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ing, Job xxviii. 8. Wherefore, O thou Mr. Recorder,
be humble, and remember, that the Diabolonians, that
kept not their first charge, but left their own standing, are
now made prisoners in the pit. Be therefore content with
thy station.

I have made thee my Father's vicegerent on
His power


earth, in such things of which I have made Mansoul.

mention before. And take thou power to
teach them to Mansoul, yea, and to impose them with
whips and chastisements, if they fhall not willingly hearken
to do thy commandments. And, Mr. Recorder, because
thou art old and feeble, therefore I give thee leave and
licence to go when thou wilt to my fountain, my conduit,
and there to drink freely of the blood of my grape, (a) for
my conduit doth always run wine, Heb. ix. 14. Thus
doing, thou shalt drive from thy heart and stomach all
foul, gross, and hurtful humours. It will also lighten
thine eyes, and strengthen thy memory for the reception
and keeping of all that the King's most noble Secretary

When the Prince had thus put Mr. Recorder (that
once so was) into the place and office of a minister of
Mansoul, and the man had thankfully accepted thereof,
then did EMANUEL address himself to the townsmen
The Prince's

• Behold (said the Prince to Mansoul) my
speech to Mar- love and care towards you; I have added to

all that is past this mercy, to appoint you preachers, the most noble Secretary, to teach you in all sublime mysteries ; and this gentleman (pointing to Mr. Conscience) is to teach you in all things human and domestic, for therein lieth his work. He is not, by what I have faid, debarred of telling to Mansoul any thing that he hath heard from the lord high Secretary; only he


(a) We have continual need of the application of Christ's atoning blood, through the eternal Spirit, to pardon fin, and purify the conscience.

shall not attempt, or presume to pretend, to be a revealer of those high, mysteries himself; for the breaking of them up, and the discovery of them to Mansoul, lieth only in the power, authority, and skill of the lord high Secretary himfelf. Talk of them he may, and so may the

A licence to rest of the town of Mansoul, as they have

Mansoul. opportunity, press them upon each other for the benefit of the whole. These things I would have you . observe and do; for it is for your life, and the lengthening, of your days. (a)

' And one thing more to my beloved town of Mansoul: You must not dwell in, nor stay upon, any thing of that which he hath in commission to teach you as to your trust and expectation of the next world: of the next world, I say; for I propose to give another to Mansoul, when this with them is worn out, but for that you must wholly and solely have recourse to, and make stay upon his doctrine, that is your teacher after the first order. Yea, Mr. Recorder himself must not look for life from that which he him. self revealeth; his dependence for that must be founded in the doctrine of the other preacher. Let Mr. Recorder also take heed that he receive not any doctrine, or point of doctrine, that is not communicated to him by his superior Teacher, nor yet within the precincts of his own formal knowledge.'

Now after the Prince had thus settled He gives them things in the famous town of Mansoul, he caution about

the captains. proceeded to give the elders of the corporation à necessary caution, to wit, how they should carry it to the noble captains that he had sent or brought with him, from his Father's court, to the famous town of Mansoul.

These captains, said he, love the town of Mansoul, and they are men picked out of abundance, as men that beft


(a) From obedience to God's commands, true happiness flows,


The citizens of
Mansoul must

fuit, and that will most faithfully serve in the wars of SHADDAI against the Diabolonians, for the preservation of the town of Mansoul. I charge you, therefore, said he, O'ye inhabitants of the now flourishing town of Mansoul, that you carry it not untowardly to my captains or their men; since they are picked and choice men, men chosen out of many for the good of the town of Mansoul. I say, I charge you, that you carry it not untowardly to them;

for though they have the hearts and faces of

lions, when at any time they shall be called behave kindly

forth to engage and fight with the King's to the captains. foes, and the enemies of the town of Manfoul, yet a little discountenance caft upon them from the town of Mansoul will deject and cast down their faces, will weaken and take away their courage. Do not, therefore, carry it unkindly to my valiant captains and cou. rageous men of war, but love them, nourish them, succour them, and lay them to your bosoms, and they will not only fight for you, but cause to fly from you all those Diabolonians that seek, and will, if possible, prove your utter destruction,

If, therefore, any of them should at any time be fick, or weak, and so not able to perform that office of love which with all their hearts they are willing to do (and will do also when well and in health), Heb. xii. 12. Isa. xxxv. 3, flight them not, nor despise them, but rather strengthen and encourage them, though weak and ready to die; for they are your fence and your guard, your walls, gates, locks, and bars, Rev. iii. 2. i Theff. v. 14. (a) And altho' when they are weak they can do but little, but rather need to be helped by you, than that you should then expect great things from them; yet when well, you know what exploits and warlike atchievements they can do, and will perform

• Besides,

for you.

(a) Gospel ministers are to be esteemed, for their eminent usefulness,

“ Besides, if they be weak, the town of Mansoul cannot be strong; if they be strong, then, Manfoul cannot be weak: your safety therefore doth lie in their health, and in your countenancing them. Remember also, that if they be sick, they catch that disease of the town of Manfoul itself.

A caution about


“ These things I have said unto you, because I love your welfare, and your honour: observe therefore, Oh my Mansoul, to be punctual in all things that I have given in charge unto you, and that not only as a town corporate, and fo to your officers and guard and guides in chief, but to you as you are a people whose well-being, as single perfons, depends on the oblervation of the orders and commandments of their Lord. Next, Oh my Mansoul, I warn you of that, of which, notwithstanding the reformation that is at present wrought the Diabolonia among you, you have need to be warned ans that yet about;

wherefore hearken diligently unto remain in May. me. I am now sure, and you will know hereafter, that there are yet some Diabolonians remaining in the town of Mansoul; (a) Diabolonians that are sturdy and implacable, and that do already while I am yet with you, and that will yet more when I am from you, study, plot, contrive, invent, and jointly attempt to bring you to desolation, and so to a statefar worse than that of Egyptian bondage; they are the avowed friends of Diabolus, therefore look about you, Matt. vii. 21, 22. They used, therefore, to lodge with their Prince in the castle, when Incredulity was lord-mayor of this town; but since my coming hither, they lie more in the outsides and walls, and have made themselves dens, and caves, and holes, and strong holds therein, Rom. vii. 18. Wherefore, Oh


(a) The Canaanites are still in the land; the love and dominion of sin can only be subdued by divine grace, through faith and prayer. No. 6.



Mansoul, thy work as to this, will be so much the more difficult and hard ; that is, to iake, mortify, and put them to death, according to the will of my Father. Nor cani you utterly rid yourselves of them, unless you should putt down the walls of your town, the which I am by no means willing you should. Do you ask me, What shall we then do? Why, be you diligent, and quit you like: men; observe their holds, find out their haunts, asfault them, and make 'no peace with them: wherever they haunt, lurk, or abide, and what terms of peace soever they offer you,

abhor; and all shall be well betwixt you and And that you may the better know them from the natives of Manfoul, I will give you this brief schedule of the names of the chief of them; and they are these that

follow: The lord Fornication, the lord AdulThe names of fome of the Dia tery, the lord Murder, the lord Anger, the abolonians in lord Lasciviousness, the lord Deceit, the lord Mansoul,

Eril-eye, Mr. Drunkenness, Mr. Revelling, Mr. Idolatry, Mr. Witchcraft, Mr. Variance, Mr. Emulation, Mr. Wrath, Mr. Strife, Mr. Sedition, and Mr. Heresy. (a) Thefe are some of the chief, O Mansoul, of those that will seek to overthrow thee for ever: thefe, I say, are the fkulkers in Mansoul; but look well into the law of thy King, and thou shalt find their phyfiognomy, and such other characteristical notes of them, whereby they may be known.

«Thefe, O my Mansoul, (and I would gladly that you fhould certainly know it;) if they be suffered to run and range about the town as they wish, would quickly, like vipers; eat out your bowels, yea poison your captains, cut the finews of your foldiers, break the bars and bolts of your gates, and turn your now moft flourishing Mansoul into a barren, desolate wilderness and ruinous heap.



(aj See these enemies (ftill lurking within) noticed in Gal. V. 19-21.

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