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“Why ?" Is God no longer God? Is the friend of sinners dead ? Is the Holy Spirit no more? Is there no advocate with the Father? Is there no intercessor in the Church? Have the ministering angels lost their pinions ?

Why?" Is there no love in the heart of Jesus-no help in the hand of Jesus-no compassion in the sympathies of Jesusno salvation in the cross of Jesus—no efficacy in the bloud of Jesus-no perfection in the righteousness of Jesus ?

“Why ?" Is there no charm in the name of Jesus--no clinging to the cross of Jesus—no love to the person of Jesus-no faith in the work of Jesus—no hope in the blood of Jesus-no dependence upon the Spirit of Jesus ?

Why ?" Are the consolations of God small with thee—is there no promise upon which to lean-is there no comfort in the Holy Comforter-is there no help to be obtained from Him who helpeth our infirmities?

Why ?!' Have we left no Egypt—no place of bondage-have we passed through no seas of danger and difficulty–have we found no manna in the wilderness of want-have we seen no rock of salvation by the way-have we built no Ebenezer to the mercy of God ?

Why ?” When we are within a few hours of home and heaven?


OMETIMES this is a very solemn, yea, an awful place in

deed, when nothing but death is present, and eternal destruction before the eyes of the dying sinner. How wretched ! The soul, driven out of the body, with all its guilt, and shame, and nakedness, to stand before a holy God, to stand before the great white throne without a Daysman, without a Mediator, with. out an atonement, without a Saviour, without any hope or help.

Oh! my scul, think, gratefully think, joyfully yet humbly, think, how amazing the mercy, now to be a believer in JESUS, and then to be clothed in His righteousness, crowned with His


glory, aceepted and welcomed into His kingdom for over and

There will be no cavilling controversies, there ; there will be no bitter jealousies there; no cruelly contemptuous divisions there. All the saved, ONE IN JESUS—ALL ONE WITH THE LORD; in blissful praises ONE.

The dying pillow of the best of saints is sometimes the scene of much heavy conflict, sorrowful anxiety, and agonising pain. Yes! To some of the saints the river seems so wide, so dark, so


“ They fear to launch away!" Satan is permitted on some to roar most dreadfully. Their pangs are deep, their tears are bitter, their cries are afflicting, and, worse than all, no precious Jesus appears in view; no covenant God is heard to whisper; no Holy Dove is felt within. The scene is sad, the night is long, but the morning cometh ; and how true I have found that Scripture to be, “ Though darkness endure for a night, yet joy cometh in the morning. And then the scene is changed! Then pale death hides his ghastly form ; then faith extends her wings; then JESUS speaks; and to his ransomed one He says, “ Be not afraid ; It is Il”

Oh! I love to think of these holy scenes. I have been so much mixed up of late with that distressing collision between good and godly men; it has made me more unhappy than words can tell. I would most gladly have written a pleasing record of our Archbishop's Jubilee, but I am denied that favour. I would


that all good men might feel the deeply sanctified influence arising out of the anticipations of the Dying Pillow, for surely, then, all these clamours would for ever cease, and prayer and praise their tongues employ.

While musing over these lamentable times I received a pretty little book, entitled “ Memoir of Mrs. S. Y. Hutchings," written, I think, by her bereaved husband; and a most precious little book it is.

The Dying Pillow is here seen in all its varied phases, chauges, trials, and triumphs. The conflicts which from the

Tempter come, the consolations which from the Saviour flow, and the peaceful finale of the warfare, are all depicted in terms so genuine, simple, and pure, that all must be certain she rests in heaven above, and will not sigh again.

My reader, every night when you lay your weary head upon your pillow, think-ah, try and think and ask thy soul the weighty question,-Am Í prepared by grace-am I prepared by a pure and living faith-am I prepared by precious Jesus' blood am I prepared by the sanctifying influences of the Spirit of the living God to lie down to die? May this thought on the Dying Pillow lead thee to close and certain assurance, so prays thy friend.

From the “ Memoir of Mrs. Hutchings I trust to give some ex. tracts in December,


TEAR Abbott's Langley, is a pretty Village called Bedmond;

and in that village stands a pretty chapel; where, for Several years good Henry Hutchinson has preached the Gospel. On the Monday before Mr. Wells's New Tabernacle was opened, I was indulged to preach twice to the Bedmond people; and very happy seasons we had. The next three days I was at the New Surrey Tabernacle; and remarkable seasons they were. On the 8th of October, I preached twice in Birmingham, in the New Chapel in Constitution Hill; and there, in the afternoon, I heard brother Abraham Howard preach; and in the evening, he read, he expounded, and prayed; and then I read my text, “Let us, therefore, come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” I had just set off with my discourse, when the gas went out; and we were left in darkness. Some ran for candles; some fainted; others ran out for fear of I know not what. Old unbelief he was there; and he jumped up into the pulpit to me; and he said, “Ah! Satan is opposing you, you are done now!" I was much cast down;

but, in a moment something prompted me to begin singing. So I said, “Let us sing,–

“ Grace 'tis a charming sound,

Harmonious to the ear,” &c. The singers in the gallery took it up beautifully; and we sang three verses; then candles being obtained, I proceeded with the sermon; and the gas returred to us; and we finished, apparently, very happy; but, an inward gloom covered my spirit; the sudden darkness shook my soul; but I desire to leave all in the hands of a holy God. The next morning, our industrious friend, Mr. Thomas Drew, saw me packed in a railway carriage; and to London I returned in safety. That evening, I was at Exeter Hall, where a testimonial was given to Mr. Samuel Cozens, on his leaving for Australia ; and a pleasant, yea, most interesting meeting it was.

On Monday, November the 6th, Mr. Samuel Cozens's final farawell meeting will be holden in the New Surrey Tabernacle, in the Walworth read, when every Christian brother, and every truth-loving sister in Jesus, will meet to bid this hard-workiog penman and preacher, good-bye.

I hope, on that occasion, we shall have some warm cheering words, and some hot and earnest Christian works, works of sympathy and of gratitude, to help our dear brother and his family on their way.

Their journey is across the brink

Of many a threatening wave;
There are some expect to see them sink,

But, JESUS LIVES TO SAVE. With all my heart, I pray the Lord to carry them safely o'er the seas; and crown their journey's end.

On Tuesday, the 10th of October, I married two young friends, Mr. Benjamin Stringer and Miss Susannah Lynn, in the Walworth road chapel; and I have a hope that even in that service the Lord was with me. As I walked on to the performance of that ceremony, my small mind was carried out in this one thought, and this one thought led me to myself to say, “ This ordinance of matrimony teaches the harmony and fulness of the New Covenant

of grace, as much as any ordinance under heaven. For instance this matrimony must commence in LOVE. At least, where it doos not, it is a sinful covenant between two sinping parties. If a man marrieth a woman for money, or from any sordid motive, it is high treason in the sight of heaven; and is a transgression of every law, moral, natural, and social and much worse than all, it is a sin against God's will and word, for “ CHRIST loved the church ; and gave Himself for it,” so ought men to love their wives, and“ forsaking all other, cleave only unto them.” Love, God's LOVE, is the river which floweth down from the throne of God and the Lamb,"and, this high and holy principle, attribute, or essential nature in the Deity, led the Lord God to CHOOSE His people, and to predestinate them unto life eternal. Election is a deep and incomprehensible mystery. It shows that God only can put men in the way of salvation. Man has put himself out of the way; but man cannot put himself in the way. “No man can come unto me, except the Father which hath sent me, draw hiin.” This was the Saviour's certain deciaration. God's loving election gives a man an inbeing in Christ, and makes Christ over unto that man for ever, so Paul speaketh, “ Who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.”

Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places ; according as He hath chosen us in Him.” Now, the denial, and the ignoring of this grand old doctrine of election by the generality of men, is cruel and dangerous.

What would you say of the man who should stop all the flowings of the several rivers into this great city ? Would not that man be a murderer ? And if he said as many mockers say of election, “Yes, it is true ; but it must not be publicly declared,” so, if a man say,

“ Water is good; but I must not let you have it,” would not this be denounced ? Most certainly it would. So I must say of all ministers who see election in the Bible, and know it to be true, yet keep it from their people; thry are traitors to God and His cause ; for "everything shall live whither the river cometh,” and God's everlasting love is “the river of water of life, clear as crystal,” and it flows on still. Nothing can stop its

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