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The King re

Now the King, at the sight of the peticeives it with tion, was glad; but how much more, think gladness.

you, when it was seconded by his Son! It pleased him also to hear that his servants, who encamped against Mansoul, were so hearty in the work, and so ftedfalt in their refolves, and that they had already got some ground upon the famous town of Mansoul.

Wherefore the King called to him The King calls his son, EMANUEL his Son, who said, Here am I, and tells him my Father. Then said the King, Thou that he shall go knowest, as I do myself, the condition of town of Man- Mansoul, and what thou hast done to redeem foul; and he is it. (a) Come now therefore, my Son, and pleased at it.

prepare thyself for the war, for thou Thale go to my camp at Mansoul: thou shalt also there prosper and prevail, and conquer the town of Manfoul.

Then said the King's Son, “Thy law is He solaceth himself in the within my heart: I delight to do thy will,” thoughts of his Heb, x. This is the day that I have longed work.

for, and the work that I have waited for all this while. Grant me therefore what force thou shalt in thy wisdom think meet; and I will go, and will deliver from Diabolus, and from his power, thy perishing town of Mansoul. My heart has been often pained within me, for the miferable town of Mansoul: but now it is rejoiced, but now it is glad ; and with that he leaped over the mountains for joy, saying, I have not in my heart thought any thing too dear for Mansoul; the day of vengeance is in mine heart for shee, my Mansoul; and glad am I that thou, my Father, hast made me the captain of their salva.


(a). The great worth of souls is evident from the infinite price paid for their ransom, the blood of God, Acts xx. 28. Hence the dear ministers of Christ are incessantly urging repentance towards God, and faith in Jesus, as the means in the hand of the Spirit: they, in their Master's name,

Proclaim salvation for a guilty race,
Undone by nature, but redeem'd by grace-
Ye sons of men, repeat the solemn found,
The Lord a ransom for his sons hath found."

tion, Heb. ii. 1o. And I will now begin to plageu all that have been a plague to my town of Mansoul, and I will deliver it from their hands. (a) When the King's Son had said thus to

The highest his Father, it presently flew like lightning peers in the round about at court : yea, it there became kingdom covet the only talk, what EMANUEL was to go to to go on this do for the famous town of Mansoul. But you

design. cannot think how the courtiers too were taken with this design of the Prince; yea, so affected were they with this work, and with the juftness of the war, that the highest lord and greatest peer of the kingdom coveted to have commillions under EMANUEL, to go and help to recover again to SHADDAI that miserable town of Mansoul, Then was it concluded that some should go


carry tidings to the camp, that EMANUEL was to come to recover Mansoul; and that he would bring along with him so mighty, so impregnable a force, that he could not be resisted. But Oh! how ready were the high ones at court to run like lacquies to carry these tidings to the camp that was at Mansoul!

Now when the captains perceived that the The camp shout King would send EMANUEL his Son, and for joy, when that it also delighted the Son to be sent on they hear the

tidings. this errand by the great SHADDAI his Father ; they also, to fhew how they were pleased at the thoughts of his coming, gave a shout that made the earth rend at the found thereof, yea, the mountains answered the echo, and. Diabolus himself tottered and shook.


(a) The Lord's own arm brings salvation. As Bp. Hall observes, “ when the inward call of the Spirit accompanies the outward call of the word, the soul readily complies, and presently yields obedience to the voice of God. When Christ speaks by his Spirit to our hearts, Satan shall not hold us down, the world shall not keep us back; but we shall arise and follow our Lord and Master." See Isa, Ixiii. 5. and Luke xix, 6.

Now you must know, that tho' the town of Manfoul itself was not much, if at all, concerned with the project (for, alas for them! they were wofully belotted, for they chiefly regarded their pleasure and lufts), yet Diabolus Diabolus afraid


governor was, for he had his fpies cone at the news of tinually abroad, who brought him intellihis coming.

gence of all things, and they told him what was doing at court against him, and that EMANUEL would certainly come shortly with a power to invade him. Nor was there any man in court, nor peer of the kingdom, that Diabolus fo feared, as he feared this Prince: for, if you remember, I shewed you before, that Diabolus had felt the weight of his hand already; so that since it was he that was to come, this made him fore afraid.

Well, you see how I have told you that the King's Son was engaged to come from the court to save Manfoul, (a) and that his Father had made him captain of the forces :

the time therefore for his setting forth being The Prince addresses him. now expired, he addressed himself for the

march; and taken with him, for his power, journey.

five noble captains and their forces. (b) 1. The first was that famous captain, the noble captain Credence; his were the red colours, and Mr. Promise bare them, John i, 29, Eph. vi. 16: and for an escutcheon he had the holy Lamb and golden shield'; and he had ten thousand men at his feet.

2. The second was that famous captain, the captain Good Hope; his were the blue colours, Heb. vi. 19, His standard-bearer was Mr. Expectation; and for an


self for his

(a) Behoļd, ye wretched, what almighty. Love has done, and can do:

$ The Saviour comes, by aptient feers foretold ;

Hear him, ye deaf; and all ye blind, behold:
He from thick films shall purge the visual ray,
And on the fightless eye-balls

pour the day:
The dumb shall fing, the lame his crutch forego,
And leap exulting like the bounding roe.”

Pope's Messia, (6) The powerful influences, gifts, and graces of the holy Spirit; faith, hope, love, goodness, parience, humility, heavenly-mindednes, &c.


escutcheon he had Three Golden Anchors; and he had ten thousand men at his feet.

3. The third was that valiant captain, the captain Chasity, 1 Cor. xiii. His ftandard-bearer was Mr. Pitiful ; his were the green colours, and for his efcutcheon he had Three Naked Orphans embraced in the bosom; and he had ten thousand at his feet.

4. The fourth was that gallant commander, the captain Innocent, Mat. X. 16. His standard-bearer was Mr. Harmless; his were the white colours, and for his escut, cheon he had Three Golden Doves.

5. The fifth was the truly loyal and well-beloved cap. tain, the captain Patience : his standard-bearer was Mr. Suffer-long; his were the black colours, and for an escutcheon he had Three Arrows thro' a Golden Heart.

These were EMANUEL's captaios, these Faith and pa. their standard-bearers, their colours, and tience. do the escutcheons, and these the men under their work. command, Heb. vi. 21. So, as was faid, the brave Prince took his march, to go to the town of Mansoul. Captain Credence led the van, and captain Patience brought up the rear. So the other three, with their men, made up the main body. The Prince himself rode in his chariot at the head of them.

But when they set out for thein march, Oh. Their march how the trumpets, sounded, their armour towards Man. glittered, and how the colours wayed in the wind! The Prince's armour, was all gold, and it shone like the fun in the firmament. The captains' armour was of proof, and was in appearance like the glittering stars. There were also some from the court that rode reformades, for the love that they had to the King SHADDAI, and for the happy deliverance of the town of Mansoul. (a)



(a) The Lord our adorable Redeemer's praise will be the delightful and, everlasting theme of saints and angels: his heart and hands are now full of blessings for his people ;


The holy Bic

EMANUEL also, when he had thus set forble, contain- wards to go to recover the town of Mansoul, ing 66 books.

took with him, at the command of his Father, fifty-four battering-rams, and twelve flings to whirl stones withal. Every one of these was made of

pure gold; and these they carried with them in the heart and body of their army, all along as they went to Mansoul. (a).

So they marched till they came within less than a league of the town; and there they lay till the first four captains came thither, to acquaint them with matters. Then they took their journey to go to the town of Mansoul, and The forces unto Manloul they came; but when the old joined with re. soldiers, that were in the camp, faw that joicing. they had new forces to join with, they again gave such a shout before the walls of Mansoul, that it put Diabolus into another fright. So they sat down before the town, not now as the other four captains did, to wit, against Mansoul be. the gates of Mansoul only, but they environed leaguered it round on every side, and beset it behind and round.

before; so that now, let Mansoul look which way it would, it saw force and power lie in siege against it.

Besides, there were mounts cait up against Mounes cast up it; the mount Gracious was on the one side, against it.

and mount Justice on the other. Farther, there were several small banks and advance grounds, as Plain-truth Hill, and No-lin Banks, where many of the slings were placed against the town. Upon mount Gracious were planted four, and upon mount Justice were


but when his glorious work shall receive it's full acconplishment in the heavenly mansions,

« No figh, no murmur, his eleet shall hear,

From ev'ry face he'll wipe off ev'ry tear;
In adamantinę chains shall Death be bound,
And Hells grim tyrant feel th' eternal wound.”

MESSIAH. (a) " Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God,” Rom. x. 17. Christ, as the Saviour of lost finners, is the sum and substance of the Bible. “ Search the scriptures,” John v. 39. they are the grand instrument of conversion and salvation, through the blessed Spirit's powerful influence.

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