remember them well. — Come, Kitty, begin. Kit. [Reads.] Advice to the footman: Let it for ever be your plan To be the master, not the man, And do — as little as you can.
Сторінка 47 - Enter TOM. Tom, I respect and value you — you are an honest servant, and shall never want encouragement : be so good Tom, as to see that gentleman out of my house— [Points to PHILIP.] — and then take charge of the cellar and plate. Tom. I thank your honour ; but I would not rise on the ruin of a fellow-servant.
Сторінка 54 - I got through it. Her Grace, indeed, gave me great encouragement. I overheard her whisper to Lady Dy, upon my word Mr. Smirk does it very well. Very well, indeed, Mr. Smirk, addressing herself to me.
Сторінка 25 - Deep in the mystery ; a professed connoisseur, from a Niger to a Nautilus ; from the Apollo Belvidere to a Butterfly. Sir Wil. One of these insinuating oily orators I will get you to personate; for we must have the plate and jewels in our possession, or they will soon fall into other hands.
Сторінка 10 - Can it be, or by law or by equity said, That a comely young girl ought to die an old maid ? Wild.
Сторінка 14 - B his arm, to St Bride's on a Sunday ; bring home the text, repeat the divisions of the discourse, dine at twelve, and regale, upon a gaudy day, with buns and beer at Islington or Mile-end. R. Weal. Wonderfully facetious! Sir. Wit. Our modern lads are of a different metal.
Сторінка 38 - The gentlemen will be as good as to take care of themselves. [A Pause.] Duke. Lady Charlotte, ' Hob or nob !' Lady C. Done, my lord, in burgundy, if you please. Duke. Here's your sweetheart and mine, and the friends of the company.

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