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dence hurt.

captain Insatiable looked to the enemies carriages, and waited when he should receive some prey. The Prince's captains fought it stoutly, be

They fight yond what indeed could be expected they

bravely. Thould ; they wounded many, they made the whole army of Diabolus to make a retreat.

But I cannot tell how, but as the brave captain Credence, captain Goodhope, and captain Experience, were upon the pursuit, cutting down, and following hard after the enemy in the rear, captain Credence stumbled and fell, by which fåll he caught so great a hurt, that he Captain Crecould not rise, till captain Experience helped him up, at which their men were put in disorder; the captain also was so full of pain, that he could not forbear but aloud to cry out; at this, the other two captains fainted, supposing that captain Credence had received his mortal wound: their men also were more disordered, and had no mind to fight. Now Diabolus The rest of the

captains faini. being very observing, though at this time as yet he was put to the worst, perceiving that an halt was made among the pursuers, what does he, but taking it for granted that the captains were either wounded or dead; he therefore at first makes a stand, then faces about, and so comes up upon the Prince's army with as

Diabolus takes much of his fury as hell could help him to,

courage. and his hap was to fall in just among the three captains, captain Credence, captain Good-hope, and captain Experience, and did cut, wound, and pierce them fo dreadfully, that what through discouragement, what through disorder, and what through the wounds that now they had received, and also the loss of inuch blood, they fcarce were able (though they had for their

The Prince's power, the three best hands in Mansoul) to get safe into the town again.(a) Now when the body of the Prince's army saw how


forces beaten.

Ta) Sensible sinners, conscious of their weakness, will ever use the language of good Jeholhaphat, and say, “Lord, we have no might against this great company; but our eyes are upon

thee: Tee 2 Chron, xx, 12.

He demands the town.

these three captains were put to the worst, they thought it their wisdom to make as safe and good a retreat as they could, and so returned by the sally-port again, and so there was an end of the present action. Diabolus flushed.

Diabolus was so flushed with this night's

work, that he promifed himself in a few days an easy and complete conquest over the town of Mansoul; wherefore on the day following he comes up to the sides

thereof with great boldness, and demands entrance, and that forth with they deliver them

selves up to his government (the Diabolonians too that were within, began to be somewhat brisk, as we shall shew afterwards), but the valiant lord-mayor replied,

that what he got he must get by force ; for as The mayor's answer.

long as EMANUEL their Prince was alive,

(though he at present was not so with them as they wished,) they could never consent to yield Mansoul up to another.

The lord Will-be-will then stood up, and Brave Will be will's speech.

said, “Diabolus, thou master of the den,

and enemy to all that is good, we poor inhabitants of the town of Manfoul are too well acquainted with thy rule and government, and with the end of those things (a) that for certain will follow submitting to thee, to do it. Wherefore, though a while we were without knowledge, we suffered thee to take us (as the bird that faw not the snare, fell into the hands of the fowler), yet since we have been turned froin darkness to light, we have also been turned from the power of Satan to God. And though through thy subtlety, and the subtlety of the Diabolonians within, have sustained much lofs, and also plunged ourselves into much perplexity, yet give up ourselves, lay down our arms, and yield to so horrid a tyrant as thou, we will not; die upon the place we


(a) Misery without remedy and without end : eternal death, the being cut off from God, the root and fountain of happiness.

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ehuse rather to do. Besides, we have hopes that in time deliverance will come from court unto us, and therefore we yet will maintain war against thee."

This brave speech of the lord Will-be-will, with that also of the lord-mayor, somewhat abated the boldness of Diabolus, though it kindled the fury of his

The captains rage. It also encouraged the townsmen and

encouraged. captains; yea, it was as a plaister to the brave captain Credence's wound; for you must know that a brave speech now, when the captains of the town, with their men of war, came home routed, and when the enemy took courage and boldness at the success that he had obtained, to draw up to the walls, and demand entrance, as he did; was in season, and also advantageous. The lord Will-be-will also played the man

Will-be-will's within, for while the captains and soldiers

gallantry. were in the field, he was in arms in the town, and where-ever by him there was a Diabolonian found, they were forced to feel the weight of his heavy hand, and also the edge of his penetrating Tword; many therefore of the Diabolonians he wounded, as the lord Cavil, the lord Brisk, the lord Pragmatick, the lord Murmur; several also of the meaner fort he forely maimed: though there cannot at this time an account be given you of any that he flew outright. (a) The cause, or rather the advantage that my lord Will-be-will had at this time to do thus, was, for that the captains were gone out to fight the enemy in the field. For now, thought the Diabolonians within, is our time to stir and make an uproar in the town; what do they therefore but quickly get themselves into a body, and fall forthwith to hurricaning in Mansoul, as if now nothing but whirlwind and tempest should be there: wherefore, as

I said,

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(a) Though lusts rage, they shall not reign in God's dear children: may our almighty Captain enable us, by his word. and Spirit, to fight the good fight of faith, that we may lay hold of eternal life, No. 8.


I said, he takes this opportunity to fall in among them with his men, cutting and flashing with courage that was undaunted ; at which the Diabolonians with all halte dispersed themselves to their holds, and my lord to his place as before.

This brave act of my lord somewhat revenged the wrong done by Diabolus to the captains, and also let them know, that Mansoul was not to be parted with, for the

loss of a victory or two; wherefore the wing Nothing like

of the tyrant was clipt again, as to boasting, faith to crush Diabolus.

I mean, in comparison of what he would

have done if the Diabolonians had put the town to the same plight to which he had put the captains.

Well, Diabolus yet resolves to have the other bout with Mansoul; for, thought he, since I beat them once, I may beat them twice: wherefore he commanded his men to be ready at such an hour of the night to make a fresh assault upon the town, and he gave it out in special, that they

should bend all their force against Feel-gate, He tries what he can do upon the (a) and attempt to break into the town sense and feels through that. The word that then he gave ings of the

to his officers and soldiers was, Hell-fire. christian.

And, said he, if we break in upon them, as I wish we do, either with some, or with all our force, let them that break in look to it, that they forget not the word. And let nothing be heard in the town of Mansoul, but Hell-fire, hell-fire, hell-fire! The drummer was also to beat without ceasing, and the standard-bearers were to display their colours; the soldiers too were to put on what €ourage they could, and to see that they played manfully their parts against the town.

So the night being come, and all things by the tyrant made ready for the work, he suddenly makes his assault upon Feel-gate, and after he had a while struggled there,


(a) Our grand enemy is potent, malicious, and restless: nevertheless humble, fervent prayer, and faith in the promises, are irresistible weapons.

The army

themfelves of

he throws the gates wide open ; for the truth is, those gates were but weak, and so moft easily made to yield. When Diabolus had thus far made his attempt, he placed his captains, to wit, Torment and No-ease, there; ro he attempted to press forward, but the Prince's captains came down upon him, and made his entrance more difficult than he desired. And to speak truth, they made what resistance they could; but three of their best and most valiant captains being wounded, and by their wounds made much incapable of doing the town that service they would (and all the rest having more than their hands full of the Doubte ers, and their captains that followed Diabo

of lus,) they were over-powered with force, nor Diabolus porte could they keep them out of the town. Wherefore the Prince's men and their cap- the captains of

the town, while tains betook themselves to the castle, as to EMANUEL AG the strong-hold of the town:, and this they to the castle. did, partly for their own security, partly for the security of the town, and partly, or rather chiefly, to preserve to EMANUEL the prerogative royal of Mansoul, for so was the castle of Mansoul.

The captains therefore being fled into the caftle, (a) the enemy, without much resistance, possess themselves of the rest of the town, and spreading themselves as they went, into every corner, they cried out as they marched, accord ing to the command of the tyrant, Hell-fire, hell-fire, hellfire! so that nothing for a while throughout the town of Mansoul could be heard but the direful noise of Hell-fire, together with the roaring of Diabolus's drum, And now did the clouds hang black over Mansoul, nor, to reason, did any thing but ruin seem to attend it. Diabolus also quartered his soldiers in the houses of the inhabitants of the


(a) The heart. It is a blessed presage when that is right with God: then may the soul, in the strength of the Lord exult and say, “ Rejoice not againlt me, O mine enemy; for when I fall, I fhall rise again."

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