Report relating to the registry and return of births, marriages and deaths and of divorce in the state of Rhode Island. 1862-66

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State Registrar of Vital Statistics, 1864

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Сторінка 81 - SEC 7. There may be appointed by the town authorities of every town, a sufficient number of persons to act as undertakers, removable at the pleasure of the authorities.
Сторінка 80 - Undertakers and others making returns of deaths as required in section eight of this chapter, shall receive for each full report of a death made to the town clerk, five cents in the cities of Providence or Newport, and ten cents in the other towns of the state.
Сторінка 54 - SECS. 9 and 11 declare, that no minister, elder, or magistrate shall join persons in marriage unless he has previously received a certificate, signed by the parties themselves, giving the information required by law,— under a penalty of imprisonment not exceeding six months, or a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars.
Сторінка 82 - ... be fined not exceeding twenty dollars, for each offence, one•half thereof to the use of the town in •which the offence shall occur, the other half to the use of the person who shall complain of the same.
Сторінка 80 - SECTION 1. The town clerks of the several towns, or any person whom the board of aldermen of any city, or the town council of any town, may appoint for that purpose...
Сторінка 52 - The causes of an immediately or secondarily fatal result of labor at the full period are few; in abortion nearly every one of these is present, with the addition of others peculiar to the sudden and untimely interruption of a natural process, and the death of the' product of conception. There is the same or greater physical shock, the same or greater liability to hemorrhage, the same and much greater liability to subsequent uterine or ovarian disease.
Сторінка 80 - ... residence and birthplace of the parents, and the time of recording, so far as the same can be ascertained. The record of a marriage shall state the date of the marriage, place, name, residence and official station of the person by whom married, names and surnames of the parties, age, color, occupation and residence of each, condition...
Сторінка 79 - ... second, third or other marriage, the occupation, birthplace and name of their parents, and the time of recording, so far as the same can be ascertained. The record of deaths shall state the date of death, name and surname of deceased, the sex, color and condition...
Сторінка 80 - It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to receive the returns made in pursuance of the preceding section, and annually, with such assistance as shall be rendered by any authorized committee of the Rhode Island Medical Society...
Сторінка 79 - ... the name of the deceased, the date of the death, and the disease or cause of the death, and in case of the bringing forth of a still-born child, the date and the cause of such child being brought forth still-born.

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