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* Heart.

speak to EMANUEL (but in such language as the town
understood not), the contents whereof were as follow :
The speech of

" thou great EMANUEL, Lord of the Diabolus to the world, I know thee, that thou art the Son Prince. of the great SHADDAI! Wherefore art thou come to torment me, and to cast me out of my possession? This town of Mansoul, as thou very well knowest, is mine by right of conquest ; I won it in the open freld: and “Thall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered ?" 2. This town of Mansoul is mine also by their subjection. They have opened the gates of their town unto me, they have sworn fidelity to ine, and have openly chofen me to be their king. They

have also given their castle* into my hands;

yea, they have also put the whole strength of Mansoul under me.

• Moreover, this town of Mansoul hath disavowed thee : yea, they have cast thy law, thy name, thy image, and all that is thine, behind their back; and have accepted, and set

up in their room, my law, my name, my image, and all that ever is mine. (a) Ask else thy captains, and they will tell thee, that Mansoul hath, in answer to all their fummons, thewn love and loyalty to me; but always dir. dain, despite, contempt, and scorn to thee and thine. Now, 'thou who art the Just One and the Holy (and fhouldst do no iniquity), depart then, I pray thee, from me, and leave me to my jult inheritance peaceably.'

This oration was made in the language of Diabolus himself; for altho' he can to every man speak in their, language (else he could not tempt 'them as he does), yet



(a) The devil first tempts, then accuses, and lastly torments, all who live and die in his vassalage: but the dear Lord Jesus has conquered the powers of darkness in his own person : and has promised to destroy fin's dominion in his people, thro' the prayer of faith. Christian, may the Lord bestow this precious gift on us, and on all who are dear to the chosen few !

he has a language proper to himself, and it is the language of the infernal cave, or black pit.

Wherefore the town of Mansoul (poor Diabolus unahearts !) understood him not: nor did they ble to stand in see how he crouched and cringed while he the presence of stood before EMANUEL their Prince. Yea,

Emanuel. they all this while took him to be one of that

power and force that by no mean's could be resifted : wherefore while he was thus intreating that he might have yet his residence there, and that EMANUEL would not take it from him by force, the inhabitants boasted even of his valour, saying, Who is able to make war with him?

Well, when this pretended king had made an end of what he would say, EMANUEL the golden Prince stood up, and spake ; the contents of whose words follow. « Thou deceiving one, said he, I have in Emanuel's Father's

my own name, and speech io Dia. on the behalf and for the good of this wretch- bolus. ed town of Mansoul, somewhat to say unto thee. Thou pretendest a right, a lawful right, to the deplorable town of Mansoul, when it is most apparent to all my Father's court, that the entrance which thou hast obtaine in af the gates of Mansoul was thro' thy lyes and falsehood : thy belyedst my Father, thou belyedt his law, and so deceivedst the people of Manfoul. (a) Thou pretendest that the people have accepted thee for their king, their captain, and right liege lord, but that also was by the exercise of deceit and guile. “Now if lying, wiliness, sinful craft, and all manner of horrible hypocrisy, will go, in my Father's court (in which court thou must be tried), for equity and right ; then will I confess unto thee, that thou



name, in

(a) Satan was a liar, deceiver, and murderer from the beginning: he ftill hates the truth ; so do the wicked ; they will not come to the light, left their deeds should be reprove ed, John iii. 20. Lord, cast this lying spirit out of every heart, and set up thy kingdom on the ruins of the Del troyer's !

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haft made a lawful conquest. But alas! what thief, what tyrant, what devil is there, that may not conquer after this fort? But I can make it appear, O Diabolus, that The craft and thou, in all thy pretences to a conquest of fubtlety of Di. Mansoul, haft nothing of truth to say. abolus exposed Thinkest thou this to be right, that thou by Emanuel.

didst put the lye upon my Father, and madest him (to Mansoul) the greatest deluder in the world? And what sayest thou to thy perverting, knowingly, the right purport and intent of the law? Was it good alfo that thou madeft a prey of the innocency and simplicity of the now miserable town of Mansoul? Yea, thou didit overcome Mansoul, by promising to them happiness in their transgressions againit my Father's law, when thou knewest, and could not but know, hadst thou consul, ted nothing but thy own experience, that that was the way to undo them. Thou hast also thyself (O thou master of enmity !) of spite defaced my Father's image in Mansoul,

and set up thy own in it's place ; to the His enmity to Shaddai. great contempt of my Father, the heighten

ing of thy fin, and to the intolerable damage of the perilhing town of Mansoul.

" Thou hast moreover (as if all these were but little things with thee) not only deluded and undone this place ; but by thy lyes, and fraudulent carriage, haft set them against their own deliverance. How halt thou stirred them up againft my Father's captains, and made them to fight against those that were sent of him to deliver them from their bondage ! (a) All these things, and very many more, thou hast done against thy light, and in contempt of my Father, and his law: yea, and with design to bring under


(a) Satan's usurped power over men has produced a la: montable enmity against their own mercies. But the dear children of God, as they are not their own, but redeemed by a price, so they are divinely taught to glorify their God and Saviour in all things. This is their reasonable service ; and this alone will bring happiness and peace, in life and death. See Rom. xii, i.

his displeasure for ever the miserable town of Mansoul. I am therefore come to revenge the wrong that thou hast done to my Father, and to deal with thee for the blafphemies wherewith thou hast made poor Mansoul blaspheme his name; yea, upon thy head, thou prince of the infernal cave, will I require it.

“ As for myself, O Diabolus, I am come against thee by lawful power; and to take, by strength of hands, this town of Mansoul out of thy burning fingers: for this town of Mansoul is mine, O Diabolus, and that by undoubted right, as all thall see that will diligently search the most ancient and most authentic records, and I will plead my title to it to the confusion of thy face, • First, For the town of Mansoul, my

The town of Father built and fashioned it with his hand. Mansoul is the The palace also, that is in the midst of the right of Shadtown, he built for his own delight. This dai

, who built town of Mansoul, therefore, is my Father's, and that by the best of titles ; and he that gaipsays the truth of this, must lye against his soul.

“ Secondly, I thou master of the lye, this town of Mansoul is mine :

“ 1. For that I am my Father's heir, his first-born, and the only delight of his heart, Heb. i. 2. John xv. 16. I am therefore come up against thee in mine own right,

to recover mine own inheritance out of thine hands. (a)

2. But further, As I have a right and Also the inhe. title to Mansoul by being my Father's heir, ritance of his fo I have also by my Father's donation, Son Emanuel. John xvii. His it was, and he gave it me; nor have I




(a) Man's restoration to the divine favour is solely of the Lord: for, being dead in trespasses and fins thro' the first Adam; the Lord from heaven, the second Adam, is made a quickening Spirit. All glory to the eternal Three for this great falvation: See Eph. ii, 6. 1 John iv, 10. 1 Cor, XV, 454



at any time offended my Father, that he should take it from me, and give it to thee, Isa. I. 1. Nor have I been forced, by playing the bankrupt, to sell or set to fale to thee my beloved town of Mansoul. Mansoul is


de fire, my delight, and the joy of my heart. But,

« Mansoul is mine by right of purchase. I have bought it, O Diabolus, I have bought it for myfelf. Now since it was my Father's and mine, as I was his heir, and since also I have made it mine by virtue of a great purchase, it followeth, that by all lawful right the town Diabolus an

of Mansoul is mine; and that thou art an uforper and ty- ufurper, tyrant, and traitor, in thy holding

possession thereof. Now the cause of my purchasing it was this: Mansoul had trespassed against my Father. Now my Father had faid, that in the day that they broke his law, they should die: now it is more posfible for heaven and earth to pass away, than for my Father to break his word, Matt. v. 18. Wherefore when Mansoul had finned indeed by hearkening to thy lye, I put in and became a surety to my Father, body for body, and foul for foul, that I would make amends for Mansoul's Ofweet Prinice transgreflions : and my father accepted EMANUEL!

thereof. So when the time appointed was

come, I gave body for body, soul for soul, life for life, blood for blood, and fo redeemed my beloved Mansoul. (a)

4. Nor did I this by halves ; my Father's love and justice, that were both concerned in the threatening upon transgreffion, are both now fatisfied, and very well content that Mansoul should be delivered.

5. Nor am I come out this day against thee, but by commandment from my Father ; 'twas he that said unto me, Go down, and deliver Mansoul.

« Where

(a) If God had not first loved and chosen us in his dear Son, we should have remained in our sin and misery for ever. But eternal thanks to free grace for the Father's electing love, and the Spirit's effectual call. “ Of his own will begat he us, with the word of truth.” James i. 18. Rom,

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