The Medical Times and Register, Том 5

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Medical Publishing Company, 1875

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Сторінка 143 - A GUIDE TO THE PRACTICAL EXAMINATION OF URINE. For the Use of Physicians and Students.
Сторінка 193 - ... 1. (in botany) A protective tissue, consisting of parenchyma cells, that develops over a cut or damaged plant surface. Callus tissue can also be induced to form in cell cultures by hormone treatment. 2. (in pathology) A thick hard area of skin that commonly forms on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet as a result of continuous pressure or friction.
Сторінка 143 - Price $1.50 Advantage has been taken, in bringing out a new edition of this work, not only to correct the previous one, but to make such additions of new Facts and Processes as would add to its value without materially increasing its size. " Dr. Tyson commences with a short account of the theory of renal secretion, the physical and chemical characters of the urine, and the reagents and apparatus used in its analysis. Excellent rules are then given for detecting the presence of albumen, sugar, coloring-matters,...
Сторінка 208 - And animalcula in the water evolved fins, tails, claws, and scales ; and in the air, wings and beaks ; and on the land they sprouted such organs as were necessary as played upon by the environment. 10. And by accretion and absorption came the radiata and mollusca, and mollusca begat articulata, and articulata begat vertebrata.
Сторінка 368 - ... of their rank ; should they not have completed such period of service, they will 'be retired at the rate of half, or retired pay, specified in the Order in Council of February 22, 1870.
Сторінка 208 - And the what-is-it went into the land of Nod, and took him a wife of the longimanous gibbons. 17. And in process of the cosmic period, were born unto them and their children, the anthropomorphic primordial types. 1 8. The homunculus, the prognathus, the troglodyte, the autochthon, the terragen — these are the generations of primeval man.
Сторінка 393 - Discovery of the functions of the anterior and posterior roots of the spinal nerves by Sir Charles Bell.
Сторінка 45 - On the morning following the day of her labor, the woman slips into a chair whilst her bed is making. This is repeated once or twice a day until the fourth or fifth day, when she, if so disposed, gets up and dresses herself. No patient quits her bed against her will, yet the force of example is so great that very few care to stay in bed when they see their companions up and about.
Сторінка 42 - a large proportion of the intemperate in a well-conducted institution would be radically cured, and would again go into society with health re-established, diseased appetites removed, with principles of temperance well grounded and thoroughly understood, so that they would be afterwards safe and sober men.
Сторінка 8 - ... of the illustrations of my lecture. I instantly and positively refused, and wrote to the editor that nothing would be more offensive to me than the publication which he proposed. I heard nothing further from him, but he has done what I begged him not to do. I venture to hope that I am not thought likely to be guilty of encouraging the appearance of my name in newspapers...

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