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*I EMANUEL, Prince of peace, and a great lover of the town of Mansoul, do, in the name of my Father, and of my own clemency, give, grant, and bequeath to my beloved town of Mansoul: (a)

“ First, Free and full forgiveness of all the charter of wrongs, injuries, and offences, done by them the town of againit my Father, me, their neighbours, or Mansoul. themselves, Heb. viii. John xvii. 8, 14.

Secondly, I do give them the holy law, and my testament, with alll therein contained, for their everlasting comfort and consolation, 2 Pet. i. 4. 2 Cor. vi. 1. i John i. 16.

Thirdly, I do also give them a portion of the self-fame grace and goodness that dwells in my Father's heart and mine.

“Fourthly, I do give, grant, and bestow upon them freely the world, and what is therein, for their good, 1 Cor. iii. 21, 22. And they shall have that power over it, as shall stand with the honour of my Father, my glory, and their comfort, yea, I grant them the benefits of life and death, and of things present and things to come. This privilege, no other city, town, or corporation shall have, but my Mansoul only.

Fifthly, I do give and grant them leave, and free aa cess to me in my palace at all seasons, there to make known their wants to me; and I give them moreover a promise, that I will hear and redress all their grievances, Heb. X. 19, 20. Matt. vii. 7.

Sixthly, I do give, grant to, and invest the town of Mansoul with, full power and authority to seek out, take, entlave, and destroy, all and all manner of Diabolonians, that at any time, from whence soever, shall be found ftrage gling in or about the town of Mansoul.


(a) The glorious privileges of the saints. May we prize and improve them to the glory of God, and the comfort and advantage of our own souls ! No. 6.


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“ Seventhly, I do further grant to my beloved town of Mansoul, that they hall have authority not to suffer any foreigner or stranger, or their feed, to be free in and of the blessed town of Mansoul, nor to share in the excellent privileges thereof: but that all the grants, privileges, and immunities, that I bestow upon the famous town of Mansoul, shall be for those the old natives, and true inhabitants thereof; to them, I say, and to their right feed after them,

22 Col. iii. 549. But all Diabolonians, of what sort, birth, country, or kingdom soever, shall be debarred a share therein." So when the town of Mansoul had received their

gracious charter (which in itself is infinitely more large,) they carried it to Audience, that is, to the market place, and there Mr. Recorder read it in the presence of all the people, 2 Cor. iii. 5. Jer. xxxi. 33. Heb. viii. 10. This

being done, it was had back to the castleTheir charter

gates, and there fairly engraven upon the set upon the castle-gates.

doors thereof, and laid in letters of gold, to

the end that the town of Mansoul, with all the people thereof, might have it always in their view, or might go where they might see what a blefsed freedom their Prince had bestowed upon them, that their joy might be increased in themselves, and their love renewed to their great and good EMANUEL.

But what joy, what comfort, what consolation, think you, did now possess the hearts of the men of Mansoul! The bells rung, the minstrels played, the people danced, the captains shouted, the colours waved in the wind, the silver trumpets founded, and all the Diabolonians now were glad to hide their heads. (a)

When this was over, the Prince fent for the elders of Mansoul, and communed with them about a miniltry he intended to establish among them; such a ministry, that


(a) When new heavenly affections are infused into the soul, Satan is put to flight,

might open unto them, and instruct them in the things that concerned their present and future state ; (a) for, said he, you, of yourselves, unless you have tcachers and guides, will not be able to know, and, if not to know, to be sure not to do, the will of my Father, Jer. X. 23. 1 Cor.

ü. 14.

At this news, when the elders of Mansoul

The common brought it to the people, the whole town

good thoughts.. came running together (for it pleased them well, as whatever the Prince now did, pleased the people,) and all with one consent implored his Majesty, that he would forthwith establish such a ministry among them, as might teach them both law and judgment, statute and commandment; that they might be documented in all good and wholsome things. So he told them he would grant their requests; and would establish two among them, one that was of his Father's court, and one that was a native of Mansoul. He that is from the court, said he, is a

The Holy Spirit. person of no less quality and dignity than my Father and I, 2 Pet. i. 21. I Cor. ii. io. John i. I. v. 7. And he is the Lord chief Secretary of my Father's house; for he is, and always has been, the chief dictator of all my Father's laws; a person well skilled in all myteries, and knowledge of mysteries, as is my Father, or as myself is.

Indeed he is one with us in nature, and also as to loving of, and being faithful to, and in the eternal concerns of, the town of Mansoul.

And this is he, faid the Prince, that must be your chief teacher; for 'tis he, and he only, that can teach you clearly in all high and supernatural things: he, and he only, it is, that knows the ways and methods of my Father's court; nor can any, like him, thew how the heart of my Father is at all times, in all things, upon all occasions,


(a) The Spirit of all wisdom, truth, and grace, influencing the conscience,


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towards Mansoul; for, “as no man knows the things of a man, but the spirit of a man which is in him," John xiv. 26. xvi. 13. i John ii. 27; so the things of my Father knows no man, but this his high and mighty Secretary ; nor can any (as he) tell Mansoul how and what they mali do, to keep themselves in the love of my Father. He also it is that can bring lost things to your remembrance, and that can tell you things to come. This teacher, therefore, must have the preheminence (both in your affections and judgment) before your other teacher; his personal dignity, the excellency of his teaching, also the great dexterity that he hath to assist you to make and draw up petitions to my Father for your help, and to his pleasing, must lay obligations upon you to love him, fear him, and to take heed that you grieve him not, 1 Theff. i. 5, 6.

This Person can put life and vigour into The office of the Holy Spirit.

all he says ; yea, and can also put it into your heart, Acts xxi. 10, II.

This Person can, make seers of

and can make


tell what shall be hereafter, Jude 20. Eph. vi. 18.

Eph. vi. 18. Rom. viii. 16. Rev. ii. 7, 11, 17, 29. Eph. iv. 30. Isaiah lxiii. 10. By this Person, you must frame all your petitions to my Father and Me; and without his advice and counsel first obtained, let nothing enter into the town or castle of Mansoul, for that may disgust and grieve this noble Person.(a)

Take heed, I say, that you do not grieve this minister; for if you do, he may fight against you ; and should ho once be moved by you to set himself against you in battle array, that will distress you more than if twelve legions should be sent from my Father's court to make war upon you.

But (as I said) if you shall hearken unto him, and shall love him; if you shall devote yourselves to his teaching,


(a) Our Lord says, John xvi. 13. 6 When he the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he (peak: and he will shew you things to come.”

and shall seek to have converse, and to main communion with him; you shall find him ten times better than is the whole world to any, i Cor. xiii. 14. Rom. v. 5. Yea, he will shed abroad the love of my Father in your hearts, and Mansoul will be the wisest and most blessed of all people. Then did the Prince call unto him the old

Conscience gentleman, who afore had been the recorder made a minifof Mansoul, Mr. Conscience by name, and tero told him, that forasmuch as he was well skilled in the law, and government of the town of Mansoul, and was also well spoken, and could pertinently deliver to them his Master's will in all terrene and domestic matters, therefore he would also make him a minister for, in, and to the goodly town of Mansoul, in all the laws, statutes, and judgments of the famous town of Mansoul. And thou must, said the Prince, confine thyself to the teaching of moral virtues, to the civil and natural duties; but thou must not attempt or presume to be a revealer of those high and supernatural mysteries that are kept close in the bofom of SHADDAI my Father, for those things knoweth no man, nor can any reveal them but my Father's Secretary only. Thou art a native of the town of Mansoul, but the Lord Secretary is a native with my Father ; wherefore, as thou hast knowledge of' the laws and customs of the corporation, so he of the things and will of my Father.

Wherefore, Oh Mr. Conscience, although I have made thee minister and a preacher to the town of Mansoul, yet as to the things which the Lord Secretary knoweth, and shall teach to this people, there thou must be his scholar,

nd a learner, even as the rest of Mansoul are. (a) Thou must, therefore, in all high and supernatural things, go to him for information ; for though there be a spirit in man, this Person's inspiration must give him understand


(a) Conscience must be in subordination to the all-wife Spirit of God.

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