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AN interesting fact, which may be known to very few, if any of our readers, and which is doubtless unsurpassed in the annals of literature, is the great historical work which has recently been completed by the late Mr. Wiffen, the admirable translator of Tasso, and other popular works, which comprises the Family Re. cords of every descendant of the ancient and distinguished House of Russell, compiled from authentic sources chiefly in the possession of the family. This very beautiful production, which includes the Portrails of every member of that Peerage, direct and collateral, painted by one of the most prominent artists of the age (Har. ding), is comprised in one folio volume, printed in a style of sumptuous magnificence; only one single copy of which was printed off. This unique bequest by the late Duke of Bedford, under whose personal superintendence it was commenced and completed, was designed by him as an heir-loom in the family, and to be deposited in the Library at Woburn Abbey, from whence it was on no account to be removed. It may not be amiss to add, that this interesting object is to be exhibited to visiters every Monday, on suitable application; and as this noble mansion, frequently called, from its singular magnificence, "Royalty in Miniature," is within fifty miles of the English capital, no tourist from this country should omit paying a visit to so interesting an object. The cost expended in the production of this single volume is said to have been 3000 guineas!

tory of this State, writes home that he has been very successful in his mission. At the Hague alone he has procured copies of 3000 pages of manuscript, illustrative of colonial history from 1614 down to 1673. He has met most generous courtesy from the government, and was preparing to ex amine the archives of the Dutch West India Company, at Amsterdam.

HISTORICAL MISSION.-J. Romeyn Brodhead, Esq., who was appointed by the New York Historical Society, agent to consult

European archives, in reference to the his- AMERICAN LITERARY ANNOUNCE


The most costly undertaking ever at tempted by a single individual, of a literary character, which unquestionably the world has yet seen, is the magnificent work on the aborigines of Mexico, by the late Lord Kingsborough. This stupendous work is said to have been produced at the enormous cost to the author of 30,000l., or $150,000. It is comprised in seven immense folio volumes, embellished by many hundred superb illustrations, colored so exquisitely as to represent the originals with the most faithful exactness. These productions are of such extraordinary dimensions as to be almost importable. This unprecedented instance of munificence in the patronage of literature, is rendered

the more astonishing from the lamentable fact of its having proved the ultimate ruin of its projector. Not only did this enthusiastic nobleman undertake to defray the entire expense attending the publication, in every item of which, as it might have been expected, he had to meet the most exorbitant charges, but he actually determined on having but a very limited num ber of copies printed, we believe only fifty, after which the lithographic stones from which the plates were taken were destroyed. These copies were appropriated for gratuitous presentation to the several Royal and Public Libraries of Europe, and it is gratifying to find that they safely reached their destination. It is greatly to be regretted, however, that no copy has ever yet reached any public institution of this country, to which it would undoubtedly become of incalculable value. It is painful to add, that this noble patron of literature and the arts actually died in debt, about four years since, a sad instance of self-immolation to his munificence, in a prison in Dublin. It is rather remarkable that in a recent interesting work on American Antiquities, by Mr. Bradford, no allusion even is made to this great authority. We have heard it credibly asserted that a copy of Lord Kingsborough's superb work is now in the hands of Mr. Hooper, the London bookseller, which is valued at eighty guineas. Will Congress take the opportunity of possessing themselves of the costly treasure?

The new work by Mr. James, "Life and Times of Richard Coeur-de-Lion," recently announced as in press by J. & H. G. LANGLEY, is now ready. The work forms two handsome duodecimo volumes.

The same firm have just finished a new and beautifully printed edition of "The Dublin Dissector," &c. This is one of those works whose intrinsic worth is such as cannot fail of winning its way to aniversal favor.

They have also now ready a beautiful juvenile, entitled "Robin Hood and his Merry Foresters," which, besides being very finely printed, adorned by a series of lithographic drawings, admirably colored, and handsomely bound and gilt.

The reception which the recent work of Mr. D'Israeli, "The Amenities of Lit erature," has met with on both sides of the Atlantic, has been all that his most sanguine admirers could desire. The American reprint has already passed into a second edition, and this we understand is nearly exhausted.


Shortly will be published, a new Grammar of the German Language, by C. J. Hempel, Esq. It is intended to supersede the necessity of all other elementary works for the acquisition of that language, being provided with copious extracts from the most appropriate German classics for reading exercises, and also with a lexicon of all the words used in the work. Grammar is constructed upon the strictest principles of induction, and appears to contain all the printed instructions necessary for a complete knowledge of the language. The high commendation which it has already received from judicious critics induces us to suppose that it is destined to supersede every work of the kind at present in the English or American market.

J. S. REDFIELD has just issued the third volume, completing the series of "Pictorial Illustrations of the Bible." Also "A Memoir and Beauties of Wesley," WILEY & PUTNAM have nearly ready the following

The Queen's Prisoner. Lectures on Agricultural Chemistry and Geology, by J. T. Johnston.

Flora of North America, by Drs. Torrey and Gray, Part 2d, vol. 2.

The Zincali, or the Gipsies of Spain, by George Barrow, 1 vol.

Chapters on Churchyards, &c., by Mrs. Southey (late Caroline Bowles), 2 vols.


Hints to Mothers on Health, by Dr. Bull; 1 vol. 12mo.

The Life of Shakspeare, by the "English Opium-eater;" 1 vol. 12mo.

A New Tale of a Tub, with illustrations, 1 vol. (now ready).

D. APPLETON & CO. have just completed a new Historical Juvenile, entitled "Joan of Arc," by the author of "Eve. nings with the Chroniclers," embellished with 26 plates.

They have also in press a new book of Travels, in two vols. 8vo, with numerous illustrations, entitled "A Winter in Egypt, and Rambles through Arabia Petræa and the Holy Land, during the 1839 and 1840;" by James E. Cooley.


A new volume of their Devotional Series, entitled "Golden Grove," &c., by Jeremy Taylor, 1 vol. 16mo, is also in press; and a volume religious Poetry, portions of which have already appeared in the Churchman, entitled "Christmas Bell," is now, we believe, in the hands of the binder.

The same firm have just issued an interesting little volume, entitled "Gems from Travellers," comprising local illus. trations of Scripture, &c., with numerous cuts, and handsomely bound and gilt.

S. COLMAN will immediately issue a new and very fine edition of Percival's "Elegant Extracts in Prose," in 3 vols. 8vo. This valuable standard work, which has been for many years out of print, will, from its established reputation, be wel comed by a large and discriminating class of the reading community.

The same publisher has in press and nearly ready a work which is said to be characterized by its great power and humor, entitled "The Effinghams, or Home as I found it ;" 2 vols. 12mo. The author preserves the strictest incognito, and conjecture will doubtless be busy in attempts to disclose the secret.

DAYTON & SAXTON have now ready new volume, by the author of "Constance," entitled "Virginia, or the Lost and Found." Also now ready, a new work by the celebrated Peter Parley (S. G. Goodrich), entitled "Sketches from a Student's Window;" and "The Northern Harp," uniform with "The Southern Harp;" Mrs. Marcett's Book for Young Children, with cuts, &c.

HERMAN HOOKER, Philadelphia, has published a work in the usual form of music volumes, entitled "The Amateur's Musical Library, a Collection of Piano Forte Music."

J. WHETHAM & SON, Philadelphia, have in press, and shortly will publish, Select Works of the British Poets, from Southey to the present time, embracing nearly all the Modern Poets, forming the third volume, which will complete the


JAMES MUNROE & CO., Boston, have in preparation the following:

Twice Told Tales, in 2 vols. 16mo, by Nathaniel Hawthorne; new edition.

Offering of Sympathy, by Rev. F. Parkman, D. D. ; 3d edition.

Herodotus, in 2 vols. 12mo, from the text of Schrveighaeuser, with English notes, by C. S. Wheeler, A. M., Instructer in Greek in Harvard University.

Study of the Greek Classic Poets, by S. T. Coleridge, 12mo.

Egmont, translated from the German of Goethe; 1 vol. 16mo.

Pictorial Natural History, illustrated by 400 engravings, by S. G. Goodrich, author of Peter Parley's Tales; 1 vol. 12mo.

Peirce's Algebra, 2d edition, revised. Curve's Functions and Motions, containing the Integral Calculus and Analytical Mechanics, 12mo, by Professor Peirce of Harvard University.

Grandfather's Library, edited by S. G. Goodrich, author of Peter Parley's Tales.

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lished a beautiful edition of the Poems of Motherwell.

MORTON & GRISWOLD will soon publish"The Surgeon's Vade Mecum," a Manual of the Principles and Practice of Surgery, illustrated with numerous wood engravings. By Robert Drouitt. From the second London edition. With notes and additional illustrations by Joshua R. Flint, late Professor of Surgery in the Louisville Medical Institute.

They will also publish "The Principles of Descriptive and Physiological Botany." By Rev. J. S. Henslow adapted to the use of schools.

CAREY & HART, Philadelphia, are preparing for publication, among others, the following important works:

The works of Rev. Sydney Smith, complete in 2 vols. 8vo.

Mr. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of America, with portraits and other illustrations, in 1 royal Svo vol.

Travels in Turkey, Greece, and the Holy Land, by E. J. Morris; 2 vols. 12mo, with plates.

Recollections of the American Stage, embracing notices of authors, actors, and auditors, during a period of forty years, by William B. Wood; 2 vols. 12mo.

A Life of Edward the Black Prince, by G. P. R. James; 1 vol. 8vo.

History of the Conquest of England by the Normans, translated from the French of A. Thierry.

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, with an introductory essay, &c., by T. Tyrwhitt, Esq.; 4 vols. 12mo.

Miscellanies, by Leigh Hunt; 1 vol.


Gems from the Poets, edited by S. C. Hall; 1 vol. 12mo, finely printed.

Miscellanies of Reginald Heber, late Lord Bishop of Calcutta.

History of Fiction, by John Dunlop, author of "History of Roman Literature." Miscellanies, by Lord Jeffrey, collected by himself.

Critical and Miscellaneous Writings of T. Noon Talfourd; 1 vol. 12mo. LEA & BLANCHARD, Philadelphia, have just published

The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Oxford, with a splendid portrait of the author, containing nearly 200 Letters, now first published from the originals; handsomely bound in various bindings.

They will publish

The Select Works of Jeremy Bentham, revised and edited by Dr. Bowring.

The Man of Fortune, by Mrs. Gore. Jesse's Memoirs of the Court of Eng land, from the Revolution to the death of George II., in 2 vols.

A Winter in the Azores, by Joseph Buller. A Selection from Debates in the House of Commons, from 1768 to 1774, reported by Sir H. Cavendish, and edited by J. Wright, embracing that portion referring to this country.

The Anatomist's Vade Mecum, by Wilson, with wood cuts. Wheaton's International Law, a new and revised edition.

KAY & BROTHER, Philadelphia, have

in press a new edition of Wordsworth's complete Poetical and Prose Works, in 5 vols. 12mo, which will be beautifully got up.

They will publish in a few days a new and enlarged edition of Meig's Midwifery, in 1 vol. 8vo, illustrated with numerous engravings.

A Practical Treatise on the Diseases peculiar to Women, illustrated by cases from Hospital and Private Practice. In three parts. By Samuel Ashwell, M. D., with notes by an American Practitioner In press by JOHN J. HASWELL, Philad. D. H. WILLIAMS, Boston, has in press a new edition of Virgil, containing the Latin text of the Eneid, Georgics, &c., with copious English notes, adapted to Andrews and Stoddard's Latin Grammar, and prepared for the use of colleges and classical schools, by Francis Bowen, A. M. 1 vol. 8vo, 600 pp. This work will include some highly important improvements, by incorporating the notes of some modern German critics, as well as the commentaries of older grammarians, &c.

TAPPAN & DENNET, Boston, will publish shortly a work in 2 vols. 12mo, entitled "Foreign Travels and Life at Sea, including Incidents of a Cruise on board a Man-of-War," &c.

"The Great Awakening," or an ac count of the extensive religious revivals in the times of Edwards and Whitefield. 1 vol. Svo.

Mr. OWEN, of Cambridge, Mass., has in press, Lectures on Modern History, from the third London edition, with a Preface, list of Books on American History, &c., by Jared Sparks, LL. D. ; 2 vols. 8vo.

Organic Chemistry, in its application to Agriculture and Physiology, by Justus Leibig. M. D., &c., &c. Second American edition, with an Introduction, Notes, and Appendix, by John W. Webster, M. D., Professor of Chemistry in Harvard Uni versity; 12mo.

Ballads and other Poems, by Henry W. Longfellow; 16mo.

A Narrative of Voyages and Commercial Enterprises, by R. J. Cleveland, from the original manuscripts, with a Preface by his son, H. R. Cleveland; 12mo.

A Treatise on Mineralogy, by J. W. Webster, M. D.; 8vo.

E. HOPKINS, Hartford, Conn., has just issued new edition of the Poems of John G. C. Brainard, a new and authentic collection, with a Memoir of his Life, &c. ; 1 vol. 12mo, with a Portrait.

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heart for which her writings have ever been so deservedly popular.

The "Shaksperian Miscellanies," being a series of essays and annotations on the Shakspeare Plays, &c., edited by Piercy B. St. John, is to be commenced on the 1st of February next, and continued quarterly.

A posthumous work from the pen of the late Theodore Hook, said to be the best he has ever produced, is now ready, entitled "Fathers and Sons." It is embel-gravings. lished with engravings by Phiz.

The author of "Cousin Geoffrey," &c., is about to issue a new novel under the name of "The Matchmaker."

Lieut. Col. Maxwell's work, "A Run through the United States," &c., is now published; 2 vols. 8vo, with plates.

"The Parish Clerk," a novel by the author of "Peter Priggins," &c., and edited by the late Theodore Hook, Esq., is also published.

The popular and prolific authoress of "Mothers and Daughters," &c., has, we observe, two new novels on the tapis; one entitled" The Man of Fortune," and the other "The Ambassador's Wife," &c.

A new periodical work has just been commenced, under the title of "Classes of the Capital," being from London life, edited by Wm. Lee. The sketches are finely tinted, &c.

Dr. A. Walker, whose numerous publications on physiological science have won for him such extensive popularity, has just issued a new work entitled "Pathology founded on the Natural System of Anatomy and Physiology," &c.

Preparing for early publication, a Gallery of Antiquities, consisting of the principal relics in the British Museum, from drawings by Arundale and others, in monthly parts.

Mr. Grant, author of "The Great Metropolis," &c., has just completed for publication a new work, "Lights and Shadows of London Life."

know not with what truth, that Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer has abjured novel-writing, owing to the indifferent success of his more recent works of fiction. He is now turning his attention to dramatic authorship.

Companion for Leisure Hours; sixteen engravings, 8vo; containing numerous pieces in prose and verse.

The History of the Jews; in 2 vols. 12mo, illustrated with steel and wood en

A beautiful and embellished edition of Foxe's "Acts and Monuments," is in course of publication; the first volume has just been produced.

A new edition, illustrated by fifty wood cuts and five steel engravings, of Mrs. Hall's "Sketches of Irish Character," with additions, &c., in 1 vol. 8vo.

An interesting work is in preparation on the plan of Mr. and Mrs. Hall's "Ireland," founded on a series of personal surveys of the English counties, commenced during the year 1841, under the title of " England, its Scenery, Resources, and Condition," &c.

Sir Uvedale Price on the Picturesque, with an Introductory Essay on the Origin of Taste, and much original matter by Sir Thomas Dick Lunder, Bt., with sixty beautiful plates, in 1 vol. 8vo, is announced for early publication.

The lovers of "glorious mirth" will be glad to learn that Mr. T. Hood, the inimitable punster of the day, has just presented us with a new volume of his "Comic Annual" for 1842, with numerous illustrations by the author, Leech, &c.

It is rumored in the literary circles, we

Shells and their Inmates; with frontispiece in Baxter's oil colors, and numerous embellishments.

Plants: containing, in one volume, the seed, the leaf, the flower, the fruit, the grass; which are also published separately. With a handsome frontispiece and numerous embellishments.

The Wife and Mother; or, Hints to Married Daughters. By a Mother. 18mo. Bogatzky's Golden Treasury for the Children of God; a new edition, 12mo.

Emilia Monkeiro, a Ballad of the Old Hall Heath, Yorkshire, by W. H. Leatham. Count Clermont, a Tragedy, and Caius Joranius, a Tragedy, by Archibald Bell.

An Essay on Cephaloscope, and its uses in discriminating the normal and abnormal sounds in the organ of hearing, with plates. By John H. Curtis.

Murray's splendid edition of "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage," embellished by upward of sixty vignettes, engraved in the first style of the art, from original drawings made expressly for the work by eminent artists, is now published, and presents one of the most elaborately beautiful works ever produced.

A new work of Travels is about immediately to appear, under the authority and patronage of the British government, entitled "Journals of two Expeditions of Discovery in North-west and Western Aus tralia, during the years 1837-8-9, descriptive of many newly-discovered, important, and fertile districts: with observations on the moral and physical condition of aboriginal inhabitants," &c., by Capt. Geo. Grey, Governor of South Australia. In 2 vols. 8vo, with upward of fifty illus. trations, &c.

Maxwell's Wanderings through Highlands and Islands of the North, being 2d series of Wild Sports and Legendary Sketches; 2 vols.

Field and Fireside; or, Lady's Year. book and Mirror of the Month: 30 plates. English Helicon of 10th Century, with embellished title; 1 vol.; by T. K. Hervey.

Sporting Almanac and Oracle of Rural Life, for 1842; 12 plates. By R. B. Davis,

The beautifully embellished work, Life of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, 3 vols., with splendidly engraved portraits, battle scenery, maps, plans of battles, &c.

The Battles of the British Navy, from the Norman Conquest to the present time, by Joseph Allen, Esq., author of "England's Wooden Walls," 2 large vols. with numerous engravings,

Blackwood's Standard Novels, by Galt and others, are in course of publication in monthly volumes, with illustrations by Phiz, Cruikshank, &c.

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