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10,000 men ; and as the rate of The British Government shall 1 11. 2s. per man, paid in London, likewise make good to individuals is insufficient to defray the ex- the amount of their personal pense of this additional corps, his losses, to which they may be enRoyal Highness the Prince Re- titled according to the regulations gent, acting in the name and on of the Hanoverian army, such the behalf of his Majesty the King losses being first investigated, of the United Kingdom of Great ascertained, and certified by a Britain and Ireland, agrees to pay Board of Hanoverian Officers, monthly to Hanover such sum as whose proceedings, and the regushall be found to cover the actual lations by which they are governexpense to Hanover of the above- ed, are to be submitted to the mentioned 16,400 men.

Comptroller of Army Accounts. Art. 2. The Commanding Officer of the said army shall give in to the Comptroller of Army dc- (No. 5.)--Hesse (GRAND Duke.) counts with the British army, Treaty of Subsidy between Great monthly, an estimate of the ex

Britain and Hesse, signed at Papense incurred, including pay and

ris, 15th July 1815. other allowances to the officers and troops, and contingent ex. Art. 1. His Britannic Majesty penses of all descriptions. The engages to pay to his Royal Highamount of this estimate, which ness the Grand Duke of Hesse a shall exceed the sum of 11l. 2s. subsidy of 111. 2s. per man, for per man, paid in London for the the service of the year ending on 16,400 men, after having been the 1st April 1816, to the number examined and checked, shall be of 8,000 men ; this subsidy shall paid to the Hanoverian military be paid in London at the end of chest with the army.

each month, by monthly instalArt. 3. Hanover shall be at ments, to the person duly authono expense for provisions or hos- rised to receive the same on the pitals for the officers and troops part of his Royal Highness the of this corps of 10,400 men, and Grand Duke of Hesse, and the the British Government shall be first payment is to be made upon entitled to receive the stoppage of the exchange of the ratifications eighteen pfennigs per diem, which of this Treaty. is usually deducted from the pay In case peace should take place of every non-commissioned officer, or be signed between the Allied musician and private, while in Powers and France before the exhospital.

piration of the said year, the subArt. 4. All arms, accoutre- sidy shall be paid up to the end of ments, camp-kettles, and other the month in which the Definitive military effeits belonging to the Treaty shall have been signed ; said corps, which may be lost, or and his Britannic Majesty probecome unserviceable during the mises, in addition, to pay to his existence of this Treaty, shall be Royal Highness the Grand Duke replaced at the expense of Great of Hesse the subsidy of one month, Britain.

to cover the expenses of the re


turn of his troops within his own France before the expiration of frontiers.

the said year, the subsidy shall be Done at Paris this 15th day of paid up to the end of the month July, 1815.

in which the Definitive Treaty (Signed)

shall have been signed :—and his (L.S.) WELLINGTON. Britannic Majesty promises, in (L. S.) Lieut. Gen. Baron addition, to pay to his Majesty De SCHAEFFER. the King of Sardinia one month's

subsidy, to cover the expenses of

the return of his Majesty's troops (No. 6 )-SARDINIA,

within his own frontier. Treaty of Subsidy between Great

Art. 2. In case his Sardinian Britain and Sardinia, signed at Majesty should have it in his Brussels, May 9, 1815.

power to increase his army in the Art. 1. His Britannic Majesty field to the number of 30,000 engages to pay to his Majesty the

men, the possibility of which is King of Sardinia a subsidy of stated in the third article of the 11l. 2s. sterling per man, for the treaty of accession of his said Ma. service of the year ending on the jesty, signed at Vienna on the 9th 1st of April 1816, to the number of April, 1815, his Royal Highof 15,000 men. This subsidy ness the Regent will take the cisshall be paid in London at the cumstance into consideration, and end of each month, by monthly will consult upon the means of instalments, to the persons duly assisting his Majesty the King of authorised to receive the same on Sardinia to carry this additional the part of his Sardinian Majesty, exertion into effect. and the first payment is to be Done at Brussels the 2d of made upon the exchange of the May, 1815. ratifications of the present treaty.

(Signed) In case peace should be signed (L. S.) WELLINGTON. between the Allied Powers and (L. S.) St. Martin D'AGLIE.


Saxony agrees to furnish 8,000 men at the same rate.

20,000 The Dukes of Anhalt

1,600 Brunswick Lunel,urgh..

7,149 Frankfort.

750 Hesse ...

7,500 Holstein Oldenburg..

1,600 The Princes of Hohenzollern.

500 Lubeck, Hamburgh, and Bremen

3,000 Mecklenburg-Schwerin..

3,800 Mecklenburg-Strelitz ...

800 Nassau

3,050 Reuss..

900 Dukes of Saxe-Cobourg... Saxe-Meinungen, and.

1,804 Saxe Hildburghausen


Saxe-Gotha and Altenburg.
Saxe-Weimar and Eisenach..
Schauenbourg-Lippe and Lipsse.
Waldeck and Pyrmont

2,200 1,600 1,300 1,300



Considering likewise, that a Convention of Subsidy between Great corps of 40,000 men had order

Britain and Russia, signed at Pa- to join the army under the Duke ris, 4th October, 1815.

of Wellington, and to serve in it His Majesty the King of the during the war, that these prepaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain rations and military movements and Ireland, King of Hanover, on the part of his Majesty the and his Majesty the Emperor of Emperor of all the Russias have all the Russias, considering, that been attended with pecuniary saat the commencement of the pre- crifices, and have subjected his sent war, an anxious desire to se- Imperial Majesty to expenses cure, by sure and paramount which it would be unjust he means, the success of a struggle should exclusively defray, and on which the peace and security desirous of coming to an equitable of Europe depended, had deter- arrangement on these points ; mined the two Cabinets of Eng- Plenipotentiaries Lord Castleland and Russia to increase the reagh and the Sieur Pozzo di number of troops destined to be Borgo. employed against the common Art. 1. His Majesty the King enemy, beyond what was stipu- of the United Kingdom of Great lated for in the Treaty of General Britain and Ireland engages to Alliance :

pay to his Majesty the Emperor of That his Majesty the Emperor all the Russias, under the head of of all the Russias has actually Additional Subsidy, and as commarched into France about one pensation for a part of the extrahundred thousand men beyond ordinary expenses occasioned by the contingent mentioned in the the aforementioned armament, said Treaty :

the sum of 416,6661. 13s. 4d. Moreover, that measures had sterling. been adopted for collecting from Art.

2. This sum shall be paydifferent points of the Russian able in London, by four monthly Empire a second army of 150,000 instalments; the first payment to men, to be brought into active take place at one month from the service in the field :

signing of the present Act. That this army had actually Art. 3. The present Convenpassed the frontiers, and had ad- tion shall be ratified, and the vanced into Franconia, whence it ratifications thereof shall be exwas judged expedient to order it changed within two months, or to fall back, in consequence of the sooner if possible. happy events which had put an In faith of which, the respective end to all resistance on the part Plenipotentiaries have signed the of the onemy:

present Convention, and have


affixed thereunto the seal of their you immediately present a note arms.

declaratory of the invariable prinDone at Paris the 4th of Octo- ciples which his Royal Highness ber, in the year of our Lord 1815. intends to maintain, and con(Signed)

formably to which he enjoins your (L. S.) CASTLEREAGH. Lordship to admit no negotiation, (L. S) Pozzo di Borgo. either verbal or written, on this

subject. This determination of Copy of a Dispatch addressed to the his Royal Highness being foundPortuguese Minister at the Court

ed on reasons the most solid and of Rome, dated Palace at Rio proper, can never be considered Janeiro, April 1, 1915.

as affecting in any way the inva

riable sentiments of his veneraHis Royal Highness the Prince tion and filial love towards the Regent, my master, having taken sacred person of his Holiness, under his consideration the in- and which you are specially tentions of Pius VII. as published charged to express. in his bull, Solicitudo Omnium,

(Signed) dated 7th August last year, by

Marquis D'AGUILAR. which his Holiness has thought To Jose Manuel Pinto, Miproper to revive the Company of nister Plenipotentiary at Jesus, which was extinct, thereby the Court of Rome. derogating, in so far as the authority of the Church is concern

Pupers relative to the Convention ed, from the other bull, Dominus

for the Evacuation of Puris, laid ac Redemptor noster, of Clement

before the House of Commons. XIV. of glorious memory: His Royal Highness is surprised at

1. The first Article is the Conthis determination of his Holi

vention itself, which has already ness, this Court never having

appeared. been informed of it in any way

2. Copy of a Dispatch from Earl before, although it has had most Bathurst to the Duke of Welreason to complain of the offences lington; Downing-street, July of the Company of Jesus, against 7, 1815. which Portugal proceeded in the

War Department, London, most energetic manner, by the

July 7, 1815. ordinance of September 3, 1759. My Lord ;-Although your The positive intentions of his Grace has stated distinctly that Royal Highness being to main- the Convention entered into by tain in their utmost rigour the you and Marshal Prince Blucher dispositions of the above ori!i- on the one hand, and certain nance, whatever may be the de. French authorities on the other, termination of other crowned upon the 3d instant, while it deheads, even of such as associated cided all the military questions, for the extinction of the said had touched nothing political ; Company, my august master com- and although it cannot be imaginmands me to communicate hised that in a Convention negoresolution to you, in order that tiated with these authorities by

Prince Blucher and your Grace, tended, to bind any other persons you would enter into any engage- or authorities whatever, unless ment whereby it should be pre- they should become parties to the sumed that his most Christian Convention. I have, &c. Majesty was absolutely precluded (Signed) WellinGTON. from the just exercise of his au- The Earl Bathurst, &c. thority in bringing to condign punishment such of his subjects Memorandum of the Duke of Welas had, by their treasonable ma

lington, communicated by his chinations and unprovoked rebel

Grace to the Ministers of t'e lion, forfeited all claim to his

Allied Powers. Majesty's clemency and forbearance; yet in order that no doubt It is extraordinary that Madame should be entertained as to the la Maréchale Ney should have sense with which this article is thought proper to publish in print considered by the Prince Regent, parts of a conversation which she in conveying his entire approba- is supposed to have had with the tion of the Convention, I am com- Duke of Wellington, and that she manded to state, that his Royal has omitted to publish that which Highness deems the 12th Article is a much better record of the of it to be binding only on the Duke's opinion on the subject to conduct of the British and Prus- which the conversation related, sian commanders, and the com- viz. the Duke's letter to the Marmanders of such of the Allies as shal Prince de la Moskwa, in anmay become parties to the present swer to the Marshal's note to his Convention by their ratification Grace. That letter was as folof it. I hare, &c.

lows :(Signed) BATHURST. “ I have had the honour of reHis Grace the Duke of Wel- ceiving the note which you adlington, &c.

dressed me on the 13th of No

vember, relating to the operation 3. Copy of a Dispatch from the of the capitulation of Paris on

Duke of Wellington to Earl your case. Bathurst; dated Paris, July “ The capitulation of Paris of 13, 1815.

the 3d of July was made between

the commanders in chief of the My Lord;-) have had the ho- allied British and Prussian armies nour of receiving your Lordship's on the one part, and the Prince letter, marked " separute," of the d'Eckmubl, commander in chief 7th inst. regarding the Conven- of the French army, on the other, tion of the 3d.

and related exclusively to the miThe Convention binds nobody litary occupation of Paris. except the parties to it; viz. the “ The object of the 12th ArFrench army on one side, and the ticle was to prevent the adoption Allied armies under Marshal Blu- of any measures of severity under cher and myself on the other; the military authority of those and the 12th Article cannot be who made it, towards any persons considered, and never was in- in Paris, on account of tbe offices

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