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quently, they do not care about That these islands were of selling it, and there are only two great importance to France, while or three inhabitants that can col- that power possessed those of lect it in any quantity, and they France and Bourbon, there cannot are the only people that ever can be the least doubt, not only as realize property upon these is. affording facilities for the annoylands. It seems of little conse- ance of our trade in the East, quence to them, as I do not think but, also, as being admirably there are any five men of the whole placed to keep up a constant who have an idea of ever quitting communication between those the island. The principal people islands and the Court of Persia, here say, their only reason for if the latter should, at any time, coming to settle at these islands have entered into the hostile views was, to live retired from the of our enemy, against the British world, and gain a bare existence; power. But, that any material some of them had been unfore advantages are likely to accrue, tunate, and had lost all their pro- either to the colony of the Isle of perty, and were disgusted with France, or to Great Britain in the world. After remaining some general, from intercourse with or time, they found the cotton-plant possession of the Seychelle Isgrow very luxuriant, and have lands, other than that of keeping carried on the cultivation of it to the enemy out of them, I cannot a certain extent; and some of possibly foresee. them now have from 150 to 200)

ADMIRALTY ISLANDS. slaves at work, and will be soon men of fortune. The climate is Before I close, I shall beg such that they have little occasion leave to call your attention to the for clothes ; their principal wants Admiralty Islands, lying a small are some white cloth and some distance to the S. W. of Seychelle blue dungaree, or blue cloth Islands. (Pondicherry). The slaves wear This group is so exceedingly nothing but a small piece of blue ill placed in all charts, both with cloth ; I should think one yard respect to longitude, and their would serve them a year ; they bearings from each other, that no pay no kind of respect to dress; vessel can navigate the sea with you will see the most respectable safety in that neighbourhood ; amongst them going without whereas, if a couple of small shoes, and some of them with schooners were employed by Gohalf-shoes tied on their feet with vernment a few months, in surstrings : all this is from custom, veying them, their actual position and having no communication would be easily ascertained; and, with the world.

if an European vessel, in conseNotwithstanding, the people in quence of such survey, be pregeneral live very well, are rather served from shipwreck, more than hospitable, and have abundance the expense of the survey (indeat their tables; but it is chiefly pendent of preserving men's lives) the produce of their own planta- will have been saved. tions.

Live Cattle. There are about Vol. LVIII.

2 S


two hundred head of bullocks and miles in length, and from sis to about one hundred sheep; the eight in breadth, distant between inhabitants could spare, to ships two and three miles from the in distress, about twenty bullocks, Malay shore. and about sixty sheep; it would It was given to Capt. Ligbt by take some years to replace the the King of Queda, and first seis latter.

tled 1786. The greater part Poultry.--One hundred dozen of the island is occupied by a lofty of ducks, fowls, and turkeys might irregular ridge of mountains (runbe procured here. There are no ning in the direction of the island, other animals of any kind upon north and south), the northern these islands, but rats, which are extremity of which, is by far the in abundance; there is no game highest ; and here they have a of any kind, and but few birds; signal house, and several bunga. pigeons, doves and perroquets, lows erected. seem the principal. There is no The whole of this ridge is cowheat grows in these islands ; vered with a forest of trees of imthey raise Indian corn, cassada- mense size, and between its eastern rout, and a sufficient quantity of base and the sea, facing the coast rice, just to supply their own of Queda, there is a level slip of wants, and feed their slaves ; but land, from two to four miles in I do not think at any time you breadth, and ten or twelve miles could purchase ten bags of rice: long. This is well cultivated and the whole of the inhabitants might laid out in gardens, plantations collectten thousand pounds weight of pepper, bet:1, areca, cocoa-nut in grain, out of their different trees, &c. intersected in all direcstores, to ships in distress. tions with pleasant carriage ruails,

There is a great variety of fish whose sides are lined with a vaat all these islands, and seemingly riety of shrubs and tree that are very fine; salt is very scarce, in perpetual verdure. The whole consequently they are only for of this space is interspersed with immediate use.

villas and bungalows, where the Europeans occasionally retire to enjoy the country air, as a relaxa

tion after business in town. PRINCE OF WALES'S ISLAND.

On the north-eastern point of (From the same.)

this slip of land are situated Fort

Cornwallis and George-town, Prince of Wales's Island, called! called by the natives Tanjong by the natives Pulo or Poolo Pe. Painaique. nang, from a Malay word signi- This island may contain Eurofying Areca-nut and Betel, lies on pean settlers and their depenthe fifth parallel of north latitude, dants, Malays, Sumatrans, Chiand in 100 deg. 20 min. 15 sec.

11,000 sauls, (George-town) of east longitude, Of itinerants 1.000 do at the entrance of the straits of Malacen.

Total. ... 19,000 It is somewhat in the shape of an oblong square, about sixteen Abundance and great variety


nese, &c...

of excellent fish are caught in air, we repaired thither early in every direction round the island, March. whicn, from the salubrity of its The distance from the town to air, is justly eeteemed the Mont- that part of the base of the mounpelier of India.

tain where the path commences, Coups-de-soleil are seldom ex- is about five miles, and from perienced in this settlement, al- thence to the summit, better than though the Europeans walk and three, ride about at all times of the day, The pathway, which is not completely exposed to a vertical more than eight or ten feet wide, sun.

is cut with incredible labour, In short, as soon as the wet through a forest of immensely docks are established on Poolo tall trees, whose umbrageous foJaraja (a small island between liage uniting above, excludes, exPenang and the main), this will cept at some particular turnings, be the most beautiful, healthy, the least glimpse of the heavens, and flourishing settlement in the involving one, all the way up, in East Indies.

pensive gloom. From the dawn of day, until It frequently winds along the the sun has emerged above the brinks of yawning and frightful high mountains of Queda, and precipices, at the bottoms of even for some time after this pe- which one shudders to behold riod, Penang rivals any thing that huge trunks of trees rived and has been fabled of the Elysian fractured, while precipitating fields.

themselves down the craggy and The dews which have fallen in steep descent. the course of the night, and by Steep and rugged as this path remaining on the trees, shrubs, is, the little Sumatran horses and flowers, have become impreg- mount it with great safety; the nated with their odours, early in ladies, however, are generally the morning begin to exhale, and carried up in a kind of sedan fill the air with the most delight- chair, borne on the shoulders of ful perfumes; while the European some stout Malays. inhabitants, taking advantage of After a tiresome ascent of two this pleasant season for exercise, or three hours, we gained the crowd the roads (some in car- summit; and were amply reriages, some on horseback, and warded for our labour by the others on foot), till the sun get- most extensive and beautifully ting to some height above the variegated prospect we had ever mountains of Queda, becomes so seen in India. powerful as to drive them into The eye ranges over a beautitheir bungalows, to enjoy a good ful plain, laid out in pepper planbreakfast with a keen appetite. tations, gardens, groves of the

A small party of us having ob- cocoa-nut, betel, areca, and vatained permission to gecupy the rious other trees, checkered Convalescent Bungalow on the throughout with handsome vilniountain, for the purpose of las and bungalows, intersected breathing a cooler and purer by pleasant carriage-rouds, and watered with meandering rills, but lions, tigers, and other ferothat flow from the mountain's civus animals, are unknown. A side, clear as the crystal.

2 S2


tiger did once swim across from Here may be seen standing in the Queda shore, and made for perfect peace and ainity with each the mountains here, but was shot other, the Hindoo temple and soon after his landing; he was pagoda; the Chinese josshouse; supposed to be the only one that the Christian chapel, and various ever was on the island. Birds of other places of worship; every the most beautiful plumage, are one enjoying the unmolested ex- seen on almost every branch of a ercise of his religion.

tree, through this island ; but From hence, the eye stretches nature has been so very bountiful over the beautiful strait that sepa- in clothing them with her most rates the island from the main; gaudly liveries, that she has thought and whose glossy surface reflects proper to make a drawback, by the faint images of the clouds depriving them of the melodious above, and lofty mountains that tones which so often charm us in tower on each of its sides.

birds of a more homely exterior. The thermometer at the bun- There is, however, one small galows, generally ranges from 70 bird on this island (whose nanie to 80 degrees ; sometimes at I forget), which perchce among night, however, it stands as low the leaves of the tall areca tree, as sixty-two degrees; and indeed, and sings mornings and evenings, so cold did we feel it, that we in a style far superior to that of generally slept with a blanket any bird I have seen between the over us ; a very rare occurrence tropics. withiri six degrees of the equator. The Argus pheasant is found

As soon as it gets dark on this in this island, but they are genemountain, there arises on every rally brought over dried, from side, a singulir concert of birds the Malay coast, where they and insects, which deprived us of abound, and are here sold for a sleep for the first night or two. dollar each. Far above the rest, the trumpeter With respect to the domestic ani(a very curious animal, about an mals, they are but few; and those inch in length) saluted our ears brought from the neighbouring regularly for a few hours after parts : horses from Pedir, on the sunset, with a sound so strong, coast of Sumatra ; huffaloes from that the first time I heard it, I Queda; and sheep, &c. from actually thought a party of dra. Bengal. goons were approaching the bun- The buffaloes are brought over galows, nor could I be persuaded from the opposite coast, in a very for some time, that such a dimi- curious manner; six or eight of nutive creature could possibly thein being collected together on possess organs capable of emitting the beach, thongs of leather, or such a tremendously loud note. pieces of rattan, are passed in at

Deer of a very curious species, one nostril and out at the other, are sometimes, though rarely, then made fast to the sides and found in the woods of this island; stern of the boat, which is pushed


off from the shore, and the mosphere has somewhat abated. buffaloes driven into the water, On coming out from their cool realong with it; these thongs, or treats, they are the most uncouth rattans, keeping their noses and disgusting objects imaginable, above water, and assisting them having a coat of clay an inch or in swimming, until they gain the two in thickness, which, in a few opposite shore, unless seized on minutes, is hardened by the sun their passage by the alligator. into a crust that defends their

The buifaloe often becomes a hides from his powerful rays dumost dangerous animal when en- ring the remainder of the day. raged by the heat of the sun, or They are the only animals used any other cause. At these pe- in labour ; their tiesh is tolerably riods the animal rushes furiously good, and an excrescence that upon any thing in its way, and grows on the top of their shouldashes into the houses, upsetting ders called a hump, when salted and breaking through all obstruc- and well preserved (especially in tions; as it is possessed of great Bengal), is esteemed excellent muscular strength, and runs about eating; in short, it is the most with impetuous velocity, there is useful animal in India. no mode of subduing.it, but by Alligators are very common killing the animal with spears or round the shores of this island, shot.

rendering it very unsafe to bathe A large one lately made a des- on any part of the coast. Snakes perate sally through George- of an immense size have likewise town, while the gentlemen of the been found here by the early settlement fired on him in all di- settlers, but are now very rare. rections, from their verendahs; Bandicotes (a species of large rat) at length he rushed through the are extremely numerous on the governor's kitchen, upsetting the island, and do a great deal of cook and all his utensils ; but mischief, as does likewise the what was still worse, a ball from white ant. It is astonishing what a rifle, aimed at the furious buf- effects these very small insects falo, unfortunately struck the are capable of producing ; they poor harmless cook ; and between will destroy the interior parts of the fright occasioned by the ani- the beams and rafters in houses ; mal, and the idea of being shot to leaving a thin external shell of boot, he very nearly died. solid wood, that completely de

As these creatures have very ceives the eye, and lulls into a little hair on their bodies, they false security the unsuspecting are utterly unable to bear the lodger, who frequently sees with scorching rays of the sun to- astonishment the whole fabric wards mid-day: at these times, come tumbling to the ground therefore, they betake themselves without any apparent cause, or to every pool and puddle in the perhaps is himself involved in its neighbourhood, rolling them- ruins ! selves in the mud, and then lying When these dangerous insects with their nostrils just above wa- find their way on board ships it ter, until the fervency of the at- becomes a very serious concern;


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