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An Account of the UNFUNDED Deer and DeMANDS OUTSTANDING on the 5th Day of January, 1816.

Amount Outstanding.



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ke 19,772,800 9 21,669,100

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530,535 I 101 20,616 15

5 1,005,514 12 61

Exchequer Bills provided for

unprovided for.

41,441,900 0


Miscellaneous Services
Warrants for Army Service.
Treasury Bills.

Civil List Advances.

1,556,666 9 10

125,005 13

7 4
3,694,921 5 7


48,725,359 19


Abstract of the Report of the Com- lieu of the election or postulation

mittee on the Laws and Ordinan- of the chapters of their respective ces existing in Foreign States, re- cathedrals, and has the sanie efspecting the regulation of their fect; the papal confirmation being Roman Catholic Subjects, in Ec- afterwards obtained through the clesiastical matters.

Austrian rninister at Rome. To

this mode of election the archThe various documents refer- bishop of Olmutz forms the sole red to were obtained by instruc- exception, the right of choosing tions which Lord Castlereagh gave himn resting entirely in the chapin 1812, and subsequently, to ter of his see. the ministers resident at foreign In Hungary the Emperor apcourts.

points all bishops, who perform The committee refrain from

every part of their functions which adverting to any question of theo- relates to jurisdiction before they logical controversy.

have been confirmed by the Pope. The attention of the committee In other parts of the imperial do. is directed to two objects :- minions this is not the case.

Ist. The appointment or elec- In Austria the placitum regium tion of the Catholic Clergy, prin- is the right of requiring that all cipally those of the episcopal or- ecclesiastical statutes and ordider.

nances besubmitted to the state be2d. The restraints in posed fore their publication. Absolu. upon the intermission of Papal tions are excepted, when granted rescripts; with this they have by the Roman penitentiary, whenjoined the appellative jurisdiction,

ever they concern conscience only, exercised by the supreme secular when the case admits of no delay, magistrate.

or when the reputation of any one Under a third head they include is in danger. other matters of ecclesiastical re- No Austrian subject can be cx gulation.

communicated without the EmThey distinguish between re

peror's consent. gulations obtaining in those state.

THE ELECTORAL ARCHBISHOPwhich are in cominunion with the

RICKS OU MENTZ, TREVES, AND See of Rome ; those of the “non-united" Greek and Russian

BISHOPRICK OF SALTZBURGH and those of the Augs. AND THE CONGRESS OF EMS. burgh and Helvetian confessions.

In August 1786 a Congress was 1. AUSTRIA, BOHEMIA, HUNGARY. held at Ens by all the ecclesiasti

The Austrian bishops are 10- cal clectors, where 23 articles of minated or appointed by the Em- regulation, recognizing the indeperor, which appointment is in pence of the Church of Germany,






church ;










with reference to the usurpations means of the minister at Rome, of the Court of Rome, were the one more particularly designadrawn up and ratified.

ted to fill the vacancy. In these resolutions the ancient Here also the regium placitum discipline of the German Church exists. is asserted, with respect to nominations and elections to ecclesiastical benefices; and it is declared In Naples a negotiation is now that “No bulls, briefs, or ordi- going on respecting the appointnances of the Pope shall be bind- ing of bishops. ing on the bishops, unless the lat- In Sicily the nomination is exter regularly signify their formal clusively in the crown. assent."

In both there is the regium placitum.

VII. SARDINIA, PIEDMONT, The archbishoprick of Milan, the bishopricks of Pavia, Cremo- By a brief of Pope Nicholas V. na, Lodi, and Como, are at the of 1451, the Sovereign of Sardiimmediate nomination and pre. nia has the privilege of naining sentation of the Emperor of Aus- to all the bishopricks. The same tria, who is, however, with re- was extended by a concordat, in gard to the four last bishopricks, 1727, to Savoy, principally to appoint those sub- The regium placitum is comjects that may be recommended pletely recognized. by the Pope.

In these states the sovereign By the pragmatic sanction of right of the regium placitum re- St. Louis, in 1268, the bishops of mains in its full force and exercise. France were elected

IV. VENETIAN STATES. Deans and Chapter); but these In these states, while indepen- elections were not valid, without dent, the two patriarchs of Venice the congé d'élire of the King. and Aquila were chosen by the By the concordat settled at BoSenate-on a vacancy of an epis- logna, between Pope Leo X. and copal see, the names of three ec- the King, Francis I. in 1515, the clesiastics were transmitted by the French Monarchs have exercised Senate to Rome, and the requisite the nomination all bishop3. bull of institution was sent by the In France the regium placitum Pope to the first on the list. is established.

The same regulations existed here as in the other states already The patronage of all ecclesiasmentioned, respecting the regium tical benefices is in the King. He placitum.

presents to all vacant sees, and V. TUSCANY.

requires that the necessary bulls On a vacancy occurring in any should be imineliately transmitBishop's see, the Tuscan govern- ted by the Pope to the newly apment presents to the Pope the pointed prelate. names of four individuals, recom- All bulls and rescripts subject mending, at the same time, by to the regium placitum.


(by the






ploma," the vicars-apostolic to The prerogatives of the crown exercise their functions throughhave been uniformly contended out the kingdom, conforming for and supported, both with re- themselves to the edict of toleraspect to the nomination of bishops, tion. There is no provision for and a control upon the intromis. the exercise of the regium placitum. sion of papal rescripts.


The appointment to the episAt Coire the Court of Rome copal order is generally in the has no right to interfere in the Crown; but whenever the apelection of bishops, which is made pointment or nomination of the freely by the 94 canons. It is bishop has not been reserved to only after the election that Rome the Crown, the Chapter exercises gives the placet.

the right of election. In the Valais, the Chapter pro. The regium placitum in force in poses four individuals to the Diet, Prussia. which selects one, and presents him to the Pope, who first rejects Negotiations are now going and then names hiin, of his own forward respecting new regulaauthority.

tions between the Pope and the In the Catholic cantons, the King: immediate monasteries elect their own prelate, without the least in- No Catholic bishops, and no fluence on the part of the govern- papaledict allowed to be published. ments, their confirmation depend

XVIII. SAXONY. ing upon the apostolic see.

No Catholic bishop since the The regium placitum is in force reformation, except the confessor in Switzeriana.

of the King, who has the authoX11. THE GREEK CHURCH, EMPIRE rity of a vicar apostolie.

No information has been ob. The archbishop of Mohilow, tained respecting the regium plaand all other bishops, are named citum. by the Emperor', who are confirmed by the Pope.

Negotiations are now pending The regium placitum exists in relative to ecclesiastical regulaRussia.

tions. DENMARK. No Catholic bishops.

COLONIES. Catholic priests receive their The manner in which the biappointments from the bishop of shops are appointed is detailed in Hildersheim, who exercises the the appendix. The King of Eng. delegated authority of a vicar land nominates the bishop to each apostolie, in relation to several vacant see, who is afterwards states of Germany, in which he consecrated by the Pope. is not resident.

No regium placitum in feree in No regium pla:iturvin Denmark. the colonies.

Documents in the appendix es The King authorises,“ hy di- plain the nature of the election by










the Chapter. The report would and the present Establishment and have been more satisfactory if it Constitution of his Majesty's had more fully examined this part Mint, to his Royal Highness the of the subject. In vol. 3. b. 5. Prince Regent, dated the 21st of e. 1. ar. 3. of Dr. Smith's Wealth May, 1816. of Nations, is the following ac. At the Council Chamber, Whitecount of it.-" In the ancient hall, the 21st of May, 1816, by constitution of the Christian the Right Honourable the Lords church, the bishop of each dio- of the Committee of Council, cese was elected by the joint votes appointed to take into considerof the clergy and of the people of ation the State of the Coins of the episcopal city. The people this Kingdom, and the present did not long retain their right of Establishment and Constitution election. The clergy found it of his Majesty's Mint : easier to elect their own bishops His Majesty having been pleasthemselves. The sovereign, though ed, by his Order in Council of he might have some indirect in- 7th February, 1799, to direct fiuence in those elections, and this Committee to take into conthough it was sometimes usual to sideration the state of the coins ask both his consent to elect, and of this realm, and the present his approbation of the election, establishment and constitution of yet he had no direct or sufficient his Majesty's Mint, the Commitmeans of managing the clergy." tee, in discharge of their duty, After describing the encroach- have already submitted to his Maments of the see of Rome in the jesty their opinions on some of 14th and 15th centuries, Dr. the points so referred to them. Smith says, “In this situation of A new Mint has, at their re. things, the sovereigns in the dif- commendation, been erected, and ferent states of Europe endeavour- furnished with a most complete ed to recover the influence which and extensive coiping apparatus, they once had in the disposal of including all the modern improvethe great benefices of the church, ments; and in a representation by procuring to the deans and to your Royal Highness in Councbapters of each diocese the re- cil, of 6th March, 1815, this storation of their ancient right of committee suggested several alelecting the bishops. The re-es- terations in the establishment and tablishment of this ancient order constitution of his Majesty's Mint, was the object of several statutes which your Royal Highness was enaered in England, and of the graciously pleased to approve, pragmatie sanetion established in and which will, it is presumed, France in the 15th century.” render that establishment more


These preliminary steps having

been completed, the committee Report of the Lords of the Com- have availed themselves of the re

mittee of Council, uppointed to turn of general peace, to resume take into consideration the State the consideration of the important of the Coins of this Kingdom, subjeet referred to them, which


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