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parlour ; and perceiving also that they were they grieve not willing to reason about matters con- the Holy cerning their good, he took grief and went Ghost and

Chrift. his way. The which when he had told to the Prince EMANUEL, he was grieved also, and returned to his Father's court. Now the methods of his withdrawing, Christ with

draws not all as I was saying before, were thus :

1. Even while he was yet with them in Mansoul, he kept himself close, and more retired than formerly

2. His fpeech was not now, if he came into their company, so pleasant and familiar' as formerly.

3. Nor did he, as in times past, send to Mansoul from his table those dainty bits which he was wont to do.

4. Nor, when they came to visit him, as now-and-then they would, would he be so easily spoken with, as they found him in times paft. They might now the working knock once, yea twice, but he would seem of their affece not at all to regard them ; whereas forinerly tions. he would run and meet them half way, and take them too and lay them in his bosom.

Thus EMANUEL carried it now; and by this his carriage he thought to make them, bethink themselves, and return to him. But alas ! they did not consider, they did not know his ways, they regarded not, they were not touched with these, nor with the true remembrance of former favours, Ezek. xi. 21. Hofea v. 15. Lev. xxvi. 21-24.

Wherefore what does he but in private manner withdraw himself, first from his palace, then to the gate the town, and so away from Mansoul he goes, till they Mhould acknowledge their offence, and more earnestly seek his face. Mr. God's-peace also laid down his commillion, and would for the present act no longer. (a) Thus they walked contrary to him, and he again, by way


ra) Christ, the Spirit, and peace, withdraw from the carnally-secure,

of retaliation, walked contrary to them, Jer. ii. 32. But alas! by this time they were so hardened in their way, and had so drunk in the doctrine of Mr. Carnal-security, that the departing of their Prince touched them not, nor was he remembered by them when gone ; and so of consequence his absence was not bewailed by them. A trick put

Now there was a day wherein this old upon Mr. God- gentleman, Mr. Carnal-security, again made ly-fear, a feast for the town of Mansoul, and there was at that time in the town one Mr. Godly-fear; one now but little set by, tho’ formerly one of great request. This man, old Carnal-security had a mind, if possible, to gull and abuse as he did the rest, and therefore he now bids He goes to the him to the feast with his neighbours. So the feaft, and fits day being come, they prepare, and he goes there like a and appears with the rest of the guests; and stranger.

being all set at the table, they ate and drank, and were merry, even all but this one man (for Mr. Godlyfear fat like a stranger, and neither ate nor was merry) ; (a) which when Mr. Carnal-security perceived, he addrefled himself in a speech thus to him:

• Mr. Godly-fear, are you not well ? Talk between

you Mr. Carnal

seem to be of ill body or mind, or both. I security and

have a cordial of Mr. Forget-good's making, Mr. Godly- which, Sir, if you will take, I hope it may fear.

make you bonny and blithe, and so make you more fit for us feasting companions.'

Unto whom the good old gentleman discreetly replied: 'Sir, I thank you for all things courteous and civil; but for your

cordial, I have no lift thereto. But a word to the natives of Manfoul : You the elders and chief of Mansoul, to me it is strange to see you so jocund and merry, when the town of Mansoul is in such woful case.'

Then said Mr. Carnal-security, You want sleep, good Sir, I doubt. If you please, lie down and take a nap, and we the mean while will be merry.'


(a) The fear of the lord is pure ;—a sovereign preserva

tive from fin.

Then said Mr. Godly-fear as follows: (a) Sir, if you were not destitute of an honest heart, you could not do as you have done, and do.'

Then said Mr. Carnal-security, "Why?"
Godly-fear. Nay, pray interrupt me not.

It is true, the town of Mansoul was strong, and (with a proviso) impregnable ; but you have weakened it, and it now lies obnoxious to it's foes; nor is it a time to be silent; it is you, Mr. Carnal-security, that have ftripped Mansoul, and driven her glory from her; you have pulled down her towers, you have broken down her gates, you have Spoiled har locks and bars.

And now to explain myself: From that Mr. Godly-fear time that my lords of Mansoul, and you, explains himSir, grew so great, from that time the self. Strength of Mansoul has been offended, and now he is risen and is gone. If any shall question the truth of my words, I will answer him by this and such-like questions : Where is the Prince EMANUEL? When did a man or woman in Mansoul see him? When did you hear from him, or taste any of his dainty bits? You are now a feasting with this Diabolonian monfter, but he is not your prince; I say therefore, tho' enemies from without, had you taken lieed, could not have made a prey you, yet since you have finned against your Prince, your enemies within have been too hard for you.'

Then said Mr Carnal-security, Fie! Fie! Mr. God. ly-fear, Fie! Will your never thake off your timoroufness? Are you afraid of being sparrow-blasted? Who hath hurt you? Behold, I am on your side; only you are for doubting, and I am for being confident. Besides, is this a time to be sad in? A feast is made for inirth ; why then do you now, to your shame and our trouble, break out into luch passionate, melancholy language, when you Thould eat and drink, and be merry ?'



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ra) The whole of this conversation between Mr. Godly. fear and Mr. Carnal-security is interesting, and teaches the true christian an useful lesson of watchfulness.

Then said Mr. Godly-fear again, I may well be fad, for EMANUEL is gone from Mansoul: I say again, he is gone, and you, Sir, are the man that has driven him: away; yea, he is gone without fo much as acquainting the nobles of Mansoul with his going; and if that is not a lign of his anger, I am not acquainted with the methods of godliness. His speech to

• And now, my lords and gentlemen, my the elders of speech is still to you. You gradually declinMansoul.

ing from him, provoked him to depart from you ; the which he did gradually, if perhaps you would have been made sensible thereby, and have been renewed by humbling yourselves; but when he saw that none would regard, or lay these fearful beginnings of his anger and judgment to heart, he went away from this place; and this I saw with mine own eyes. Wherefore now, while you boast, your strength is gone; you are like the man that had lost his locks which before waved aboot his . shoulders. (a) You may, with this lord of your feast, thake yourselves, and think to do as at other times; but Înce without him you can do nothing, and he is departed from you, turn your feast into a ligh, and your mirth into lamentation.'

Then the subordinate preacher, old Mr. Consciencie

Conscience by name, he that of old was recor:

der of Mansoul, being startled at what was said, began to fecond it thus:

Conscience. Indeed, my brethren, quoth he, I fcar that Mr. Godly-fear tells us true: I, for my part, have not seen my Prince a long season. I cannot remember the day, for my part: nor can I answer Mr. Godly-fear's question. I am afraid that all is naught with Manfoul.'

Godly-fear. Nay, I know that you will not find him in Mansoul, for he is departed and gone, yea, and gone



(a) Namely, Samson. See Judges xvi: 9.

for the faults of the elders, and for that they rewarded his grace with unfufferable unkindnesses.

Then did the fubordinate preacher look as if he would fall down dead at the table; also

They are all

aghait. all there present, except the man of the house, began to look pale and wan. But having a little recovered themselves, and jointly agreeing to believe Mr. Godly-fear and his sayings, they began to consult what was best to be done (now Mr. Carnal-security was gone into his withdrawing room, for he liked not such dumpish doings] both to the man of the house, for drawing them into evil, and also to recover EMANUEL's love.

Then the saying of their Prince came very hot into their minds, concerning the false prophets that should arise to delude the town of Mansoul. So they took Mr. Carnal-fecurity (concluding that he was and burn their the perfon), and burnt his house upon him fealt-maker. with fire, for he also was a Diabolonian by


When this was past and over, they bespeed themselves to look for EMANUEL their prince, themselves to

They apply Cant. v. 6, and they fought him, but they the Holy Ghoft; found him not;" then were they mure con- but he is grieve firmed in the truth of Mr. Godly-fear's say

ed, dec. ings, and began also severely to reflect upon themselves for their vile and ungodly doings; for they concluded now, that their Prince had left them. (a)

Then they agreed and went to my lord Secretary, whom before they refused to hear, ard had grieved with their doings, to know of him, (for he was a leer, and could tell where EMANUEL was,) how they might direct a petition to him. But the lord Secretary would not admit them to a conference about this matter, nor would admit them


(a Sia grieves the holy Spirit, and causes the Lord to hide his face:in humble, close walking with God, is our safety, comfort, and peace; but departing from the Lord's ways brings darkness and diftress to the soul.


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