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out to see what was the matter, and the trumpeter made
them this speech following:
O hard-hearted and deplorable town of

The summons Manfoul ! how long wilt thou love thy fim- itself by the plicity; and ye fools, delight in your scorn- trumpeter of ing? As yet despife you the offers of king Shaddai,

grace and deliverance ? As yet will ye refuse the golden offers of SHADDAI, and trust to the lyes and falsehood of Diabolus. Think you, when SHADDAI shall have conquered you, that the remembrance of these your carriages towards him will yield you peace and comfort ! or that by ruffling language you can make him afraid as a grasshopper 3 Doth he intreat you, for fear of you? Do you think that you are stronger than he ? Look to the heavens, and behold and consider the stars, how high are they? Can you stop the fun from running his course, and hinder the inoon from giving her light ? Can you count the number of the stars, or stop the bottles of heaven?, Can you call for the waters of the sea, and cause them to cover the face of the ground? Can you behold every one that is proud, and abase him; and bend their faces in secret? Yet these are some of the works of our King, in whose name, this day, we come up unto you, that you may be brought under his authority. In his name, therefore, I fummon you again to yield up yourselves to his captains."(a)

At this summons the Mansoulians seemed to be at a stand, and knew not what answer The town at a to make: wherefore Diabolus forthwith appeared, and took upon him to do it himself; and thus he begins, but turns his speech to them of Mansoul.

• Gentle

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(a) Altho' the everlasting and incomprehensible Jehovah, our Saviour, is of power irresistible, and inconceivably hap py, yet such is his love to precious fouls, that, as the Friend of finners, he condescends to sue for admittance into their hearts, inviting them to turn to him, and live.' that the Lord may daily see of the travail of his soul, and his glory advanced, by the conviction of finners, and the prosperity of his gospel!

Diabolus makes Gentlemen, quoth he, and my faithful a speech to the subjects, if it is true what this summoner town, and

hath faid, concerning the greatness of their endeavours to terrify it with King ; by his terror, you will always be the greatness of kept in bondage, and so be made to sneak. God.

Yea, how can you now; tho' he is at a diftance, endure to think of such a mighty One? And if not to think of him while at a distance, how can you endure to be in his presence? I your prince am familiar with you,

and you may play with me as you would with a grasshopper. "Contider, therefore, what is for your profit, and remember the immunities that I have granted you.

• Farther, If all be true that this man hath said, how comes it to pass that the subjects of SHADDAI are so enflaved in all places where they come? None in the universe fo unhappy as they, none so trampled upon as they.

• Consider, my Mansoul; would thou wert as loth to Jeave me, as I am 'loth to leave thee. But consider, I say, the ball is yet at my foot : liberty you have, if you know how to use it: yea, a king you have too, if you can tell how to love and obey him.' (a)

Upon this speech, the town of Mansoul again hardened their hearts yet more against the captains of SHADDAI. He drives Man- The thoughts of his holiness sunk them in foul into des- despair, wherefore, after a short consultapair.

rion, they (of the Diabolonians' party they Mansoul grows were) sent back this word by the trumpeter : worse and Thai, for their parts, they were resolved to 'worse.

stick to their king, but never to yield to SHADDAI; so it was but in vain to give them any further fummons, for they had rather die upon the place, than to yield. And now things seemed to be gone quite back,


(a) The love and practice of fin is the vilest drudgery, and the service of Saian the most cruel tyranny : it's wages will be the never-dying worm, and unquenchable fire. Reader, may the Lord enable us, in faith, to resist the devil, escape his snares, and stand fast in that blessed liberty where with the Son of God makes his disciples free indeed ! lec John viii, 36,

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and Mansoul to be out of reach or call : yet the captains,
who knew what their Lord could do, would not be beat
out of heart; they therefore sent them another summons,
more sharp and severe than the last; but the fooner they
were sent to reconcile to SHADDAI, the farther off they
were, Hof. xi. 2. “ As they called them, so they went
from them,” yea, tho' they called them to the Most High..
So they ceased to deal
any more with them

The captains in that way, and inclined to think of ano- leave off to ther way. The captains, therefore, gather- fummons, and ed themselves together, to have free confer- betake them

selves to prayer. ence among themselves, to know what was yet to be done to gain the town, and deliver it from the tyranny of Diabolus.

(a) And one said after this manner, another after that. Then stood up the right noble captain Conviction, and said, “ My brethren, my opinion is this:

“ First, That we continually play our Captain Con. slings into the town, and keep them in a viction's adcontinual alarm, molesting them day and vice. , night; by thus doing, we shall stop the growth of their rampant spirits: for a lion may be tamed by continual molestation.

“ Secondly, This done, I advise, that, in the next place, we, with one consent, draw up a petition to our Lord SHADDAI, by which, after we have thewed our king the condition of Mansoul, and of affairs -here, and have begged his pardon for our no better success, we will earnestly implore his Majesty's help; and that he will please to send us more force and power, and fome gallant and well-spoken commander to head them, that so his Majesty may not lose the benefit of these his good beginnings, but


(a) Known only to the Lord are the appointed heirs of falvation; therefore godly ministers are unwearied and 'assiduous, and also frequent in their addresses at the throne of

mercy, for the conversion of poor finners: thefe they continue to reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and do&trine; resting assured, that their labour will not be in vain in the Lord.

mạy complete his conquest upon the town of Manfoul." (a)

To this speech of the noble captain Conviction they as one man confented, and agreed that a petition should forth. with be drawn up, and sent by a fit man away to SHADDAI with speed. The contents of the petition were thus : The petition of

“ Moft gracious and glorious King, the the captains to Lord of the best world, and Builder of the king Shaddai.

town of Mansoul; we have, dread Sovereign, at thy command, put our lives in jeopardy, and at thy bidding made war upon the famous town of Mansoul. When we went up against it, we did, according to our commission, first offer conditions of peace unto it, Matt. xxii. 5. Prov. i. Zech. vii. 10-13. But they, great King, fet light by our counsel, and would none of our reproof. They were for shutting their gates, and so keeping us out of the town : they also mounted their guns, they fallied out upon us, and have done us what damage they could ; but we pursued them with alarm upon alarm, requiting them with such retribution as was meet, and have done fome execution upon the town.

“ Diabolus, Incredulity, and Will-be-will, are the great doers against us: now we are in our winter-quarters, but so as that we do yet with an high hand moleft and distress the town.

« Once, as we think, had we had but one substantial friend in the town, such as would have but seconded the sound of our fummons as they ought, the people might have yielded themselves : but there were none


(a) In all distresses, especially those respecting the way of salvation, it is an inestimable privilege to have free access to a Covenant God, for obtaining wisdom and strength : this rich blessing all believers enjoy through the blood of Jesus their propitiation ; thro' his prevailing intercession, their prayers are heard and accepted, and, for his fake, every needful grace, mercy, and comfort, are bestowed on the koulhold of faith.

but enemies there, nor any to speak in behalf of our Lord to the town: wherefore, tho we have done as we could, yet Mansoul abides in a state of rebellion against thec. (a)

* Now, King of kings, let it please thee to pardon the unsuccessfulness of thy. Tervants, who have been no more advantageous in fo desireable a work as the conquering of Mansoul is : and send Lord, as we now delire, more forces to Mansoul, that it may be subdued ; and a man to head them, that the towă may both love and fear.

“ We do not thus fpeak because we are willing to relinquish the war (for we are for laying our bones against the place, but that the town of Mansoul may be won for thy Majesty. We also pray thy Majesty, for expedition in this matter, that, after conquest, we may be at liberty to be fent about other thy gracious designs. Amen."

The petition, thus drawn up, was fent away with haste to the King by the hand of this petition. that good man, Mr. Love-to-Mansoul.

When this petition was come to the palace To whom it of the King, who should it be delivered to, was delivered. but the King's Son. So he took it, and read it, and because the contents of it pleased him well, he tended it, and also in some things added to the petition himfelf. So after he had made such amendments and ad. ditions as he thought convenient, with his own hands, he carried it unto the King: to whom when he had with obeifance delivered it, he put on authority, and spake to it himself.


Who carried

(a) Bp., Wilkins, in his Gift of prayer, gives an awful pi&ture of man's total departure from God by the fall : & What a world of mischief (says he) is there in our several parts ! our wills, our affections, our tongues, and eyes! and yet all these are but as little rivulets; the fountain, or ra ther the sea, that feeds them, is our corrupted nature.". 3


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