Robust Regression and Outlier Detection

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John Wiley & Sons, 3 жовт. 2003 р. - 329 стор.

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"The writing style is clear and informal, and much of the discussion is oriented to application. In short, the book is a keeper."
–Mathematical Geology

"I would highly recommend the addition of this book to the libraries of both students and professionals. It is a useful textbook for the graduate student, because it emphasizes both the philosophy and practice of robustness in regression settings, and it provides excellent examples of precise, logical proofs of theorems. . . .Even for those who are familiar with robustness, the book will be a good reference because it consolidates the research in high-breakdown affine equivariant estimators and includes an extensive bibliography in robust regression, outlier diagnostics, and related methods. The aim of this book, the authors tell us, is ‘to make robust regression available for everyday statistical practice.’ Rousseeuw and Leroy have included all of the necessary ingredients to make this happen."
–Journal of the American Statistical Association


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Multiple Regression
The Special Case of OneDimensional Location
Outlier Diagnostics
Related Statistical Techniques
Table of Data Sets
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Про автора (2003)

Peter J. Rousseeuw, PhD, is currently a Professor at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. He received his PhD in Statistics in 1981. His research interests include the influence function approach to robust statistics and cluster analysis.

Annick M. Leroy is affiliated with Vrije University in Brussels, Belgium.

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