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out restriction, to his Majesty the likewise employ the municipal King of Sardinia.

guard for the preservation of good Art. 7. His Majesty the King order. of Sardinia cedes to the canton of Art. 9. The present 'Treaty shall Geneva, the districts of Savoy form part of the definitive arspecified in the act annexed, inti- rangements of the Congress of tuled “B. B.* Cession made by Vienna. his Majesty the King of Sardinia Art. 10. The ratification of the to the canton of Geneva," and on present Treaty shall be exchange the conditions specified in the ed in six weeks, or sooner,


possame act.' That act shall be con- sible. sidered as an integral part of the 'In faith of which the respecpresent treaty, and shall have the tive Plenipotentiaries have signed same force and validity as if it the present Treaty, and have fixwere textually inserted in the pre- ed thereunto the seal of their sent article.

Art. 8. The provinces of Cha- Done at Vienna the 20th of blais and Faucigny, and the whole May, in the year of our Lord, of the territory of Savoy to the 1815. North of Ugine, belonging to his

(Signed). Majesty the King of Sardinia, The Prince de MeTTERNICH. shall form a part of the neutrality

(L.S.) of Switzerland, as recognised and The Marquis de St. MARSAN. guaranteed by all the Powers.

(L. S.) Whenever, therefore, the neigh- The Baron de WESSENBURG. bouring Powers to Switzerland

(L. S.) are in a state of open or impend- The Count Rossi. ing hostility, the troops of his

(L.S.) Majesty the King of Sardinia, which may be in those provinces, (No. 6.)-NeTHERLANDS. shall retire, and may for that pur- Treaty between Great Britain and pose pass through the Vallais, if the Netherlands, signed at Viennecessary. No other armed troops na the 31st May, 1815. of any other Power shall have the His Majesty the King of the privilege of passing through, or United Kingdom of Great Britain remaining in the said territories and Ireland, and his Majesty the and provinces, excepting those King of the Netherlands, being which the Swiss Confederation desirous of carrying into effect shall think proper to place there; and of completing the arrangeit being well understood, that ments contained in the Treaty of this state of things shall not in Peace concluded at Paris the 30th any manner interrupt the admi- of May, 1814, which, while it esnistration of these countries, in tablishes a just equilibrium in which the civil agents of his Ma- Europe, and assigns to the Unijesty the King of Sardinia may ted Provinces such a proportion

of territory as may enable them Vide General Treaty of Congress, page

to support their own indepen229.

dence, secures to them the countries comprised between the sea, the side of the Netherlands, as the frontiers of France, and the rectified and fixed by the third arMeuse, leaves undetined their li- ticle of the Treaty of Paris of the mits on the right bank of that 30th May, 1814, to the Meuse ; river; and their said Majesties thence along the same frontiers to having resolved to conclude a se- the old limits of the duchy of parate Treaty on this subject, con- Luxemburg; from this point it formably to the arrangements of follows the direction of the limits the Congress of Vienna, have ap- between that duchy and the old pointed Plenipotentiaries to con- bishoprick of Liege, till it meets cert, agree upon, and sign what- (to the south of Deiffelt) the wesever relates to this subject, viz. :- tern limits of that canton, and of Plenipotentiaries, the Earlof Clan- that of Malmedy, to the point carty, the Sieur Gerhard Charles where the latter reaches the liBaron de Spaen de Voorstonden, mits between the old departments and the Sieur Hans Christopher of the Ourthe and the Roer ; it Erneste Baron de Gagern, who, then goes along these limits to after having exchanged their full where they touch those of the powers, found in good and due former French canton of Eupen, form, have agreed to the follow- in the duchy of Limburg, and foling articles :

lowing the western limit of that Art. 1. The old United Pro- canton in a northerly direction, vinces of the Netherlands, and the leaving to the right a small part former Belgic Provinces, both of the former French canton of within the limits fixed by the fol- Aubel, joins, at the point of conlowing article, shall form, to- tact of the three old departments gether with the countries desig- of the Qurthe, the Lower Meuse, nated in the same. article, under and the Roer; parting again from the sovereignty of his Royal this point, this line follows that Highness the Prince of Orange- which divides the two latter deNassau, Sovereign Prince of the partments, until it reaches the United Provinces, the kingdom of Worm (a river falling into the the Netherlands, hereditary in the Roer) and goes along this river order of succession already estab- to the point where it again reaches lished by the Act of the Constitu- the limit of these two departments, tion of the said United Provinces. pursues this limit to the south of His Majesty the Emperor of Au- Hillensberg (the old department stria, King of Hungary and Bo- of the Roer) from whence it rehemia, acknowledges the title and ascends to the north, and leaving prerogatives of the royal dignity Hillensberg to the right, and diin the House of Orange-Nassau. viding the canton of Sittard into

Art. 9. The line comprising the two nearly equal parts, so that territories which shall compose Sittard and Susteron remain on the kingdom of the Netherlands, the left, it reaches the old Dutch is deterinined in the following territory, from whence, leaving manner :

this territory to the left, it goes It leaves the sea, and extends on, following its eastern frontier, along the frontiers of France on to the point where it touches the


old Austrian principality of Guel- mission, aided by professional dres, on the side of Ruremonde : persons, shall regulate every and directing itself towards the thing concerning hydrotechnical most eastern point of the Dutch constructions and other points, in territory to the north of Swal- the most equitable manner, and men, continues to encircle this the most conformable to the muterritory.

tual interests of the Prussian Lastly, setting out from the States, and those of the Nethermost eastern point, it joins the lands. This same arrangement other part of the Dutch territory refers to the fixing of limits for in which Venloo is situated; that the districts of Kyfward, Lobith, town and its territory being in- and in the whole territory as far cluded within it. From thence to as Kekerdom. the old Dutch frontier near Mook, The enclaves of Huissen, Malsituated below Genep, the line burg, Lymers, with the town of follows the course of the Meuse, Sevaner, and the lordship of Wiel, at such a distance from the right shall form part of the kingdom bank, that all the places within a of the Netherlands, and his thousand Rhenish yards from it Prussian Majesty shall renounce (Rheinlandische Ruthen) 1,970 them in perpetuity for himself, of which yards are equal to the his heirs and successors. 15th part of a degree of the meri- Art. 3. That part of the old dian, shall belong with their ter- duchy of Luxemburg which is ritories to the kingdom of the Ne- comprised in the limits specified therlands: it being understood, in the following article, is likehowever, as to the reciprocity of wise ceded to the Sovereign Prince this principle, that the Prussian of the United Provinces, now territory shall not at any point King of the Netherlands, to be touch the Meuse, or approach it possessed in perpetuity by him within the distance of eight hun. and his successors in full prodred Rhenish yards.

perty and sovereignty. The So* From this point where the line vereign of the Netherlands shall just described reaches the ancient add to his titles that of Grand Dutch frontier, as far as the Duke of Luxemburg, his Maç Rhine, this frontier shall remain jesty reserving to himself the priessentially the same as it was in vilege of making such family ar1795, between Cleves and the rangements between the Princes United Provinces.

his sons, relative to the succession · This line shall be examined by to the Grand Duchy, as he shall a Commission, which the Govern- think conformable to the inte. ments of Prussia and the Nether- rests of his monarchy and his palands shall name without delay, ternal intentions. for the purpose of proceeding to The Grand Duchy of Luxemthe exact determination of the burg being intended as limits, as well of the kingdom of demnity for the principalities of the Netherlands as of the Grand Nassau-Dillenburg, Siegen, HaDuchy of Luxemburg, specified damar, and Dietz, shall form one in the 4th Article: and this Com- of the States of the Germanic Confederation, and the Prince, of the Netherlands renounces, in King of the Netherlands, shall perpetuity for himself, his heirs form a part of the system of this and successors, in favour of his Confederation, as Grand Duke of Majesty the King of Prussia, the Luxemburg, with all the Prero- sovereign possessions which the gatives and privileges which the House of Nassau-Orange held in other German Princes might Germany, namely, the princienjoy.


an indate

palities of Dillenburg, Dietz, The Town of Luxemburg, in Siegen, and Hadamar, together a military point of view, shall be with the lordships of Bielstein, considered as a fortress belong- such as those possessions have ing to the Confederation. The been definitively arranged between Grand Duke shall, however, re- the two branches of the House tain the power of appointing the of Nassau, by the Treaty conGovernor and Military Command- cluded at the Hague the 14th ant of this fortress, subject to July, 1814. His Majesty equally the approbation of the executive renounces all claim to the prinpower of the Confederation, and cipality of Fulda, and to the under such other conditions as it other districts and territories may be judged necessary to es- which had been secured to him tablish, in conformity to the fu- by the 12th Article of the printure constitution of the said Con- cipal Recess, of the extraordinary federation.

deputation of the empire on the Art. 4. The Grand Duchy of 25th February, 1803. Luxemburg shall consist of all Art. 6. The right and order of the territory situated between the succession established between kingdom of the Netherlands, such the two branches of the House of as it has been designated by Article Nassau, by the Act of 1783, 2 ; France, the Moselle, as far as called Nassauischer Erb-Verein, the Mouth of the Sare; the course is confirmed and transferred from of the Sar-, as far as the junc- the four principalities of Orangetion of the Our ; and the course Nassau to the Grand Duchy of of this last river, as far as the Luxemburg. limits of the former French can- Art. 7. His Majesty the King ton of St. Vith, which is not to of the Netherlands, uniting under belong to the Grand Duchy of his sovereignty the countries deLuxemburg.

signated in the second and fourth Disputes having arisen with Articles, enters into all the rights, regard to the property of the and takes upon himself all the Duchy of Bouillon, his Majesty charges, and all the stipulated the King of the Netherlands, engagements, relative to the proGrand Duke of Luxemburg, en- vinces and districts detached from gages to restore the part of the France by the Treaty of Peace Duchy, which is comprised in the concluded at Paris the 30th of line of frontier abovementioned, May, 1814. to that party whose claims shall Art. 8. His Majesty the King be legally confirmed.

of the Netherlands having recogArt. 5. His Majesty the King nised and sanctioned, under the


date of the 21st of July, 1814, (No. 7.)-AUSTRIA. 75 the bases of the union of the Convention between Great Britain Belgic Provinces with the United and Austria, signed at Paris, 2d Provinces, the eight Articles con- August, 1815. tained in the document annexed Napoleon Buonaparte being in to the present Treaty,* the said the power of the Allied SoveArticles shall have the same force reigns, their Majesties the King and validity as if they were in- of the United Kingdom of Great serted, word for word, in the Britain and Ireland, the Emperor present instrument.

of Austria, the Emperor of Russia, Art. 9. A Commission shall be and the King of Prussia, have immediately appointed by his Ma- agreed, in virtue of the stipulajesty the King of Prussia and his tions of the Treaty of the 25th of Majesty the King of the Nether- March, 1815, upon the measures lands, to settle whatever relates most proper to render all enterto the cession of those posses- prise impossible, on his part, sions of the House of Nassau against the reposeof Europe. Plewhich belong to his Majesty, nipotentiaries, Castlereagh, Welwith regard to records, debts, ex- Jington, and Metternich. cesses of the public chests, and Art. 1. Napoleon Buonaparte other subjects of this nature. is considered by the powers who

That part of the Records which have signed the Treaty of the does not concern the ceded pro- 25th of March last as their privinces, but only the House of Orange, and libraries, collections Art. 2. His custody is especially of maps, and all other objects of intrusted to the British Governthe same description, belonging ment. to his Majesty the King of the The choice of the place, and of Netherlands, shall be retained by the measures which can best sehim as private and personal pro- cure the object of the present perty, and shall be immediately stipulation, are reserved to his restored to his Majesty. A part Britannic Majesty. of the said possessions being ex- Art. 3. The Imperial Courts changed against other possessions of Austria and of Russia, and the of the Duke and Prince of Nassau, Royal Court of Prussia, are to his Majesty the King of Prussia appoint Commissioners to proengages, and his Majesty the ceed to, and abide at the place King of the Netherlands consents, which the Government of his Brithat the engagement stipulated in tannic Majesty shall have assigned the present Article, shall be trans- for the residence of Napoleon ferred to his Serene Highness the Buonaparte, and who, without Duke and Prince of Nassau, with being responsible for his custody, respect to those possessions which will assure themselves of his preare to be united to their states.

Art. 4. His Most Christian MaVide General Treaty of Congress, jesty is to be invited, in the name page 111.

of the four above-mentioned VOL. LVIII.

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