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to us ; surely this can be no harm to us. Then said the Diabolonians, What had we best to do? And it was anfwered, It was best to quit the town; and that, faid one, ye may do in pursuance of your last counfel, and by so doing also be better able to give the enemy battle, should Diabolus with an army, from without come upon us. So draws from the on the fecond day they withdrew themselves town, and why. from Mansoul, and abode in the plains without; but they encamped themselves before Łye-gate, in what terrene and terrible manner they could. The reas fon why they could not abide in the town (besides the reaz, fons that were debated in their late conclave), was, for that they were not poffefsed of the strong hold, and because, said they, we thall have more convenience to fight, and also to fly, if need be, when we are encamped in the open plain. Besides, the town would have been a pit for them, rather than a place of defence, had the Prince come up and inclofed them faft therein. Therefore they betook them. felves to the field, that they might also be out of the reach of the flings, by which they were much annoyed all the while they were in the town. The time come

Well, the time that the captaints were to for the captains fall upon the Diabolonians being come, e fight them.

they eagerly prepared themfelves for action; for captain Credence having told the captains over-night, that they should meet their Prince in the field to-morrow, was like oil to a flaming fire ; for of a long time they had been at a distance; they therefore were for this the more earnest and desirous of the work. (a) So, as I said, the hour being come, captain Credence, with the rest of the

men of war, drew out their forces before it They draw out

was day by the fally-port of the town. into the field, And being all ready, captain Credence went


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(a) When the graces of the Spirit are in exercise (and not Before), then the renewed foul can both act and fight for Google who giveth will, power, and victory.

äp to the head of the army, and gave to the rest of the captains the word, and they to the under officers and roldiers, which was; “ The sword of the Prince EMANUEL, and the shield of captain Credence !!' which is in the Mana sợulian tongue, « The word of God and Faith.” Then the captains

fell on, and began roundly to front and flank and rear Diabolus's camp.

Now they left captain Experience in the town, because he was ill of his wounds which the Diabolonians had given him in the last fight. But when he perceived that the captains were at it, what does he but, calling for his crutches in haste, gets up, and away he goes to the battle, faying, “Shall I lay here when my brethren are in the fight, and when EMANUEL the Prince will thew himself in the field to his servants?” But when the enemy saw the man come with his crutches, they were daunted' yet the more, forg thought they, what fpirit has poffeffed thesë Mansoulians, that they fight us upon their crutches! Well, the captains, as I said, fell on, and bravely handled their weapons, still crying out, and shouting as they laid on blows, “ The sword of the Prince EMANUEL, and the shield of captain Credence!" (a)

Now when Diabolus faw that the captains were comd out, and that so valiantly they furrounded his men, he concluded, that for the present nothing from them was to be looked for but blows, with the dints of their two-edged fwords. Wherefore he also falls upon the Prince's

army with all his deadly force. So the battle was joined. Now who was it that at first Dia. The battle

joined. bolus met with in the fight, but captain Credence on the one hand, and the lord Will-be-will on the


(a) Every believer is kept, by the mighty power of God, through faith, unto everlasting falvation, 1 Pet. i.



other; now Will-be-will's blows were like the blows of a giant, for that man had a strong arm, and he fell in upon the Election-Doubters, for they were the life-guard of Diabolus, and he kept them in play a good while, cutting and battering threwdly. Now when captain Credence fawr my lord engaged, he stoutly on the other hand fell upon the same company also, so they put them to great disorder. Now captain Good-hope had engaged the Vocation-Doubte ers, and they were sturdy men; but the captain was a valiant man: captain Experience also sent him fome aid; to he made the Vocation-Doubters retreat. The rest of the armies were hotly engaged, and that on every side, and the Diabolonians fought ftoutly. Then my lord Secretary commanded that the flings from the castle should be played, and his men could throw stones at an hair's breadth. But after a while those that fled before the captains of the

Prince, began to rally again, and they came The battle reo

up stoutly upon the rear of the Prince's army, hewed

wherefore the Prince's army began to faint; but remembering they should see the face of their Prince by and by, (a) they took courage, and a very fierce battle was fought. Then shouted the captains, saying, “The sword of the Prince EMANUEL, and the shield of captain Credence !" and with that Diabolus gave back, thinking that more aid had been come. But no EMANUEL as yet They both se- appeared. Moreover the battle hung in treat

, and in the doubt; and they made a little retreat on both time of refpite sides. Now in the time of respite, captain Captain Creo

Credence bravely encouraged his men to dence makes a (peech to his stand to it, and Diabolus did the like, as well soldiers

as he could. But captain Credence made a brave speech to his soldiers, the contents whereof here follows

" Gentlemen soldiers, and my brethren in this design, it rejoiceth me much to fee in the field, for our Prince


(a) This hope is as an anchor to the soul, fure and stedfalt, entering into that within the vail, Heb. vi, 190

this day, fo ftout and so valiant an army, and faithful lovers of Mansoul. You have 'hitherto, as hath become you, shewn yourselves men of truth and courage against the Diabolonian forces, so that for all their boast, they have not yet cause much to boast of their gettings. Now take to yourselves your wonted courage, and thew yourselves men, even this once only; for in a few minutes after the next engagement this time, you shall see your Prince shew himself in the field; for we must make this second assault upon this tyrant Diabolus, and then EMANUL comes,

No rooner had the captain made this speech EMANZOL'S to his soldiers, but one Mr. Speedy came poft approach anto the captain from the Prince, 10 tell him nounced. that EMANUEL was at hand. This news, when the captain had received, he communicated to the other field officers, and they again to their soldiers and men of war. Wherefore, like men raised from the dead, to the captains and their men arose ; (a) made up

to the

enemy, and cried as before, " The sword of the Prince EMANUEL, and the Thield of captain Credence!"

The Diabolonians also bestirred themselves, and made resistance as well as they could, but in this laft engagement they lost their courage, and many of the Doubters fell down dead to the ground. Now when they had been in heat of battle about an hour or more, captain Credence Lifted up his eyes, and beheld Emanuel coming, and he came with colours dying, trumpets founding, and the feet of his men scarce touched the ground, they hafted with that celerity towards the captains that were engaged. Then captain Credence wheeled his men to the townward, and gave to Diabolus the field. So EMANUEL came upon


(a) Till the Lord the Spirit quickens us, and imparts wife dom and strength, we are unable to encounter the feeble of our subtle and powerful enemies.


him on the one side, and the enemies place was betwixt them both; then again they fell to it afresh, and a little while afterwards EMANUEL and captain Credence met, Still trampling down the slain as they came.

But when the captains saw that the Prince was come, and that he fell upon the Diabolonians on the other side, and that captain Credence and his Highness had got thema up betwixt them, they shouted (they lo thouted, that the ground rent again), saying, “The sword of EMANUEL, and the shield of captain Credence!" Now when Diabolus saw that he and his forces were so hard beset by the Prince Diabolus and his and his princely army, what does he, and the lords make their lords of the pit that were with him, but make çscape their escape, and forsake their army, and leave them to fall by the hand of EMANUEL, and of his noble captain Credence : so they fell all down slain before them, before his Prince, and before his royal army; there was not left so much as one Doubter alive; they lay spread upon the ground like dead men, as one would spread dung upon the land. (a)

When the battle was over, all things came in order in the camp; then the captains and elders of Mansoul came together to falute EMANUEL, while without the corporation; so they saluted him, and welcomed him, and that with a thousand welcomes, for that he was come to the borders of Mansoul again, So he smiled upon them, and said, " Peace be unto you." Then they addressed themselves to go to the town; they went then to go up to Man, soul, they, the Prince, with all the new forces that now he had brought with him to the war.

Allo all the gates of the town were fet open for his reception, so glad were they of his blessed return. And this was the manner and order of his going into Mansoul,


(a) Before our great Zerubbabel, every mountain shall become a plain : Christ has conquered all our enemies in his own person, and has almighty power to subdue them in use ņow,

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