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portation shall be in British ves- this article, but each party shall sels, or in the vessels of the Uni. remain in the complete possession ted States.

of its rights, with respect to such The same duties shall be paid an intercourse. and the same bounties allowed on 3. His Britannic Majesty agrees the exportation of any articles, the that the vessels of the United growth, produce, or manufacture States of America shall be admitof bis Britannic Majesty's territo- ted, and hospitably received, at ries in Europe to the United the principal settlements of the States, whether such exportation British dominions in the East Inshall be in British vessels, or ves- dies; videlicet, Calcutta, Madras, sels of the United States, and the Bombay, and the Prince of same duties shall be paid, and the Wales's Island; and that the citisame bounties allowed on the ex- zens of the said United States portation of any article the growth, may freely carry on trade between produce, or manufacture of the the said principal settlements and United States to his Britannic Ma- the said United States in all articles jesty's territories in Europe, whe- of which the importation and exther such exportation shall be in portation respectively to and from British vessels, or in vessels of the the said territories shall not be United States.

entirely prohibited, provided only, It is further agreed, that in all that it shall not be lawful for places where drawbacks are or them, in any time of war between may be allowed upon the re-ex- the Briwish Government and any portation of any goods the growth, State or Power whatever, to exproduce, or manufacture of either port from the said territories, country respectively, the amount without the special permission of of the said drawbacks shall be the the British Government, any misame, whether the said goods shall litary stores, or naval stores, or have been originally imported in rice; the citizens of the United a British or American vessel, but States shall pay for their vessels, when such re-exportation shall when admitted, no higher or take place from the United States other duty or charge, than shall in a British vessel, or from terri- be payable on the vessels of the tories of his Britannic Majesty in , most favoured European nations, Europe in an Aunerican vessel, to' and they shall pay no higher or any other foreign nation; the two other duties or charges on the imContracting Parties reserve to portation or exportation of the themselves respectively the right cargoes of the said vessels, than of regulating or diminishing in shall be payable on the same arsuch case the amount of the said ticles when imported or exported drawback.

in the vessels of the most favourThe intercourse between the ed European nations. But it is United States and his Britannic expressly agreed, that the vessels Majesty's possessions in the West of the United States shall not Indies, and on the Continent of carry any articles from the said North America, shall not be af- principal settlements to any port fected by any of the provisions of or place, except to some port or Vol. LVIII.


place place in the United States of Ame- illegal or improper conduct torica, where the same shall be un- wards the laws or Government of laden. It is also understood, that the country to which he is sent, the permission granted by this such Consul may either be punarticle is not to extend to allow ished according to law, if the the vessels of the United States to laws will reach the case, or be sent carry on any part of the coasting back, the offended Government trade of the said British territo- assigning to the other the reasons ries, but the vessels of the Uni- for the same. ted States having, in the first in- It is hereby declared, that eistance, proceeded to one of the ther of the Contracting Parties said principal settlements of the may except from the residence of British dominions in the East In- Consuls such particular places as dies, and then going with their such party shall judge fit to be so original cargoes, or any part excepted. thereof, from one of the said prin- 5. This Convention, when the cipal settlements to another, shall same shall have been duly ratinot be considered as carrying on fied by the President of the Unithe coasting trade. The vessels ted States, by and with the adof the United States may also vice and consent of their Senate, touch for refreshments, but not and by his Britannic Majesty; and for commerce, in the course of the respective ratifications mututheir voyage to or from the Bri- ally exchanged, shall be binding tish territories in India, or to or and obligatory on the said United from the dominions of the Em- States and his Majesty for four peror of China, at the Cape of years from the date of its signaGood Hope, the Island of St. He ture, and the ratifications shall be lena, or such other places as may be exchanged in six months from in the possession of Great Britain, this time, or sooner, if possible. in the African or Indian Seas, it Done at London, this 3d day of being well understood, that in all July, in the year of our Lord, one that regards these articles, the ci- thousand eight hundred and fiftizens of the United States shall teen. be subject, in all respects, to the (L. S.) JOHN Q. ADAMS. laws and regulations of the Bri- (L. S.) H. CLAY. tish Government from time to (L. S.) ALBERT GALLATIN. time established.

(L. S.)

Fred. J. ROBINSON. 4. It shall be free for each of the (L. S.)

HENRY GOULBURN. two Contracting Parties respec

(L. S.)

WILLIAM ADAMS. tively, to appoint Consuls for the protection of trade, to reside in Now therefore be it known, the dominions and territories of that I, James Madison, President the other party; but before any of the United States of America, Consul shall act as such, he shall having seen and considered the in the usual form be approved foregoing Convention, have, by and admitted by the Government and with the advice and consent to which he is sent; and it is of the Senate, accepted, ratified, hereby declared, that in case of and confirmed the same, and

every clause and article thereof, it has been resolved, for that pursubject to the exception contain- pose, that all ships and vessels ed in a declaration made by the whatever, as well British ships authority of his Britannic Majes- and vessels as others, excepting ty, on the 24th day of November only ships belonging to the East last, a copy of which Declaration India Corapany, shall be excludis hereunto annexed.

ed from all communication with, In testimony whereof, I have

or approach to that island. It caused the seal of the United has therefore become impossible States to be hereunto affixed, and to comply with so much of the have signed the same with my 3d article of the Treaty as relates hand.

to the liberty of touching for reDone at the city of Washing- freshments at the island of Str ton, this 22d day of December, Helena. And the ratifications of A.D. 1815, and of the indepen- the said Treaty will be exchanged dence of the United States the under the explicit declaration and 40th.

understanding, that the vessels of (L.S.) James Madison, the United States cannot be alBy the President,

lowed to touch at or hold any James Monroe, communication whatever with the Secretary of State. said island, so long as the said

island shall continue to be the DECLARATION.

place of residence of the said NaThe undersigned, his Britan- poleon Bonaparte. nic Majesty's Charge d'Affaires

(Signed) in the United States of America, ANTHONY St. John Baker. is commanded by his Royal High- Washington, Nov. 24, 1815. ness the Prince Regent,acting in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to explain and declare, upon The Prince Regent's Speech on the exchange of the ratifications Opening the Session of Parliaof the Convention concluded in ment, delivered by Commission, London on the 3d of July, in the Feb. 1st, 1816. present year, for regulating the My Lords, and Gentlemen, commerce and navigation between We are commanded by his Royal the two countries, that in conse- Highness the Prince Regent to quence of events which have hap- express to you his deep regret at pened in Europe subsequent to the continuance of his Majesty's the signature of the Convention lamented indisposition. aforesaid, it has been deemed ex- The Prince Regent directs us pedient and determined, in con- to acquaint you, that he has had junction with the Allied Sove- the greatest satisfaction in calling reigns, that St. Helena shall be you together, under circumthe place allotted for the future stances which enable him to an. residence of General Napoleon nounce to you the restoration of Bonaparte, under such regulations peace throughout Europe. as may be necessary for the per- The splendid and decisive suc. fect security of his person ; and cesses obtained by his Majesty's arms, and those of the Allies, had As his Royal Highness has conled, at an early period of the curred in these measures, from a campaign, to the re-establishment full conviction of their justice and of the authority of his most sound policy, he relies confidently Christian Majesty in the capital on your co-operation in such proof his dominions; and it has ceedings as may be necessary for been since that time bis Royal carrying them into effect. Highness's most earnest endea- Gentlemen of the House of vour to promote such arrange- Commons ;-The Prince Regent ments as appeared to him best has directed the estimates for the calculated to provide for the last- present year to be laid before you. ing repose and security of Eu- His Royal Highness is happy rope.



to inform you, that the manufacIn the adjustment of these ar- tures, commerce, and revenue of rangements it was natural to ex- the United Kingdom are in a pect that many difficulties would fourishing condition. occur; but the Prince Regent The great exertions which you trusts it will be found that, by enabled him to make in the course moderation and firmness, they of the last year, afforded the have been effectually surmounted. means of bringing the contest in

To the intimate union which which we were engaged to so has happily subsisterl between the glorious and speedy a terniAllied Powers, the nations of the nation. Continent have twice owed their The Prince Regent laments the deliverance. His Royal High- heavy pressure upon the country ness has no doubt that you will which such exertions could not be sensible of the great import: fail to produce; and his Royal ance of maintaining in its full Highness has commanded us to force that alliance, from which assure you, that you may rely on so many advantages have already every disposition on his part to been derived, and which affords concur in such nieasures of ecothe best prospect of the continu- nomy, as may be found consistent ance of peace.

with the security of the country, The Prince Regent has di- and with that station which we rected copies of the several Trea- occupy in Europe. ties and Conventions which have My Lords, and Gentlemen ;been concluded to be laid before The negotiations which the Prince you.

Regent announced to you at the The extraordinary situation in end of the last session of Parliawhich the powers of Europe have ment, as being in progress, with been placed, from the circum- a view to a commercial arrangestances which have attended the ment between this country and French Revolution, and more the United States of America, especially in consequence of the have been brought to a satisfacevents of last year, has induced tory issue. His Royal Highness the Allies to adopt precautionary has given orders, that a copy of measures, which they consider as the Treaty which has been conindispensably necessary for the cluded shall be laid before you ; general security.

and he confidently trusts, that


the stipulations of it will prove union amongst ourselves, which advantageous to the interests of has enabled us to surmount so both countries, and cement the many dangers, and has brought good understanding which so this eventful struggle to so auhappily subsists between them. spicious an issue, may now ani

The Prince Regent has com- mate us in peace, and induce us manded us to inforın you, that cordially to co-operate in all those the hostilities in which we have measures which may best manibeen involved in the island of fest our gratitude for the Divine Ceylon, and on the Continent of protection, and most effectually India, have been attended with promote the prosperity and hapdecisive success.

piness of our country. Those in Ceylon have terminated in an arrangement highly honourable to the British cha- Treaty of Marriage between her racter', and which cannot fail to Royal Highness Princess Charaugment the security and internal lotte Augusta and his Serene prosperity of that valuable pos- Highness Leopold George Fresession.

derick, Duke of Saxe, Margrure The operations in India have of Meissen, Landgrave of Thuled to an armistice, which gives ringuen, Prince of Coburg of reason to hope that a peace may Suulfeld, &c. &c. &c.—Signed at have been concluded on terms ad- London, March 13, 1816 vantageous to our interests in In the name of Alınighiy God, that part of the world.

Be it known unto all men, by At the close of a contest so ex- these presents, that whereas his tensive and monientous as that in Royal Highness the Prince Rewhich we have been so long en- gent, acting in the name and on gaged in Europe, and which has the behalf of his most sacred exalted the chajacter a: d military Majesty George the Third, by the renown of the British nation he- . yrice of God King of the United yond all turmer example, the Kingdom of Great Britain and Prince Regent cannot but feel, Ireland, has julged it proper that that, under Providence, he is in- an alliance should be contracted debted for the succes, which has between the family of his Maattended his exertions, to the wis. jesty and that of his Serene Highdom and firmness of Parliament, ness Leopold George Frederick, and to the perseverance and public Duke of Saxe, Margrave of Meisspirit of his Majesty's people. sen, Landgrave of Thuringuen,

It will be the Prince Regent's Prince of Coburg of Saalfeld, constant en:leavour to maintain, &c. &c. &c. and has therefore, in hy the justice and moderation of the name and on the behalf of his his conduct, the high character Majesiy, consented, with the full which this country has acquired agreement of the parties interestamongst the nations of the worlil; ed, that a marriage shall be celeand his Royal Highness has di- bratell between the most high and rectell us to express his sincere illustrious Princess Charloite Auand earnest hope, that the same gusta, daughter of his Royal


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