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Har. Adroit ! you shall judge. I will tell Mrs. Mech. Have you thought of nothing for you a case; You know the large brick-house at yourself? Peckhain, with a torrott at top?

Young Love. I am resolved to be guided by Young Love. Well.

you. Har. There lived Miss Cicely Mite, the only Mrs. Mech. What do you think of a wife? daughter of old Mite, the cheesemonger, at the Young Lore. A wife ! corner of Newgate-street,just turned of fourteen, Mrs. "Mech. Come, come, don't despise my and under the wing of an old maiden aunt, as advice: when a young man's finances are low, a watchful as a dragon but hush- - here wife is a much better resource than a usurer ; Mrs. Mechlin; I'll take another season to finish and there are, in this town, a number of kindmy tale.

hearted widows, that take a pleasure in repairing Young Love. But, Mr. Harpy, as these kind the injuries done by Fortune to handsome young of women are a good deal given to gossipping, fellows. I would rather my real name was a secret, till

Har. Mrs. Mechlin has reason. there is a sort of necessity.

Young Love. But, dear ma’ain, what can I do Har. Gossipping! She, Lord help you! she with a wife? is close as a Catholic confessor,

Mrs. Mech. Do!Why, like other young Young Love. That may be; but you must fellows who marry ladies a little stricken in give me leave to insist.

years; make her your banker and steward. If Har. Well, well; as you please.

you say but the word, before night, I'll give you Enter Mrs. MECHLIN.

a widow with two thousand a-year in her pocket.

Young Love. Two thousand a-year! a pretty Your very humble servant, good madam Mech- employment, if the residence could but be disa lin; I have taken the liberty to introduce a young pensed with. gentleman, a friend of mine, to crave your assist- Mrs. Mech. What do you mean by residence? ance.

Do you think a gentleman, like a pitiful trader, Mrs. Mech. Any friend of yours, Mr. Harpy; is to be eternally tacked to his wife's petticoat? - won't you be seated, sir?

When she is in town, be you in the country; as Young Love. Ma'am!

[They sit down. she shifts, do you shift. Why, you need not be Mrs. Mech. And pray, sir, how can I serve with her above thirty days in the year; and, let you?

me tell you, you wont find a more easy condiHar. Why, ma'am, the gentleman's situation tion; twelve months subsistence for one month's is-But, sir, you had better state your case

labour! to Mrs. Mechlin yourself.

Young Lnde. Two thousand a.year! you are Young Love. Why, you are to know, that I am

sure? just escaped from the university, where (I need

Mrs. Mech. The least penny. not tell you) you are greatly esteemed.

Young Love. Well, madam, you shall dispose Mrs. Mech. Very obliging! I must own, sir, of me just as you please. I have bad a very great respect for that learned Mrs. Mech. Very well; if you'll call in half body, ever since they made a near and dear an hour at farthest, I believe we shall finish the friend of mine a doctor of music.

business. Young Love. Yes, ma'am, I remember the Young Lode. In half an hour? gentleinan.

Mrs. Mech. Precisely. Oh! dispatch is the Mrs. Mech. Do you know him, sir? I expect very life and soul of my trade. Mr. Harpy will him here every minute to instruct a lodger of tell you my terins: You will find them reasoumine.

able enough: Young Love. Not iotimately. Just arrived ; Har. Oh! I am sure we shall have no dispute but last night; upon my coming to town, I found about those. my father deceased, and all his fortune devised Young Love. No, no


(Going. to his relict, my mother.

Mrs. Mech. Oh, but Mr. Harpy! it may be Mrs. Mech. What the whole?

proper to mention, that the gentlewoman, the Young Love. Every shilling. That is, for her party, is upwards of sixty. life.

Young Love. With all my heart? it is the Mrs. Mech. And to włat sum may it amount? purse, not the person, I want. Sixty! she is

Young Love. My mother is eternally telling quite a girl: I wish with all my soul she was me, that after her, I shall inherit fifty or sixty ninety? thousand at least !

Mrs. Mech. Get you gone ; you are a devil! Mrs. Mech. Upon my word a capital sum! I see that. Young Lote. But of what use, my dear Mrs. Young Lote. Well? for half an hour! sweet Mechlin, since she refuses to advance me a gui. Mrs. Mechlin, adieu! nea upon the credit of it; and while the grass

[Ereunt Young Lovert and HARPY. grows-you know the proverb

Mrs. Mech. Soh ! I have provided for my Mrs. Mech. What, I suppose you want some-dowager from Devonshire-square : and now to thing for present subsistence?

cater for my commissary. Here he comes. Young Lode. Just my situation:

Enter Fungus and BRIDOUN.

2. Fun. Never fear, I shan't be sparing of

-But come, come, let us go to our business 2. Fun. So, in six weeks-Oh, Mrs. Mech- - John, bave the carpenters brought home lin, any news from the lady?

my new horse? Mrs. Mech. I expect her bere every moment. She is conscious, that in this step she descends

Enter Joan. froin her dignity; but, being desirous to screen John. It is liere. sir, upon the top of the stairs. you from the fury of her noble relations, she is 2. Fun. Then fetch it, in an instant. [Erit determined to let them see, that the act aud deed John.] what a deal of time and trouble there is entirely her own.

yoes, Mr. Bridoun, to the making a gentleman ! 2. Fun. Very kind, very obliging, indeed !- And do your gentlemen-born now (for í reckon But, Mrs. Mechlin, as the family is so furious, you have bad of all sorts) take as much pains as 'I reckon we shall never be reconciled ?

we do. Mrs. Mech. I don't know that. When you Brid. To be sure; but they begin at an earhave bought commissions for her three younger lier age. brothers, discharged the mortgage on the pa- 2. Fun. There is something in that ; I did not ternal estate, and portioned off eight or nine of know but they might be apter, more cuterer, her sisters, it is not impossible but my lord may now,.in catching their larning, be prevailed on to suffer your name

Brid. Dispositions do certainly differ. 2. Fun. Do you think so?

2. Fun. Ay, ay! something in pater, I warMrs. Mech. But then a work of time, Mr. rant; as they say the children of Blackamoori Fungus.

will swim as soon as they come into the world. 2. Fun. Ay, ay! I know very well, things of that kind are not brought about in a hurry.

Enter Servants with a wooden horse. Mrs. Mech. But I must prepare matters for Oh, bere he is. Ods me! It is a stately fine the lady's reception.

beast. 2. Fun. By all means. The jewels are sent Brid. llere, my lads, place it here—l'ery to her ladyship?

well. Where's your switch, Mr. Fungus? Mrs. Mech. To be sure.

2. Fun. I have it. 2. Fun. And the ring for her ladyship, and Brid. Now, let me see you vault nimbly into her ladyship's licence ?

your seat. Zounds ! you are got on the wrong Mrs. Mech. Ay, ay, and her ladyship's parson side, Mr. Fungus. too; all are prepared:

2. Fun. I ain so indeed! but we'll soon rectify 2. Fun. Parson! why, won't her ladyship that. Now we are right; inay I have leave 10 please to be married at Powl's ?

lay hold of the mane? Mrs. Mech. Lord! Mr. Fungus, do you think Brid. If you can't mount him without. a lady of her rank and condition would bear to 2. Fun. I will try; but this steed is so devilbe seen in public at once with a person like you? ish tall-Mr. Bridoun, you don't tbiok he'll 2. Fun. That's true, I

throw me? Mrs. Mech. No, no! I have sent to Dr. Brid. Never fear. Tickletext, and the business will be done in the 2. Fun. Well, if he sbould he can't kick; parlour below.

that's one comfort, however. 2. Fun. As you and her ladyship pleases, Brid. Now, mind your position. good Mrs. Mechlin.

2. Fun. Stay till I recover my wind. Mrs. Mech. You will get dressed as soon as Brid. Let your head be erect. you can.

2. Fun. There ! 2. Fun. I shall only take a short lesson from Biid. And your shoulders fall easily back. Mr. Bridoun, and then wait her ladyship's plea- 2. Fun. Ho! There. sure.—Mrs. Mechlin, may my brother be by ? Brid. Your switch perpendicular in your right

Mrs. Mech. Ay, ay ! provided his being so is hand—your right--that is it: your left to che kept a secret from her.

bridle. 2. Fun. Never fear. [Exit Mrs. Meculin.] Fun. There.

-Well, Mr. Bridoun, and you think I am Brid. Your knees in, and toes out. mended a little?

Fun. There. Brid. A great deal.

Brid. Are you ready? 2. Fun. And that in a month or six weeks, I Fun. When you will, may be able to prance upon a long-tailed horse

Brid. Off you go. in Hyde park, without any danger of falling? Fun. Don't let him gallop at first. Brid. Without doubt.

Brid. Very well : preserve your position. 2. Fun. It will be vast pleasant, in the beat Fun. I warrant. of the day, to canter along the king's-road, side Brid. Does he carry you easy! by side with the ladies, in the thick of the dust ; Fun. All the world like a cradle. But, Mr. but thut I must not hope for this sunumer. Bridoun, I go at a wonderful rate.

Brid. I don't know that, it you'll follow it Brid. Mind your knees. close.

2. Fun. Ay, ay; I can't think but this here

I go

horse stands still very near as fist as another Mrs. Mech, I look for him every minute: if can gallop:

you will but step into the drawing-room-I have Brid. Vind vour toes.

given him such a picture, that I am sure he is Fun. Ho! stop the horse ! Zounds! I'm out full as impatient as you. of the stirrups, I can't sit him no longer; there Mrs. Love. My dear woman, you are so kind

(Falls off and obliging! But, Mrs. Mechlin, how do I look? Brid. I hope you ar'n't hurt?

Don't flatter me; do you think my figure will Fun. My left hip has a little confusion. strike him?

Brid. A trifle, quite an accident; it might Mrs. Msech. Or he must be blind. happen to the very best rider in England. Mrs. Lone. You may just hint black don't beFun. Indeed !

come me; that I am a little pale of late; the Brid. We have such things happen every day loss of a husband one loves, will cause an alteraat the manage ; but you are vastiy improved. tion, you know.

Fun. Wly, I am grown bolder a little: and, Mrs. Mech. True; oh, he will make an allowMr. Bridoun, when do you think I may venture ance for that. to ride a live horse?

Mrs. Love. But things will come round in a Brid. The very instant you arc able to keep trice.

[Eril. your seat on a dead one.

Enter Simon.
Enter Mrs. MECHLIN.

Sim. Madam, Miss Dolly is dizened out, and Mrs. Meck. Bless me, Mr. Fungus, how you

every thing ready. are trilling your time! I expect lady Sacharissa

NÍrs. Mech. Let her wait for the commissary every moment, and see what a trim you are in! here; I will introduce him the instant he is Fun. I beg pardon, good madam, Mechlin.- dressed.

(Erit. I'll be equipped in a couple of minutes; where

Sim. Miss Dolly, you nay come in; your aunt will her ladysbip pleasc to receive me?

will be here in an instant. Alrs. Mech. In this room, to be sure! come,

Enter Dolly and JENNY. stir, stir! Fun, I have had a little fall from my horse

Dol, Hush, Simon, hush! to your post. I'll go as fast as I--Mr. Bridoun, will you lend

Sim. I ain gone

Erit. me a lift? (Ereunt Fungus and BRIDOUN. Dol. Well, Jenny, and have I the true quali

Irs. Mech. There-Jenny, show Mrs. Loveit ty-air? iu here-Who's there?

Jen. As perfectly, madam, as if you had been

bred to the business; and for figure, I dety the Enter Servants.

first of them all. For my part, I think Mr. Tune Pray, move that piece of lumber out of the way. gus very well off'; when the secret comes out, Come, come, make haste ! Madam, if you'll step I don't see what right he has to be angry. in here for a moment.

Dol. Oh, when once he is noosed, let him

struçgle as much as he will, the cord will be Enter Mrs. Lovelt.

drawn only the tighter. Mrs. Lore. So, so, Mrs. Mechlin; well, you Jen. Ay, ay, we may trust to your managesee I am true to my time; add bow have you ment. I bope, miss, I shall have the honour to throve, my good woman?

follow your fortunes? There will be no bearing Mrs. Mech. Beyond expectation..

this house when once you have left it. Mrs. Love. Indeed! And have you provided Dol. No, Jenny, it would be barbarous to a party!

rob my aunt of so useful a second; besides, for Mrs. Mech. Ay, and such a party, you might mistress and maid, we rather know one another search the town round before you could meet a little too well. with his fellow: he'll suit you in every respect.

Jen. Indeed! But here comes Mr. FungusMrs Love. As how, as how, my dear woman? remember distance and dignity.

Mrs. Mech. A gentleman, by birth and by Dol. I warrant you, wench. breeding; none of your little whipper snapper Jen. So, I see what I have to hope. Our Jacks, but a countenance as comely, and a pre- young filly seems to be secure of her match: but sence as portly?-he has one fault, indeed, if you I may jestle her the wrong side of the post; we can but overlook that.

will have a trial, however: but I must see and Mrs. Love. What is it?

find out the brother. [ 1side und Erit. Mrs Mech, His age. Mrs. Lore. Age! hew, how?

Enter Z, Fungos and Mrs. MEChLix. Mrs. Mech. Why, he is rather under your Fun. Yes, scarlet is vastly becoming, and mark, I am afraid; not above twenty at most. takes very inuch with the ladies; quite proper,

Mrs. Love. Well, well, so he answers in every too, as I have been in the army. thing else, we must overlook that; for, Mrs. Mrs. Mech. Stay where you are till you are Mechlin, there is no expecting perfection below. announced to the lady—Mr. Fungus begs leave Mrs. Mech. Truc, madam.

to throw himself at your ladyship's feet. Mrs. Love. And where is he?

Dol. The mon may draw nigh.


Mrs. Mech. Approach.

Dol. You ha'? that's right. Fun. 1, 2, 3, Åh! Will that do?

Fun. One of the most pleasantest places that Mrs. Mech. Pretty well.

can be again. Fun. May I begin to make love?

Dol. Ha' you a good prospect? Mrs. Mech. When you will.

Fun. Twenty stage-coaches drive every day by Fun. Now stand my friend, Mr. Gruel. But the door, besides carts and gentlemen's carriages. she has such a deal of dignity that she dashes me Dol. Ah, that will quite.

Mrs. Mech. Oh, your ladyship will find all Mrs. Mech. Courage.

things prepared: in ihe next room the attorney Fun. Here, hold the paper to prompt me, in waits with the writings. case I should stumble.

-Madam, or, may it Fun. The honour of your ladyship’s handplease your ladyship, when I preponderate the Dol. Maister Fungus, you're a little too hasty. grandeur of your high ginnyalogy, and the mer.

[Erit. cantile meanness of my dingy descent; when I Mrs. Mech. Not till after the nuptials; you consider that your ancestors, like Admiral An- must not expect to be too familiar at first. son, sailed all round the world in the ark; and Fun. Pray, when do you think we shall bring that it is a matter of doubt whether I ever had about the bedding? any forefathers or no; I totter, I tremble, at the Mrs. Mech. About the latter end of the year, thoughts of my towering ambition—Ah-a, is when the winter sets in. not Phaeton next?

Fun. Not before?
Mrs. Mech. Hey! (Looking at the paper.]-
No. Luna.

Enter Young Loveit, hastily. Fun. Right—ambition-dignity how debased, Young Love. I hope, Madam Mechlin, I have distance how great! it is as if the link should not exceeded my hour; but I expected Mr. Hardemaud an alliance with Luna, or the bushy py would call. bramble court the boughs of the stately Scotch Mrs. Mech. He is in the next room with a fir; it is as if -What's the next? lady. Oh, Mr. Fungus, this gentleman is ambi

Mrs. Mech. Next-hey!I have lost the place, tious of obtaining the nuptial benediction from I am afraidCome, come, enough has been the same hands after you. said; you have showed the sense you entertain Fun. He's heartily welcome : What, and is his of the honour. Upon these occasions, a third woman of quality, ioo ? person is fittest to cut matters short. Your lady- Mrs. Mech. No, vo; a cit; but monstrously ship hears that

rich. But your lady will wonder Dol. Yes, yes, I ken weel enough what the Fun. Ay, ay: but you'll follow? for I shan't mon would be at. Mrs. Mechlin has speared know what to say to her when we are alone. sike things in your great. commendations, Mr.

[Erit. Fungus, that I cannot but say I cliked a fancy to Mrs. Mech. I will send you, sir, your spouse in you from the very beginning.

an instant: the gentlewoman is a widow; so you Fun. Much obliged to Mrs. Mechlin, indeed, may throw in what raptures yon please. please your ladyship

Young Love. Never fear! (Erit Mrs. MECHDol. You ken I am of as auncient a family as Lin. And yet this scene is so new, how to acany North Britain can boast?

quit myself-let me recollect—some piece of a Fun. I know it full well, please your ladyship. play now— Vouchsafe, divine perfection ! No,

Dol. And that I shall get the ill-wull of a' my that won't go for a dowager; it is too humble kin by this match?

and whining. But, see, the door opens, so I have Fun. I am sorry for that, please your ladyship. no time for rehearsal — I have it - Clasped in

Dol. But, after the ceremony, it will be proper the the folds of love, I'll meet my doom, and, act to withdraw from town for a short space of time. my

Fun. Please your ladyship, wbat your ladyship pleases.

Enter Mrs. Loveit. Dol. In order to gi' that gossip Scandal just Mrs. Love. Ha ! time to tire her tongue.

Young Love. By all that's monstrous, my moFun. True, your ladyship.

ther! Dol. I mun expect that the folk will mak free Mrs. Love. That rebel my son, as I live! wi'my character in choosing sike a consort as you Young Love. The quotation was quite apro

Fun. And with me, too, please your ladyship. pos! Had it been a little darker, I might have Dol. Wi' you, mon !

revived the story of Edipus. Mrs. Mech. Hold your tongue!

Mrs. Love. So, sirrah, what makes you from Dol. Dovna you think the honour will dra your

studies? mickle envy upon you?

Young Love. A small hint I received of your Fun. Oh, to be sure, please your ladyship. 1 inclinations brought me here, madam, in order did not mean that.

to prevent, if possible, my father's fortune from Dol. Wecl, I say, we'll gang into the country: going out of the family.

Fun. As soon as your ladysbip pleases; I Mrs. Love. Your father! how dare you disturb baie a sweet house, bard by Reading: his dear ashes? you know well enough how his


dear memory melts me; and that at his very, sir, are one party, I reckon : but where is thename my heart is ready to break!

Ah, Dolly! what, are you here, my dear? Young Love. Well said, my old matron of Dol. Soh! Ephesus!

[ Aside.

Fun. Dolly! Who the devil can this be? Mrs. Love. That is what you want, you disobe- Dr. Cat. "As nice and as spruce, too ! the dient, unnatural monster! but complete, accom- bridemaid, I warrant: why, you look as bloomplish your cruelty; send me the saine road your ing, you slut! villanies forced your father to take !

Fün. What can this be! Hark ye, sir !

Dr. Cat. Well, sir.
Enter Mrs. MECHLIN.

Fun. Don't you think you are rather too faMrs. Mech. Hey-day! What the deuce have miliar with a lady of her rank and condition? we here? our old lady in tears !

Dr. Cat. Rank' and condition ! what, Dolly? Mrs. Love. Disappointed a little ; that's all. Fun. Dolly! what a plague possesses the man? Mrs. Mech. Pray, madam, what can occasion-- this is no Dolly, I tell you. Mrs. Love. Lord bless me, Mrs. Mechlin, what

Dr. Cat. No! a blunder you have made !

Fun. No, this is Lady Scracarissa MackirkinAsrs. Mech. A blunder! as how?

croft. Mrs. Love. Do you know who you have Dr. Cat. Who ! brought me ?

Fun. Descended from the old, old, old Earl Mrs. Mech. Not perfectly.

of Glendowery, Mrs. Love. My own son ! that's all.

Dr. Cat. What, she? Dolly Mechlin? Mrs. Mech. Your son !

Fun. Dolly devil ! the man's out of his wits, I Mrs. Love. Ay, that rebellious, unnatural

believe! Mrs. Mech. Blunder, indeed! But who could have thought it! why, by your account, ma'am,

Enter Mrs. Mechlin. I imagined your son was a child scarce out of Oh, Mrs. Mechlin, will you set this matter to his frocks.

rights? Mrs. Love. Here's company coming, so my

Mrs. Mech. How ! Dr. Catgut? reputation will be blasted for ever.

Fun. The strangest fellow here has danced up Asrs. Mech. Never fear; leave the care on't stairs, and has Dolly, Dolly, Dollyed my ladyto me.

who the plagne can he be?

Dr. Cat.Oh, apropos, Molly Mechlin ! what, Enter Fungus and Dolly.

is this the man that is to be married ? The marFun. What is the matter? You make such riage will never bold good; why he is more frana noise, there is no such thing as minding the tic and madderwritings.

Fun. Mad! John, fetch me the foils; I'll carte Mrs. Mech. This worthy lady, an old friend of and tierce you, you scoundrel! mine, not having set eyes on her son since the death of his father, and being apprised by me

Enter Isaac Fungus and Jenny. that here she might meet with him, came with a

1. Fun. Where's brother? it an't over? you true maternal affection to give him a little whole ben't married, I hope? some advice.

2. Fun. No, I believe pot; why, what is the Mrs. Love. Well said, Mrs. Mechlin !

1. Fun. Pretty hands you are got into ! Your Mrs. Mech. Which the young man returned servant, good madam; what, this is the person, in a way so brutal and barbarous, that his poor I warrant? ay, how pretty the puppet is painted! mother-Be comforted, ma’am; you had bet- Do you know who she is? ter repose on my bed.

Fun. Who she is ! without doubt, Mrs. Love. Any where, to get out of his sight. I. Fun. No, you don't, brother Zac; only the Mrs. Mech. Here, Jenny!

spawn of that devil incarnate, dressed out as Mrs. Love. Do you think you can procure me

2. Fun. But hark ye, Isaac ! are-don't be in another party?

a hurry-are you sureMrs. Mech. Never doubt it.

I. Fun. Sure-the girl of the house, abhorring Mrs. Love. Ugh! ugh! [E.rit coughing their scandalous project, has freely confessed Mrs. Mech. Bear up a little, ma'am.

the whole scheine. Jenny, stand forth, and anFun. Fie upon you! you have thrown the old swer boldly to what I shall ask: is not this wench gentlewoman into the stericks.

the woman's niece of the house? Young Love. Sir?

Jen. I fancy she will hardly deny it. Fun, You a man! you are a scandal, a shame

I. Fun. And is not this mistress of yours a to your sect!

most profligate

Mrs. Mech. Come, come, Master Isaac, I will Enter Da. Catour.

save you the trouble, and cut this matter short

in an instant. Well then, this girl, this Dolly, is Dr. Cat. Come, come, Mrs. Mechlin, are the my niece; and what then? couple prepared the fiddles are tuned, the bows 2. Pun. And an't you, an't you ashamed? ready rosined, and the whole band-Ob, you Young Love. She ashaned! I would have

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