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" Wherefore be it known unto thee, O Emanuel comthou fountain of deceit, and be it also known missioned by his to the foolish town of Mansoul, that I am

Father. not come against thee this day without my Father.

“ And now, said the golden-headed Prince, I have a word to the town of Mansoul (but fo soon as mention was made, that' he had a word to speak to the besotted town of Mansoul, the gates were double-guarded, and all men commanded not to give him audience); so he proceeded, and said, O unhappy town of Mansoul, I cannot but be touched with pity and compassion for

Emanuel's ad thee. Thou hast accepted of Diabolus for dress to the thy king, and art become a nurse and mini- town of Manfter of Diabolonians against thy sovereign Lord. Thy gates thou hast opened to him, but hast shut them fast against me; thou hast given him a hearing, but haft stopt thine ears to my cry: he brought to thee thy destruction, and thou didst receive both him and it; I am come to thee bringing salvation, but thou regardest me not. Befides, thou hast with facrilegious hands taken thyself, with all that was mine in thee, and hast given all to my foe, and to the greatest enemy my Father has. You have bowed and subjected yourselves to him, you have vowed and sworn yourselves to be his. Poor Mansoul ! what shall I do unto thee? Shall I save thee? Shall I destroy thee? What shall I do unto thee? Shall I fall


thee, and grind thee to powder ; or make thee a monument of the richest grace? What shall I do unto thee? Hearken therefore, thou town of Mansoul, hearken to my word, (a) and thou shalt live. I am merciful, Mansoul, and


(a) The scriptures contain the whole will of God concerning man: They comprise the great charter of salvation, of which they are the powerful instrument, by the enlivening influences of the holy Spirit. In them, mercy and justice, wisdom and truth, gloriously shine and harmonize in delivering from ruin, and promoting the everlasting felicity of poor finners.

ihou shalt find me so: fhut me not out of thy gates, Cant. v. 2.

" O Mansoul, neither is my commission or inclination at all to do thee hurt : why flyelt thou fo fast from thy friend, and stickest so close to thine enemy? Indeed I would have thee, because it becomes thee, to be sorry for thy sin: but do not despair of life: this great force is not to hurt thee, but to deliver thee from thy bondage, and to reduce thee to thy odedience.

My commission indeed is, to make. war Emanuel's

upon Diabolus thy king, and upon all Dicommission is to make war abolonians with him, for he is the strong upon Diabolus, man armed that keeps the house ; but I will and to save

have him out; his spoils I muft divide, his Mansoul.

armour I must take from him, his hold I must cast him out of, and must make it an habitation for myself. And this, O Mansoul, fhall Diabolus know, when he shall be made to follow me in chains, and when Manfoul shall rejoice to see it too.

I could, would I now put forth my might, cause that forthwith he should leave you, and depart ; but I have it in my heart so to deal with him, as that the justice of the war, that I shall make upon him, may be seen and acknowledged by all. He hath taken Mansoul by fraud, and keeps it by violence and deceit; and I will make him Conclusion of bare and naked in the eyes of all observers.. Emanuel's All my words are true: I am mighty to faves fpeech.

and will deliver my Mansoul out of his hand.” (a)

This speech was intended chiefly for Mansoul, but Mansoul would not have the hearing of it. They thut up Ear-gate, they barricadoed it up, they kept it locked and bolted, they set a guard thereat, and com


(a) This merciful declaration proves, that salvation is the pure effect of the everlasting; sovereign, and gracious decree and purpose of Jehovah. -Man naturally rejects Christ as a Saviour; till almighty grace humbles the proud finner, bends the stubborn will, and inclines the heart to obedience.

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manded that no Manloulian should go out to him, nor

any from the camp should be admitted into the town;
all this they did, fo horribly had Diabolus inchanted them
to do, and to seek to do for him, against their rightful
Lord and Prince; wherefore no man, nor voice, nor
sound of man that belonged to the glorious" hoft, was to
come into the town. (a)
So, when EMANUEL saw that Mansoul

Emanpel pre-
was thus involved in fin, he called his army parės to make
together (since now all his words were dels war upon Man-

piled), and gave out a commandment through-
out all his hosts, to be ready against the rime appointed.
Now forasmuch as there was no way lawfully to take the
town of Mansoul, but to get in by the gates, and at Ear-
gate as the chief, therefore he commanded his captains
and commanders to bring their rams, their flings, and their
men, and place them at Eye-gate and Ear-gate, in order to
his taking the town.

When EMANUEL had put all things in readiness to bid
Diabolus battle, he sent again to know of the town of
Mansoul, if in peaceable manner they would yield them-
felyes ; or whether they were yet resolved to put him
to try the utmost extremity? They then, together with
Diabolus the king, called a council of war, and re-
folved upon certain propositions that should be offered
EMANUEL, if he will accept thereof: so they agreed;
and then the next was, who Thould be sent on this errand..
Now there was in the town of Manfoul an Diabolus sends
old man, a Diabolonian, and his name was by the hand of
Mr. Loth-to-stoop; a ftiff man in his way, Loth-to-ftoop,
and a great doer for Diabolus ; him there- and by him he
fore they sent, and put into his mouth what propounds cone
he fhould fay. So he went, and came to the ditions of peace,


his servant Mr.

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(a) Unhappy for poor, blind, dead sinners, that they'refill the counlel of God against themfelves, preferring misery to happiness. But, glory to free, sovereign, irresistible grace, the Redeemer's holy and invincible arm will at length get himself the victory, 'in the eternal salvation of his people!


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up into

called Lord of

camp to EMANUEL; and when he was come, a time was, appointed to give him audience. So at the time he came; and after a Diabolonian ceremony or two, he thus began, and said, Tit. i. 16. Great Sir, that it may be known Diabolus wishes unto all men, how good-natured a prince to retain the my master is, he hath sent me to tell your half of Mar- lordship, that he is very willing, rather than go to war, to deliver


hands one half of the town of Mansoul. (a) I am therefore to know, if your Mightiness will accept of this proposition.'

Then said EMANUEL, " The whole is mine by gift and purchase, wherefore I will never lose one half.'

Then said Mr. Loth-to-stoop, 'Sir, my
And will allow
Emanuel to be master hath said, that he will be content that


shall be the nominal and titular Lord of

all, if he may possess but a part,” Luke Then EMANUEL answered, “ The whole is mine really, not in name and word only; wherefore I will be the fole lord and possessor of all, or of none at all, in Man. foul."

Then Mr. Loth-to-stoop said again, “Sir, Mark. this,

behold the condescension of my master! He fays, that he will be content if he may but have assigned to him some place in Mansoul, as a place to live privately in, and you shall be Lord of all the rest,' Acts v. 1

-5. Then faid the Golden Prince, “All that the Father giveth me, shall come to me;" and of all that he hath given me I will lose nothing, no not a hoof nor a hair; I will not therefore grant him, no not the least cornor in Manfoul to dwell in, I will have all to myself..


xiii, 25.

(a) A cold, lifeless profession, without poffeffing Christ the hope of glory, is not christianity; An almost christian is a very infidel. We cannot serve two' masters, God and Mammon. Jesus is worthy of all love and service. In him are treasured up every needful blessing for time and eternity,

nal luft.

Then Loth-to-stoop said again, But,

Mark this well. Sir, suppose that my Lord should resign the whole town' to you only with this proviso, that he sometimes, when he comes into this country, may, for old acquaintance sake, be entertained as a wayfaring man for two days, or ten days, or a month, or so ; may not this small matter be granted ? Then said EMANUEL,

« No. He came as a way® faring man to David, nor did he stay long with him, and yet it had like to have cost David his foul, 2 Sam. xii. I-5.' I will not consent that he ever should have any harbour more there."

Then faid Mr. Loth-to-stoop, Şir, -you seem to be very hard. Suppose my matter Sin and carMhould yield to all that your lordship hath said, provided that his friends and kindred in Mansoul may have liberty to trade in the town, and to enjoy their present dwellings ; may not that be granted, Sir?'(a).

Then said EMANUEL,“ No, that is contrary to my Father's will, Rom. vi. 13. Col. iii. 5. Gal. v. 24. For all; and all manner of Diabolonians that now are, or that at any time shall be found in Mansoul, shall not only lose their lands and liberties, but also their lives.” Then said Mr. Loth-to-stoop again, But,

Mark this. Sir, may not my master and great lord, by letters, by passengers, by accidental opportunities, and the like, maintain, if he shall deliver up all unto thee, fome kind of old friendship with Mansoul?' John X. 8.

EMANUEL answered, “ No, by no means; forasmuch as any such fellowship, friendship, intimacy, or acquaint



(a) No wonder that the soul, being alienated from the life of God, finds it so difficult to part with any darling luft, and sue for mercy at the feet of Christ. But when any fin. ner is born again from above, the proud heart is humbled and wonderfully turned Zion-ward, and made the habitation of God, thro' the Spirit.

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