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again to fin. (a) For, said he, it is not our being in the town, nor in the field, nor our fighting, nor our killing of their men, that can make us the masters of Mansoul; for so long as one in the town is able to lift

up against us, EMANUEL will take their parts;

Mansoul canand if he shall take their parts, we know what time a day it will be with us.

Where- while the infore for my part, quoth he, there is in my habitants do judgment no way to bring them into bondage

fin. to us; like inventing a way to make them fin, 2 Pet. ii. 18, 19, 20, 21. Had we, said he, left all our Doubters at home, we had done as well as we have done now, unless we could have made them the masters and governors of the castle ; for Doubters at a distance are but like objections repelled with arguments. Indeed, can


them into the hold, and make them posseifors of that, the day will be our own. Let us therefore withdraw ourselves into the plain (not expecting that the captains in Mansoul thould fellow us), but yet I say, let us do this, and before we so do, let us advise again with our trutty Diabolonians that are yet in the holds of Mansoul, and fet them to work to betray the town to us ; for they indeed must do it, or it will be left undone for ever. By these fayings of Beelzebub (for I think it was he that gave this counsel) the whole conclave was forced to be of his opinion, to wit, that the way to get the castle, was, to get the town to fin. Then they fell to inventing by what means they might do this thing.

Then Lucifer stood up and said, “ The counsel of Beelzebub is pertinent; now the way to bring this to pass, in mine opinion, is this : Let us withdraw our force


(a) A delight in sin will prove a dreadful evil to a believer, and 'cause the holy Spirit to depart : on the contrary, a hatred thereof, even in thought, denominates a child of God,

from the town of Mansoul; (a) let us do this, and let us terrify them no more, either with summonses or threats, or with the noise of our drum, or any other awakening means, Only let us lie in the field at a distance, and be as if we regarded them not (for frights I see do but awaken them, and make them stand more to their arms). Į Lucifer proposes

have also another stratagem in my head : you another strata

know Mansoul is a market-town, a town gem for the tak. that delights in commerce ; what therefore if ing of Mansoul, fome of our Diabolonians shall feign themfelves far country-men, and shall go out and bring to the market of Mansoul some of our wares to sell; and what matter at what rates they sell their wares, though it be bu for half the worth? Now let those that thus trade in their market, be those that are witty and true to us, and I will lay my crown to pawn, it will do. There are two that are come to my thoughts already, that I think will be arch at this work, and they are Mr. Penny-wise-pound-foolish, and Mr. Get-i'th'-hundred-and-lose-i'th'- fhire ; nor is this man with the long name at all inferior to the other, What also if you join with them Mr. Sweet-world, and Mr. Present-good, they ase men that are civil and cunning, but our true friends and helpers, Rev. iii. 17. Let these, with as many more engage in this business for us, and let Mansoul' be taken up in much business, and let them grow full and rich, and this is the way to get ground of them ; remember ye not, that thus we prevailed upon Laodicea, and how many at present do we hold in this snare? Now when they begin to grow full, they will forget their misery, and, if we thall not affright them,



(a) A state of spiritual ease and prosperity is dangerous; for we must, by the word and Spirit, in the strength of Jesus, fight every inch of our way io heaven and glory.

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may happen to fall asleep, and so be got to negleft their town-watch, their caitle-watch, as well as their watch an

the gates.

”. Yea, may we not by this means so cumber Mansouļ with abundance, that they shall be forced

The deceitful. to make of their castle a warehouse, instead of

ness of riches, a garrison fortified against us, and a receptacle of men of war? Thus if we get our goods and common ditjes thither, I reckon that the castle is more that half our's. . Besides, could we so order it, that they should be filled with such kind of wares, then, if we made a sudden assault upon them, it would be hard for the captains to take a shelter there. Do you know that of the parable, Luke viji. 14, “ The deceitfulness of riches choaks the work.” And again, “ When the heart is overcharged with surteiting and drunkenness, and the cares of this life, áll mischief comes upon them unawares,” Chap. xxi. 34.

35, 36,

« Furthermore, my lords, (quoth he), you very well know that it is not easy for a people to be filled with our things, and not to have some of our Diabolonians as retainers to their houses and services. Where is a ManCoulian 'that is full of this world, that has not for his feryants and waiting-men, Mr. Profuse, or Mr. Prodigality, or some other of our Diabolonian gang, as Mr. Voluptuousness, Mr. Pragmatical, Mr. Orientation, or the like? Now these can take the castle of Mansoul, or blow it up, or make it unfit for a garrison for EMANUEL, and any of these will do. (a) Yea these, for aught I know, may do it for us sooner than an army of twenty thousand men. Wherefore, to end as I began, my ad


(a) Let believers beware of mixing with the carnal world; and 'also avoid idle discourse: but rather attend to reading, exhortation, doctrine, and prayer, for growth in grace,


A note from

vice is, that we quietly withdraw ourselves, not offering any further force or forcible attempt upon the castle, at lealt at this time, and let us set on foot our new project, and let us see if that will not make them destroy themselves. Lucifer's advice

This advice was highly applauded by them is applauded by all, and was accounted the very master-piece all,

of hell, to wit; to choak Mansoul with a fulness of this world, and to surfeit her heart with the good things thereof. But see how things meet together. Just as this Diabolonian council was broken up, captain Črez dence received a letter from EMANUEL, the contents of which were these: “ That upon the third day he would

meet him in the field, in the plains about Manfoul.” Meet me in the field ! quoth

the captain. What meaneth my Lord by this? I know not what he meaneth by meeting me in the field. So he took the note in his hand, and carried it to my lord Secretary, to ask his thoughts thereupon (for my lord was a seer in all matters concerning the King, and also for the good and comfort of the town of Mansoul). So he thewed my lord the notę, and desired his opinion thereon: For my part, quath captain Credence, I'know not the meaning thereof. So my lord read it, and after a little pause, he said, “ The Diabolonians have had against Mansoul a great consultation to-day; they have, I say, this day been contriving the utter ruin of the town; and the result of their counsel is, to set Mansoul into such a way, which, if taken, will surely make her destroy herself. (a) And to this end they are making ready for their own departure out of the town, intending to betake themselves to field again, and there to lie till they shall see whether this their project will take or no. But be thou


(a) Such being the continual danger believers are in from their restless enemy, they should сту.

with David, “ Hold up my goings in thy way, that my footsteps flip not, Pf. xvii. 5.

teady with the men of thy Lord (for on the third day they will be in the plain), there to fall upon the Diabolonians ; for the Prince will 'by that time be in the field ; yea, by that it is break of day, sun-rising, .or before, and that with a mighty force against them. So he shall be before them, and thou shalt be behind them, and betwixt you both their army shall be destroyed.”

When captain Credence heard this, away goes he to the rest of the captains, and tells them what a note he had a while since received from the hand of EMANUEL. And, said he, that which was dark therein has my lord Secretary expounded unto me. He told them moreover, what by himself and by them must be done to answer the mind of their Lord. Then were the captains glad, and captain Credence commanded, that all the King's trumpe

The king's ters should ascend on the battlements of the

trumpeters castle, and there in the audience of Diabolus, commanded to and of the whole town of Mansoul, make found from the the best music that heart could invent. The trumpeters then did as they were commanded: they got themselves up to the top of the castle, and thus they began to sound. Then did Diabolus start, and said, What can be the meaning of this? they neither found Boot-and-saddle, nor Horse-and-away, nor a Charge. What do these madmen mean, that yet they should be so merry and glad? Then answered him one of themselves, and said, This is for joy that their Prince EMANUEL is coming to relieve the town of Mansoul; that to this end he is at the head of an army, and that this relief is near. (a)

The men of Mansoul also were greatly concerned at this melodious charm of the trumpets; they said, yea, they answered one another, saying, This can be no harm



(a) Thus are these gracious promises fulfilled: “When the cnemy cometh in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him;" and," I will keep it night and day.” Ifa. lix, 19. xxvii. 3.

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