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course, no Romanizing Jesuits, no freewill Arminians, no protests, nor pestilential heresies ; no powers of man on earth, angels in heaven, nor fiends from beneath, can ever stop the flowing of this river; for it is DEITY ITSELF, it is GOD IN CHRIST, and most emphatically John declares that “God is Love.” Love leads to choice, choice to a visible union, union to fruitfulness, and in all the subsequent pathway of the wedded and espoused pair the faithfulness of each is proved.

Oh! love divine! how sweet thou art,
When shall I find my longing heart

All taken up with thee!” As soon as the wedding was over; and after spending a little time with the friends, I fled away to the Plaistow Marshes, and entered brother William Palmer's “Mount Zion," when the first anniversary was in celebration. Thomas Stringer was preaching ; he was chaunting " Hallelujah !” to the top of his voice; his heart was in his work; and the people said they heard well. “The Gospel” was the theme for the evening meeting and good words were spoken. I thought of the Gospel as powerful in producing a sweet and precious union between the pastor and his people. Of all the unions on the earth, none are more spiritually beneficial than that existing between the devoted pastor and his people. There are higher unions in heaven: and there are lower unions on earth, but this central church union in the Gospel, is very pleasant, when in holy peace and in soul-prosperity it dwells. There are

UNIONS IN HEAVEN. Between the persons in the Godhead, the FATHER, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, there existeth a union so inexpressibly and so incomprehensibly high, holy, and mysterious, that no finite mind can ever comprehend it; yet, it is most certainly a privilege and an honour pertaining, at least to some of the living saints of God to be sometimes carried up, either in vision, or in meditation, or on the wings of faith and love, even into the holiest of all. and there, before the glorious throne of the great Eternal, the enraptured soul bows down in the full assurance of the ackuowledgment of the mystery of God, and of the FATHER,

and of CHRIST. It is here where the heart is purified, and melted; it is here where the love of God is shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Ghost; it is where " Christ is all in all;" and it is here where “the earnest of our inheritance” is richly bestowed. Ezekiel was carried up in the visions of God; Peter, James, and John, were taken up into Tabor's transfiguration scene; Paul was caught up, and many beside him; but I must say no more.

There is

AN ANGELIC UNION IN HEAVEN. The angels have an unmixed existence, nothing tempteth them, they have but one eye, they have but one thought, that is to obey their great Creator's will with which they ever watch their MAKER'S nod; they have but one motive, that motive is not selfish, it is to glorify the mission He giveth to them. Beautiful union is the angelic! Sweet and pleasant to the spirits of the redeemed. Ah! we little think how many kind offices they render unto weary pilgrim's on the earth. I was very tired one Sunday afternoon after preaching; and I fell into a sound sleep. I was awoke by a gentle tapping on my shoulder. I awoke ; and as no one was there, I wondered what it was; and while I was thus thinking what it could be ; three gentle taps were repeated; and they seemed to say, “It is time you were studying your evening sermons,''

• Ah!" I said, “ that was a kind angel sent to call me to my Master's work.” How full of mercy the apostle's query, Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister unto them who are the heirs of salvation ?"

Some sceptics may laugh at this, Some religious theorists may condemn this as presumptuous; be it so; if I get the blessing, I will only desire to thank the Lord for the same.

There are other unions I might dwell upon; but I have no more room at this time. The fearful disunion amongst some ministers in this day is one of the things which indicate the speedy coming of the end of this dispensation. For that great event may the LORD prepare us all. Readers of CHEERING WORDS, the end of another year draweth

If any of you have derived spiritual good from this, the least of all monthly messengers, please to scatter the numbers broadcast around you; and so help THE VILLAGE PREACHER.




Precious little treasures, keeping Many a languid soul trom sleeping; We have welcomed thee in sadness, Nor despised thee in our gladness,

“ Cheering Words." Sin our inmost soul had wounded, Fears had racked us though un

founded But the precious peace of heaven Came when unto us were given

Cheering Words." Words of love, of sin forgiven, Through the lively Son of heaven ; Words about the power that frees

us, From our vileness, words from Jesus,

“ Cheering Words.” Strengthening words to help the

weary, Pitying words to reach the dreary, Or ye seem to whisper only For the cheerless and the lonely,

“Cheering Words."

Precious things, ye sing so sweetly
Him who saves us to completely ;
And ye utter for the dying,
On our risen Christ relying,

“ Cheering Words."
Words about the bright revealing,
That upon us all is stealing,
Words that bid us look for glory;
And the end of earth's sad story,

"Cheering Words." Grief-bound sinners have caressed

thee, Saints now glorified have blessed

thee; And where foes would have de

throned thee, God the Comforter has owned thee

Cheerivg Words." Precious little things, the Master Grant that ye may travel fister; And amid earth's deep commotion, Scatter over isle and ocean,

“Cheering words.”



See “ The Earthen Vessel” for November, 2d.

Will be ready with the December “ Cheering Words,” price 2d.

THE BAPTIST ALMANACK FOR 1865. London: G. J. Stevenson, 54, Paternoster row; and all Booksellers.

London: Printed by Robert BANKS, 9, Crane-court Fleet-street E.C. Published by G. J. Stevenson, 54, Paternoster-row, E.C.; sold by most Booksellers.--Price One Halfpenny.

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