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Jord Will-bewill.

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of Mansoul. Also he bid him to know that he took it
well that he had been fo bold for his Prince EMANUEL,
and had engaged so faithfully in his cause against Diabolus.
He also signified at the close of his letter, that he should
shortly receive his reward.” (a)
A note for my

The second note that came out, was for
the noble lord Will-be-will, wherein there

was signified, “That his Prince EMANUEL did well understand how valiant and courageous he had been for the honour of his Lord, now in his

absence, and when his name was under contempt by Diabolus. There was signified also, that his Prince had taken it well that he had been so faithful to the town of Mansoul, in his keeping of so strict a hand and eye over, and so strict a reign upon the necks of the Diabolonians that still were lurking in their several holes in the famous town of Mansoul.”

He signified moreover, “ that he understood that my lord had with his own hand done great execution upon some of the chief of the rebels there, to the great discouragement of the adverse party, and to the good example of the whole town of Mansoul, and that shortly his lordship should have his reward.” A note for the The third note came out for the subordifubordinate nate Preacher, wherein was signified, “That Preacher.

his Prince took it well from him, that he had so honestly and fo faithfully performed his office, and executed the trust committed to him by his Lord, while he exhorted, rebuked, and forewarned Mansoul according to the laws of the town.” He signified moreover, “ that he took it well at his hand, that he called to fasting, to sackcloth and alhes, when Mansoul was under her revolt. (b)


(a) The Lord will surely reward every good word and work. O that we may possess our souls in patience, faith, hope, humility, and godly fear!

(6) If we humble ourselves under the mighty (though afflicting) hand of God, he will exalt us in due time; see 1 Pet.

v. 6,

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Also that he called for the aid of the captain Boanerges to help in so mighty a work, and that shortly he also Thould receive his reward.'

The fourth note came out for Mr. God. ly-fear, wherein his Lord thus signified: A note for Mr. “ That his Lordship observed, that he was

Godly-fear. the first of all the men in Mansoul that detected Mr. Carnal-security, as the only one that through his subtlety and cunning had obtained for Diabolus a defection and decay of goodness in the blessed town of Mansoul. Moreover, his Lord gave him to understand, that he still remembered his tears and mourning for the state of Mansoul.” It was also observed by the same note, “that his Lord took notice of his detecting of this Mr. Carnal-security at his table among his guests, in his own house, and that in the midst of his jolliness, even while he was seeking to perfect his villainies against the town of Mansoul. EMANUEL also took notice, that this reverend person, Mr. Godly-fear, stood stoutly to it at the gates of the castle against all the threats and attempts of the tyrant, and that he had put the townsmen in a way to make their petition to their Prince, so as that he might accept thereof, and as that they might obtain an answer of peace; and that therefore shortly hc should receive his reward."

After all this, there was yet produced a note A note for the which was written to the whole town of town of Man. Mansoul, whereby they perceived,

" That their Lord took notice of their so often repeating petitions to him, and that they should see more of the fruits of such their doings in time to come.”(a) Their Prince also therein told them, “that he took it well, that their heart and mind now at last abode fixed upon him and his ways,



(a) If we persevere in the ways of the Lord, not one jot or tittle fhall fail of all his promises, which will survive heaven and earth, and be fulfilling toward them that love him to all eternity,

though Diabolus had made such inroads upon them, and that, neither flatteries on the one hand, nor hardships on the other, could make them yield to serve his eruel designs. (a) There was also inserted at the bottom of this note, “That his Lordship had left the town of Mansoul in the hands of the lord Secretary, and under the conduct of captain Credence, faying, Beware that you yet yield yourfelves unto their governance, and in due time you shall receive your reward.”

After the brave captain Credence had delivered his notes to those to whom they belonged, he retired himself to my lord Secretary's lodgings, and there spends his time in conversing with him ; for they two were very great one with another, and indeed knew more how things would go with Mansoul, than all the townsmen besides. The lord Secretary also loved captain Credence dearly, yea, many, a good bit was sent him from my lord's table; also he might have a shew of countenance when the rest of Mansoul lay under the clouds ; so after some time for converse was fpent, the captain betook himself to his chamber to rest. But not long after my lord sent for the captain again ; so the captain came to him, and they greeted one another with usual falutations. Then said the captain to the lord Secretary, “What hath my lord to say to his servant?” So the lord Secretary took him and had him aside, and after a fign

or two of more favour, he said, “ I have Captain Cre.

made thee the lord-lieutenant over all the dence made lord-lieutenant forces in Mansoul; so that from this day

forward all men in Mansoul shall be at thy forces in Man. foul.

word, and thou shalt be he that shall lead

in, and that fall lead out Mansoul. Thou shalt therefore manage, according to thy place, the war for thy Prince, and for the town of Mansoul, against


over all the

(2) For our encouragement to hope for vi&tory, let us rely on the promise, that “God will give grace and glory to his people, and withhold from the upright no manner of thing that is good," Ps. Ixxxiv, 11.

the force and power of Diabolus, and at thy command fhall the rest of the captains be.(a)

Now the townsmen began to perceive what interest the captain had, both with the court and also with the lord Secretary in Mansoul ; for no delire to be put

The townsmen man before could speed when sent, nor bring under the # such good news from EMANUEL as he. vernment of Wherefore what do they (after fome lamen. captain Cre

dence. tation that they made no more use of him in their distresses), but send by their subordinate Preacher to the ford Secretary, to desire him that all that ever they were and had might be put under the government, care, custody, and conduct of captain Credence.

So their Preacher went and did his errand, and received this answer from the mouth of his Lord, that captain Credence should be the great doer in all the king's army against the king's enemies, and also for the welfare of Manfoul. So he bowed to the ground, and thanked his Lordship, and returned and told his news to the townsfolk. But all this was done with all imaginable secrefy, because the foes had yet great strength in the town. But to return to our story again

When Diabolus faw himself thus boldly confronted by the lord-mayor, and perceived the stoutness of Mr. Godly fear, he fell into a rage, and forthwith called a council of war, that he might be revenged on Mansoul, So all the princes of the pit came together, and old Incredulity at the head of them, with all the captains of his army. So they consulted witat to do. Now the effect and conclufion of the council that day was, how they might take the caftle, because they could not conclude themselves mafters of the town so long as that was in the possefhon of their


(a) Every profeffor fhould examine whether they have the faith which works by love, and opposes sin and Satan :

" afk of God, who giveth liberally, and upbraidoch pot," James i. 5. No. 8.

if not,


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enemies. (a) So one advised this way, and another advised
that; bot when they could not agree in their verdict, Apol-
Different judg-

lyon the president of the council stood up,
ments in Dia- and thus he began : “My brotherhood (quoth
boius's council he), I have some things to propound unto
of war.

you; and my first is this : Let us withdraw ourselves from the town into the plain again, for our presence here will do us no good, because the castle is yet in our enemies hands; nor is it possible that we should take that, so long as so many brave captains are in it, and this bold fellow Godly-fear is made the keeper of the gates of it.

« Now when we have withdrawn ourselves into the plain, they of their own accord will be glad of some little ease, and it may be of their own accord they again may begin to be remiss, and even their so being will give them a bigger blow than we can possibly give them ourselves. But it that should fail, our going forth of the town may draw the captains out after us, and you know what it cost them when we fought them in the field before. Besides, can we but draw them out into the fields, we may lay an ambush behind the town, which shall, when they are come forth abroad, rush in and take possession of the castle.” But Beelzebub stood up and replied, saying, It is impossible to

draw them all off from the castle ; fome you Beelzebub ha.

may be sure will lie there to keep that ;

wherefore it will be but in vain thus to ator tempt, unless we were sure that they will all come out. He therefore concluded, that what was done must be done by some other means. And the most likely means that the greatest of their heads could invent, was, that which Apollyon had advised to before, to wit, to get the townsien


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(a) When the heart is on the Lord's side, all is well ; but the heart is deceitful and wicked: may the blood of Jesus. cleanse our's, and make it an habitation of God through the Spirit!


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