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Now so soon as the captain had received his commif. sion, he founded his trumpet for volunteers, and young men came to him apace ; yea, the greatest and chief men in the town sent their sons to be 'listed under his command. Thus captain Experience came under command to EMANUEL, for the good of the town of Mansoul. He

had for his lieutenant one Mr. Skilful, and His under

for his cornet one Mr. Memory. His underofficers. officers I need not name;

Sam. xvii. 36, 37: His colours were the White Colours, for the town of Mansoul; and the scutcheon was the dead lion and the dead bear. So the Prince returned to his royal palace again.

Now when he was returned thither, the elders of the town of Mansoul, to wit, my lord mayor, the recorder, and the lord Will-be-will, went to congratulate him, and in special way to thank him for his love, care, and the tender compassion which he shewed to his ever-obliged town of Mansoul. So after a while, and some sweet communion between them, the townsmen, having foJemnly ended their ceremony, returned to their place again.

EMANUEL also appointed them a day He renews wherein he would renew their charter, (a) their charter.

yea wherein he would renew and enlarge it,' mending several faults therein, that Mansoul's yoke might be yet more easy, Heb. viii. 13. Mat. xi. and this he did without any desire of their's, even of his own frankness and noble mind. So when he had sent for and seen their old one, he laid it by, and said, “ Now that which decayeth and waxeth old, is ready to vanish away." He said moreover, The town of Mansoul shall have another, and a better. An epitome whereof take as follows :


(a) By affording more sweet and appropriating views of Jesus in all his divine mediatorial offices; the glory of his person and work, suitableness, and our interest in him as the inexhaustible source of all covenant-bleflings.

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Emanuel renews their Charter and delivers it to the Aders of the Tomm vf Mansoul.a

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*I EMANUEL, Prince of peace, and a great lover of the town of Mansoul, do, in the name of my Father, and of my own clemency, give, grant, and bequeath to any beloved town of Mansoul: (a)

“ First, Free and full forgiveness of all the charter of wrongs, injuries, and offences, done by them the town of againlt my Father, me, their neighbours, or Mansoul. themselves, Heb. viii. John xvii. 8, 14.

“Secondly, I do give them the holy law, and my testament, with alll therein contained, for their everlasting comfort and consolation, 2 Pet. i. 4. 2 Cor. vi. 1. 1 John i. 16.

Thirdly, I do also give them a portion of the self-fame grace and goodness that dwells in my Father's heart and mine.

“ Fourthly, I do give, grant, and bestow upon them freely the world, and what is therein, for their good, 1 Cor. iii. 21, 22. And they shall have that power over it, as shall stand with the honour of my Father, my glory, and their comfort, yea, I grant them the benefits of life and death, and of things present and things to come. This privilege, no other city, town, or corporation thall have, but my Mansoul only.

“Fifthly, I do give and grant them leave, and free ad cess to me in my palace at all seasons, there to make known their wants to me; and I give them moreover a promise, that I will hear and redress all their grievances, Heb. X. 19, 20. Matt. vii. 7.

"Sixthly, I do give, grant to, and invest the town of Mansoul with, full power and authority to seek out, take, enllave, and destroy, all and all manner of Diabolonians, that at any time, from whence soever, shall be found ftraggling in or about the town of Mansoul.


(a) The glorious privileges of the saints. May we prize and improve them to the glory of God, and the comfort and advantage of our own fouls! No. 6.


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