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and rage against SHADDAI, and against his Son, they could, 1 Pet. v. 8. Wherefore roving and ranging in much fury from place to place (if perhaps they might find something that was the King's), to revenge themselves on him, by spoiling that; at last they happened into this fpacious country of Universe, and steered their course towards the town of Mansoul: and considering that that town was one of the chief works and delights of king CHADDAI; what do they, but, after counsel taken, make an afsault upon that. I say, they knew that Manfoul belonged unto SHADDAI: for they were there when he built, and beautified it for himself.' (a) So when they had found the place, they shouted horribly for joy, and roared on it like as a lion on it's prey; saying, Now we have found the prize, and how to be revenged on king SHADDAI for A council of

what he hath done to us. So they fat down, war held by and called a council of war; and confidered Diabolus, to

with themselves, what ways and methods consider about winning the they had best engage in, for the winning to

themselves this famous town of Mansoul: foul.

and these four things were then propounded to be considered of.

First, Whether they had best all of them to fhew them. selves in this design to the town of Mansoul?

Secondly, Whether they had best to go and sit down against Mansoul, in their now ragged and beggarly

Thirdly, Whether they had beft shew to Mansoul their intentions, and what design they came about ;

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(a) The rebel angels, as well as the ele&t ones, were present at that glorious display of the wisdom and goodness of God, in his last, best work, the formation of man in the divine image; for we read, Job xxxviii. 7, that when the work of creation was completed, and that accomplished creature man was produced as lord of the lower world, “ the morning stars fang together, and all the sons of God fhouted for joy." Nor is the foul of man lefs dear in God's fight than ever; for our Lord tells us, Luke xv. 10, “There is joy in the presence of the angels of God, over one finger that repenteth," .

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or whether to assault it with words and ways of deceit?

Fourthly, Whether they had not best give out private , ,

to shoot them; if thereby they ihall judge their caufe and design will the better be promoted.

It was answered, to the first of these proposals, in the negative; to wit, that it would not be best that all should shew themselves before the town, because the appearance of many of them might alarm and frighten the town ; whereas a few, or but one of them, was not so likely to do it. And to cause this advice to take place, it was added further, that if Mansoul was frighted, Diabolus gives or did take the alarm, it is impossible, said his advices Diabolus (for he spoke now), that we should whichisadopted. take the town : for that none can enter into it without it's own consent. (a) Let therefore but a few, or but one, assault Mansoul, and, in my opinion, said Diabolus, let me be he. Wherefore to this they all agreed : and then to the second proposal they came, namely,

II. Whether they had best to go and sit down before Mansoul, in their now ragged and beggarly guise ?

To which it was answered also in the negative, By no means; and that because, though the town of Mansoul



raj: Şatan could gain no advantage over Adam in paradise, without the concurrence of his judgment, and consent of his will ; but these being weakened, and at length oyer come, by listening to the temptation, he became an easy prey

to his subtle and powerful enemy. Even so it is now: fnal. mach as Satan cannot compel men to commit fin, but only tempt them to it; fòr, as the apostle James remarks, ch. i.

Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own luft, and enticed:" the tempter works upon our corrupt nature, which is ever prone to, and susceptible of evil; for, by reason of that depravity inherent in, and ever cleaving to us, even believers themselves are equally, liable with the unregenerate, were it not for the 'restraining power of divine grace, to yield to any temptation, as tinder is apt to catch the spark,

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