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Сторінка 136 - Shakspeare is the chief of all Poets hitherto ; the greatest intellect who, in our recorded world, has left record of himself in the way of Literature. On the whole, I know not such a power of vision, such a faculty of thought, if we take all the characters of it, in any other man. Such a calmness of depth; placid joyous strength; all things imaged in that great soul of his so true and clear, as in a tranquil unfathomable sea!
Сторінка 189 - The human avalanche, which for thirteen years had alarmed the nations from the Danube to the Ebro, from the Seine to the Po, rested beneath the sod or toiled under the yoke of slavery ; the forlorn hope of the German migrations had performed its duty ; the homeless people of the Cimbri and their comrades were no more.
Сторінка 224 - If these writings of the Greeks agree with the book of God, they are useless, and need not be preserved ; if they disagree, they are pernicious, and ought to be destroyed.
Сторінка 139 - ... our sage and serious poet Spenser, whom I dare be known to think a better teacher than Scotus or Aquinas...
Сторінка 132 - ... special stamp of either calling, uniting Hellenic culture with the fullest national feeling of a Roman, an accomplished speaker and of graceful manners — Publius Scipio won the hearts of soldiers and of women, of his countrymen and of the Spaniards, of his rivals in the senate and of his greater Carthaginian antagonist.
Сторінка 158 - The celebrated name of Venice, or Venetia, was formerly diffused over a large and fertile province of Italy, from the confines of Pannonia to the river Addua, and from the Po to the Rhaetian and Julian Alps.
Сторінка 146 - According to the legend, the first of the Christian emperors was healed of the leprosy, and purified in the waters of baptism by St. Silvester, the Roman bishop; and never was physician more gloriously recompensed. His royal proselyte withdrew from the seat and patrimony of St. Peter, declared his resolution of founding a new capital in the East; and resigned to the popes the free and perpetual sovereignty of Rome, Italy, and the provinces of the West.
Сторінка 49 - Measured by substantial value, the loss of Calais was a gain. English princes were never again to lay claim to the crown of France, and the possession of a fortress on French soil was a perpetual irritation. But Calais was called the 'brightest jewel in the English crown.
Сторінка 52 - Don Quixote. Cervantes had in view, by this work, to reform the taste and opinions of his countrymen. He wished to ridicule that adventurous heroism, with all its evil consequences, the source of which was the innumerable novels on knight-errantry. The beginning of the work was, at first, coldly received, but soon met with the greatest applause, in which, at a later period, ttiB whole of Europe joined. Cervantes...
Сторінка 82 - ALRASCHID, a celebrated caliph of the Saracens, ascended the throne in 786, and was the most potent prince of his race, ruling over territories extending from Egypt to Khorassan. He gained many splendid victories over the Greek emperors, and obtained immense renown lor his bravery, magnificence, and love of letters ; but he was cruel and tyrannical. D. 808. HARPER, ROBERT GOODLOK, was a native of Virginia, but when very young removed with his parents to North Carolina.

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