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my Father.”

ance, in what way,, fort, or mode soever maintained, will tend to the corrupting of Mansoul, the alienating of their affections from me, and the endangering their peace with

Mr. Loth-to-ftoop yet added further, saying, Mark this,

• But, great Sir, since my master hath many friends, and those that are dear to him in Mansoul, Rom. vi. 12, 13. may he not, if he depart from them, even of his bounty and good nature, bestow upon them, as he sees Delight in the fit, fomne tokens of his love and kindness that recollection of he had for them, to the end that Mansoul, part fins.

'when he is gone, may look upon such tokens of kindness once received from their old friend, and remember him who was once their king, and the merry times that they fometimes enjoyed one with another, while he and they lived in peace together?'

Then said EMANUEL, “No; for if Mansoul come to Be mine, I shall not admit of, nor consent that there should be the least fcrap, shred, or dust of Diabolus left Behind, as tokens or'gifts bestowed upon any in Mansout, thereby to call to remembrance the horrible communion that was betwixt them and him.” (a) Mark this.

* Well, Sir, said Mr. Loth-to-stoop, I

Have one thing more to propound, and then I am got to the end of my commission; 2 Kings i. 3.6,7. Suppose that when my master is gone from Mansoul, any that yet shall live in the town, Thall have such business of high concerns to do, that, if they be neglected, the party shall be undone and suppose, Sir, that nobody can help, in that cafe, fò well as my master and lord ; may not now my master be sent for upon so urgent an occasion as this? Or if he may not be admitted into the town, may not he



(a) Christ is worthy of our whole heart and supreme af. feètion : our duty and happiness call on us to give it him: the more we are renewed in his image, the greater Arength we shall derive from his fulness, for our walk and warfare, May we therefore daily die to fin, and live to God alone!

and the persons concerned meet in some of the villages near Mansoul, and there lay their heads together, and there confult together?'

This was the last of those enfnaring pro- All the propos positions that Mr. Loth-to-ftoop had to pro- fitions of Lotha pound to EMANUEL on behalf of his master to-ftoop in beDiabolus: but EMANUEL would not grant

half of Diabolus

rejected. it; for he said, there can be no case, or thing, or matter, fall out in Mansoul, when thy master shall be gone, that may not be solved by my Father, 1 Sam. xxviii. 15. Besides, it will be a great disparagement to my Father's wisdom and skill, to admit any from Mansoul to go out to Diabolus for advice, when they are bid before, in every thing, by prayer and supplication, to let their

requests be made known to my Father, 2 Kings i. 2 3. Further, this, should it be granted, would be to grant that a door should be set open for Diabolonians in Man. soul, to hatch and plot and bring to pass treasonable designs, to the grief of my Father and Me, and to the utter der truction of Mansoul." 7a)

When Mr. Loth-to-stoop had heard this answer, he took his leave of EMANUEL,


departs. and departed, faying, that he would carry word to his master concerning this whole affair. So he departed, and came to Diabolus in Mansoul, and told him the whole of the matter ; and how EMANUEL would not admit, no not by any means, that he, when he was once gone out, thould ever have any thing more to do either in,


that are of, the town of Mansoul. When Mansoul and Diabolus had heard this relation of things, they with one consent concluded to use their beft endeavours


or with

(a) Man's total departure from God is undeniably evidenced in the resistance finners make to the gospel of free grace and mercy. This conduct grieves the holy Spirit, But the Redeemer is almighty to save, tho' devils and men oppose. The Lord waits to be gracious, May he fee of the travail of his soul, and rejoice in his work!

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to keep EMANUEL out of Mansoul; and sent old Ill. pause, of whom you have heard before, to tell the Prince and his captains so. So the old gentleman came up to the top of Ear-gate, and called to the camp for a hearing ; who when they gave audience, he said, 'I have in comA speech of old mandment from my high lord to bid

you Ill-pause to the it to your prince EMANUEL, that Mansoul,

and their king, are resolved to stand and fall together, and that it is in vain for your Prince to think of ever having Mansoul in his hand, unless he can take it by force.' So some went and told EMANUEL what old Ill-pause, a Diabolonian in Mansoul, had said. Then said the Prince, I must try the power of my sword, Eph. vi. 17. for I will not (for ail the rebellions and repulses that Mansoul has made against me) raise my fiege and depart, but will assuredly take my Mansoul, and deliver it from her enemy. (a) And with that he gave out a com

mandment, that captain Boanerges, captain They must fight. Prepara- Conviction, captain Judgment, and captain

Execution, should march forthwith up to

Ear-gate, with trumpets founding, colours flying, and with shouting for the battle. Also he would that captain Credence should join himfelf in with them : EMANUEL moreover gave orders that captain Good-hope and captain Charity shouid draw themselves up

before Eyegate. He bid also that the rest of his captains and their men should place themselves to the best of their advantage against the enemy, round about the town ; and all was done as he commanded. Then he bid that the word should be given forth, and the word was at that time EMANUEL. Then was an alarm sounded, and the bat


tions for the battle,

(a) Sinful man, in his unconverted fate, may be accounted worse than dead; for he not only delights in fin, but fcornfully rejects mercy, thro' the rebellious enmity of his heart. But the Lord, by his word and Spirit, subdues fin, dethrones Satan, and erects his blessed kingdom in the soul.

the man.

tering rams were played, and the flings whi"led fones ing to the town amain

; and thus the battl. began. Now Die abolus himself managed the townsmen in the war, and that at every gate ; wherefore their resistance was the more forcible, hellish, and offensive to EMANUEL. Thus was the good Prince engaged and entertained by Diabolus and Mansoul for several days together ; a d a sight worth seeing it was, to behold how the captains of SHADDAI behaved themselves in the war. (a)

And first for captain Boanerges (not to undervalue the rest)," he made three most fierce Boanerges plays alfaults, one after another, upon Ear-gate, to the shaking of the posts thereof. Captain Conviction also made up as fast with Boanerges as posli ly he could ; and both discerning that the gate began to yield, they commanded that the rams should still be play-:d againtt it. Now captain Conviction going up very near

Convi&tion to the gate, was with great force driven back, and received three wounds in his mouth; and those that rode reformades,

* Angels. went about to encourage the captains.

For the valour of the two captains made mention of before, the Prince sent for them to his pavilion ; and commanded that awhile they should rest themselves, and that with somewhat they thould be refreshed. Care was also taken for captain Conviction, that he should be healed of his wounds; the Prince also gave them a chain of gold, and bid them yet be of good courage.

Nor did captain Good-hope nor captain Good-hope and Charity come behind in this most desperate Charity play fight, for they too so behaved themselves at the man at Eye-gate, that they had almost broken it Eye-gate,



! a) The captains are gospel ministers: they preach the word ; man's total depravity by the fall; the excellency and suitableness of Christ, who saves the vilest sinners ; and the fulness, freeness, and preciousness of his finished salvation. The holy Spirit strikes conviction to the soul thro' the word, and points the alarmed finner to Emanuel for peace

and falvation,

quite open. These had also a reward from their Prince, as also had the rest of the captains, because they did valiantly round about the town.

In this engagement, several of the officers of Diabolus were slain, and some of the townsmen wounded, for among

the officers there was one captain Boasting Captain Boaft- slain. This Boafting thought that nobody ing flain.

could have shaken the post of Ear-gate, nor

have shaken the heart of Diabolus. Next Captain Se.

to him there was one captain Secure flain; cure flain.

this Secure used to fay, that the blind and lame in Mansoul were able to keep the gates of the town against EMANUEL's arıny, 2 Sam. v. 6. This captain Secure did captain Conviction cleave down the head with a two-handed sword, when he himself received three wounds in the mouth. (a)

Befides, there was one captain Bragman, Captain Brag.

a very desperate fellow, and he was captain

over a band of those that threw firebrands, arTOW6, and death; he also received, by the hand of captain Good-hope at Eye-gate, a mortal wound in the breast.

There was moreover one Mr. Feeling, but Mr. Feeling he was no captain, but a great stickler to enlurt.

courage Mansoul to rebellion; he received a wound in the eye by the hand of one of Boanerges's soldiers, and had by the captain himself been flain, but that he Anade a sudden retreat.

But I never saw Will-be-will so daunted Will-be-will kurt.

in all my life ; he was not able to do as he

was wont; and some say he also received à, wound in the leg, and that some of the men in the Prince's army had certainly seen him limp as he afterwards walked on the wall.

I shall not give you a particular account of the names of the foldiers that were maimed, wounded,


man lain.

(a) It is the property of grace, to fet before the soul it's true but dreadful state, to destroy false dependance, and to cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, 1 Cor. x. 6. May this take effed in every heart!

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