A Cordial for Low Spirits: Being a Collection of Curious Tracts, Том 1

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Сторінка 183 - Countries where they could come at it, that the Laity ought to keep their Nails always pared, and their Wings clipped, in this Particular. Reafon and Liberty are the two greateft Gifts and Bleffings which God has given us, and yet where-ever a prieftly Authority prevails, they muft either fly or fuffer. They are Enemies to the Craft, and muft expect no Toleration.
Сторінка 277 - ... enact, promulge, or execute any such canons, constitutions, or ordinances provincial, by whatsoever name or names they may be called in their convocations in time coming, (which...
Сторінка 330 - Majesty the following vote or resolution, viz., that the Church of England as by law established, which was rescued from the extremest danger by King William the Third of glorious memory, is now by God's blessing, under the happy reign of her Majesty, in a most safe and flourishing condition, and that whoever goes about to suggest and insinuate that the Church is in danger under her Majesty's administration is an enemy to the queen, the Church and the kingdom...
Сторінка 179 - Whig, . . . scorns all implicit faith in the State, as well as the Church. The Authority of Names is nothing to him; he judges all Men by their Actions and Behaviour, and hates a Knave of his own Party, as much as he despises a Fool of another. He consents not that any Man or Body of Men, shall do what they please. He claims a Right of examining all publick Measures and, if they deserve it, of censuring them. As he never saw much Power possessed without some Abuse, he takes upon him to watch those...
Сторінка xxvi - I have known an author praise an earl, for twenty pages together, though he knew nothing of him, but that he had money to spare. He made him wise, just, and religious for no reason in the world, but in hopes to find him charitable; and gave him a most bountiful heart, because he himself had a most empty stomach.
Сторінка 35 - A Learned Dissertation upon Old Women, Male and Female, Spiritual and Temporal, in all Ages; whether In Church, State, or Exchange-Alley. Very seasonable to be read at all T1mes, but especially at particular Tmes. To which is added, An Essay upon the present Union of the Whig Chiefs...
Сторінка 123 - An Apology for the Danger of the Church. PROVING, THAT THE CHURCH IS, AND OUGHT TO BE ALWAYS IN DANGER ; and that it would be dangerous for her to be out of Danger.
Сторінка 181 - Men fhould be judged by their Actions, and reverenced, or fcorned, according to the Goodnefs or Wickednefs of their Lives, without any Regard had to their Titles or Garbs ; which fignify no more than a Breath of Wind, or the Bark of a Tree. THE Clergy have made fuch a terrible and inhuman Ufe of Power, in all Ages and Countries where they could come at it, that the Laity ought to keep their Nails always pared, and their Wings clipped, in this Particular.
Сторінка 64 - ... emphasizes the perception that traditional patriarchal values have been abandoned, and stockjobbing has turned Great Britain into a nation of "old women": "Let us, my Brethren and Countrymen, either properly and patiently put on Petticoats; or resume our Manhood, and shake off this shameful Delusion, this filthy yoke, put upon our Necks by dull Rogues from Jonathan's; plodding dunces!"10 His language locates "manhood" in the past, prior to the feminizing "delusion" of a world of speculative investment.
Сторінка 190 - Conftitution, this King, or this Religion. It is well known, that a great Majority of our Churchmen aflert Claims and Principles utterly irreconcileable to either.

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